Say 'Snow Long' To Boredom With These Snowflake Coloring Pages

Child holding cut-out snowflake — snowflake coloring pages
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They say “no two snowflakes are the same,” and there’s something magical about that. Just like how a first snowfall can be the most magical scene in the world. Who else remembers rushing out at the first sight of snow to catch the first snowflakes with your tongue? No doubt your little ones are as equally obsessed with snowflakes as you were at their age. Snowflakes are not only beautiful to watch, but they’re also fun to recreate. Making snowflake crafts is a wonderful wintertime activity to do with the kids, including these free snowflake coloring pages.

And if you’re worried that snowflakes are only one color (white), guess again! Snowflakes are actually translucent, and light is reflected rather than passed through them — which means you and your little one can choose which color light you want these snowflakes to reflect. The best part? Seeing as at least 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1 septillion) snowflakes fall from the sky in the U.S. alone, you have plenty of different choices when it comes to decorating and designing these snowflake coloring pages. Along with the coloring pages, you’ll also read some fun facts about snowflakes, like, how most snowflakes really are alike since each snowflake has six sides (this is because the molecules that make them up are hexagon-shaped).

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Free Printable Snowflake Coloring Pages

Snowflake Page No. 1

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Both the form and shape of a snowflake depend on the cloud’s temperature and moisture content. As a result, snowflakes can be categorized into six main types: plate (flat), column, stars, dendrite (lacy), needle, and capped column.

Snowflake Page No. 2

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Snowflakes are ice crystals formed from water in the atmosphere. In warm temperatures, water comes to the ground as rain or fog, but water freezes into ice crystals in the cold winter.

Snowflake Page No. 3

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Snowflakes are super tiny. So, how do we know what they really look like? We can thank Wilson Bentley, who photographed thousands of snowflakes starting in 1885. He perfected a way to attach a microscope to a camera and captured the snowflakes in his home state of Vermont.

Snowflake Page No. 4

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The world’s largest-ever snowflake was found in Fort Keogh, Montana, in 1887. At 38 centimeters wide and 20 centimeters thick, that’s a big flake.

Snowflake Page No. 5

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The size of a snowflake depends on how many ice crystals connect. On average, each snowflake consists of about 200 ice crystals.

Snowflake Page No. 6

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OK, we hate to break it to you — it can’t be scientifically proven that no two snowflakes are alike. Given that a snowfall can produce trillions of snowflakes, on top of the warm temperature and tumbling of the snowflakes, it’s practically impossible to determine if a snowflake is completely unique or not before it hits the ground and melts away. It’s a beautiful thought, though!

Snowflake Page No. 7

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Want to see the snowiest place in the U.S.? Visit Stampede Pass in Washington State. On average, it snows 430 inches a year. That’s, like, billions and billions of snowflakes.

Snowflake Page No. 8

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Do you live in a snowy environment? Consider yourself lucky. It is estimated that roughly half of the people in the world have never seen snow in person.

Snowflake Page No. 9

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A snowflake falls at a speed of 3 to 4 miles an hour. OK, that’s pretty slow. But it can move quicker when it’s packed into a snowball. The largest snowball fight occurred in Seattle in 2013, when 5,834 people participated in an exchange of snowballs.

Snowflake Page No. 10

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Snow makes us hungry for sweets. It’s said that whenever a blizzard is predicted, people buy more cakes, candy, and cookies than any other food. Sounds good to us!

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