Snoopy Will Have An Official Role On An Upcoming NASA Mission

by Erica Gerald Mason
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Apple TV+

The world’s most interesting beagle will also continue his love of space exploration on the second season of Apple TV+’s Snoopy In Space

Y’all just be sending everyone up into space. This time, it’s someone we can all get behind, instead of billionaires with money to throw up in the air. Say hello to Astronaut Snoopy, who will touch the sky in 2022 in plush form as well as on the big screen.

Yep, our little buddy will be wearing a custom space suit designed to NASA’s exacting safety standards as part of a special role: serving as the zero-gravity indicator for Artemis I, an uncrewed mission that sets the stage for a return to the Moon and beyond to Mars.

Snoopy also stars in a space exploration show on Apple+ called Snoopy in Space — the second season premieres this week on Apple TV+.

Let’s break here for a fun little historical fact:

Snoopy first went into space with NASA on the Apollo X mission, which served as a rehearsal for the actual Moon landing. The lunar module was nicknamed Snoopy, while the command module was nicknamed Charlie Brown.

Right. Back to the future.

Snoopy will serve as Artemis I’s zero gravity indicator so engineers can see when the capsule has entered micro-gravity. While plush toys have served as zero-gravity indicators on other missions, Astronaut Snoopy will be different due to the authentic, custom flight uniform.

This uncrewed mission will also help pave the way for a dramatic return to the Moon, as Snoopy will be a part of the prep for the first woman and first person of color to land on the Moon’s surface. The Artemis project will also build a long-term base on the Moon, where it will help gather information to send the first crewed mission to Mars.

The Take Care with Peanuts Channel on GoNoodle.com will host a documentary aimed at taking kiddos behind the scenes on the making of Snoopy’s NASA-inspired spacesuit.

“I will never forget watching the Apollo X mission with my dad, who was so incredibly proud to have his characters participate in making space-exploration history,” Craig Schulz, son of Charles Schulz said in a statement. “I know he would be ecstatic to see Snoopy and NASA join together again to push the boundaries of human experience.”

“My father felt that his association with NASA via Peanuts was one of the two most important aspects of his life—the other being his service in World War II!” continued Schulz. “So I am absolutely thrilled that Peanuts will play an ongoing role in NASA’s 21st century exploration with Snoopy’s participation in the Artemis I mission.”

Season two of Snoopy In Space premieres November 12.

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