Why Some Women Want Sex More When They Have Their Period

by Wendy Wisner
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“Every single period, I notice I am so horny,” one of my friends tells me.

“I’ve been this way since I was a teenager and I was always ashamed of it, but now I embrace it,” says my other friend. “Definitely an upside to PMS!”

Period sex is not something most of us discuss openly, but let me tell you, it’s definitely “a thing.” A quick poll of my good friends confirmed this. And a quick google search will pull up multiple articles and advice columns that speak to the same phenomenon.

You might feel differently (that’s fine too), but many women find themselves hornier when Aunt Flo makes her monthly visit. Many are acting upon it. And it’s apparently hot AF.

It goes without saying that our menstrual cycle has an effect on our sex drives, at least for most of us. Usually it’s during ovulation that our sex drives go into high gear. Increased estrogen and all that slippery wetness make us raring to go. Plus, there’s the whole biological imperative built into the fact that we can procreate during that time.

So what happens during our periods that turns us into horny beasts?

There could be a hormonal component there too, Nicole Bullock, an OB/GYN from Texas, tells Refinery29. Bullock says that in the week before your period, all of your hormones are on the low side (which may cause a decline in sex drive). However, when your period comes, you experience a small surge in testosterone (the male sex hormone), which might account for the uptick in libido.

Bullock says the increased lubrication of your period, along with the fact that you are less likely to get pregnant while you’re on your period, might contribute too. (Note: You can get pregnant while you’re menstruating, so use protection to be 100% safe.)

My personal theory is that, in addition to whatever hormonal shifts you may be experiencing, the fact that there is heaviness, engorgement, and pressure from your swollen uterus also just makes everything more sensitive and ripe for pleasure. Add in the bonus that female orgasms can relieve cramps too, and you’re in business.

OK, OK. I know what your burning question is … What about the mess?!

This is definitely one of the things that usually stops me from acting on my impulses during my period. As a busy wife and mom, it’s not like a need another freaking thing to clean up.

But women who have sex regularly on their period find their ways, and it ends up not being a big deal at all.

One of my friends says she doesn’t mind the blood and just plops down a towel during the act. Another friend just doesn’t have intercourse then, but sticks to oral and anal. And another one of my friends chooses not to get intimate with her partner, but rather with her trusty vibrator.

It’s also prime time for shower sex.

Using a tampon or menstrual cup and concentrating on the clitoral area is another good option.

It’s all about doing what works for you, amiright?

All that being said, there’s definitely a taboo around period sex. I’m sure some of you reading this are cringing and gagging at the thought of menstrual blood and sex mixing in any shape or form. While your own personal preferences are fine, it’s definitely time we left our judgments at the door for things like this.

Women who want sex during their periods aren’t weird. They’re not dirty or hedonistic. They just like what they like, and what we need more of is women not being ashamed to state their needs and desires – in the bedroom, and in all realms of life.

Period sex itself isn’t gross. Menstruation and menstrual blood are natural. And yes, it can get messy AF, but there is nothing unclean about it.

So, yeah, some women are horny as hell during their periods. It’s normal. It’s cool. And I’ve heard through the grapevine that period orgasms are the bomb. Gimme.

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