Sometimes I Cry


Sometimes I cry for you, little one.

Sometimes I cry because the world is so big and you’re so small, and I worry—Oh, do I worry—about your smallness in this big world.

Sometimes I cry because you’re so big and I’m so small, and the bigger you get to me, the smaller I get to you, and I worry—Lord, how I worry—about my smallness in your big world.

Sometimes I cry because this love is too big and my heart is too small, and a bursting heart feels—strangely, painfully—an awful lot like a breaking one.

Sometimes I cry because I’m overwhelmed by the beauty of you.

Sometimes I cry because I’m overwhelmed by the weight of you.

Sometimes I cry because in the process of gaining you, I gave up a version of me, and though I wouldn’t change that even if I could, sometimes I miss me desperately.

Sometimes I cry because your skin is so soft, and your eyes are so bright, and your soul is so new, and your heart is so open, and I’m sad. I’m sad that your innocence will crumble from experiences brutal and necessary, because you are as painfully human as the rest of us.

Sometimes I cry because you need help in ways that I can’t help you, and helplessness as a parent feels—strangely, surprisingly—an awful lot like sheer terror.

Sometimes I cry because as a mother I have no choice but to put on my big-girl panties every day, and both of those things—having no choice and big-girl panties—can be really, really uncomfortable.

Sometimes I cry because I am so unbelievably tired—not sleepy, but tired—that I can’t do anything else.

Sometimes I cry because I hear God in your giggles.

Sometimes I cry because your very existence evokes a joy so profound that smiles and laughter can’t quite reach it.

Sometimes I cry because this blessing is so big and my cup is so small and the overflow has to go somewhere.

Sometimes I cry because all of these things—the love, the worry, the sadness, the beauty, the bursting, the big-girl panties, the blessing—it’s all too much to take. Just too, too much.

So sometimes I cry for you. And for me. And for this big world. And for a thousand other terrible, wonderful, desperate, beautiful reasons that you won’t understand until you’re a parent.

Sometimes I cry for you, little one. Big, cleansing tears.

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About the writer

Annie Reneau writes about motherhood and other hilariously beautiful things on her blog, Motherhood and More. Last year, she convinced her husband and three kids to live as nomads around the U.S., which was every bit as crazy and amazing as it sounds. She uses her Facebook page as therapy and has finally joined the cool kids on Twitter

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Jessica 1 week ago

This is the most perfect thing I have ever read.

Valerie mom of 3 boys 1 week ago

Thank you for putting it into words..all so true..the pure heart of a Mother..of precisely accurate.

Amszing, so deep in emotions that i cry too little guy 1 week ago


Anonymous 1 week ago

How beautiful

Suzanne 2 weeks ago

This brought me to tears……so glad I am not the only one who feels this. Thank you

April Myers 2 weeks ago

I’ve never heard motherhood explained as well.

Melysa 2 weeks ago

I just cried so much reading this. I just had my second daughter two weeks ago and I looked over at her and her sister and lost it.

Nancy 5 months ago

This musing is both profound and simple, a salty taste connection of all mothers. It gets no easier to control the tears as Grandmotherhood replaces Motherhood. The heart-cry is still the same. I thank the author for the time and effort she put into this.
Blessings and tissues to all.

Dawn 6 months ago

This ids one of the.most beautiful things i have ever read love my. Baby and grandbabies so much

Helene DiSanto 6 months ago

So very true and even when they are “grown up” it doesn’t end!

Cathie Johansen 6 months ago

Certainly did reduce me to tears!!

Jackie Rae Smithson 6 months ago

I saw this one a couple years ago and saved it because I love it so much! Still makes me cry!

Manijeh Farrokhi 6 months ago

Such a beautiful, truthful piece. Thanks for sharing something meaningful when most Facebook posts are being meaningless.

Maria J. Tomattis 6 months ago


Dana 6 months ago

This! Every single word.

Janis Ortiz 6 months ago

Mine are young teenagers now, but sometimes i still cry

Adala Boyd 6 months ago

Sometimes someone gets a blog post just right and it makes me cry.

Kristina Turri 6 months ago

Simply beautiful

Stacey Reamer 6 months ago

Thank you for writing this , I have cried at one time or another over all of these things . Beautiful .

Liz Digweed 6 months ago

Motherhood – you will probably always cry no matter how old they are !!!

Gabrielle Connelly 6 months ago

I had to add my own

Annette Magnoli 6 months ago

This is everything I can’t say out loud, but keeps me awake,alone at night

Talia Gabay-Mizrachi 6 months ago

Loved this!

Don McDonald 6 months ago

Touching and I aren’t a mom

Sara 6 months ago

What a beautiful poem – made me cry!

Bethany Sipe Berth 6 months ago

This is amazing.

Carol Grabow Cramer 6 months ago

This particular Mom still feels all of these things about her two daughters—now both in their thirties :)

Sheila Thompson 6 months ago

Now you understand. It never goes away

Mie Albertsen 6 months ago

Beautiful and oh SO true ❤️

Alyson Jones 6 months ago


Dana M Getchell 6 months ago

Ok now I am crying

Lynn ElectricRainbow Cantu 6 months ago

Right there with you! I’m crying like a big baby right now.

Heather Jopling 6 months ago

This says it all about being a mom how we feel as a parent about our children

Madison Mello 6 months ago

Beautiful. And spot on.

Fabiola Arauz 6 months ago

Man! Serious pms going on here!

Ashlie Wilk 6 months ago

I feel like this is a must read for every dad. A glimpse into our heads and why we act the way we do after kids…

Jasmin Schroder 6 months ago

That is beautiful thanks for sharing :-*

Michele North 6 months ago

Beautiful and soooo true! (Must Share)

Brittany Gwinner 6 months ago

Oh man! Sometimes I cry reading articles about why I sometimes cry!! great read Siobhan Lengel xo

Harriet Uppstrom 6 months ago

So painfully beautiful

Renée Lauranzano Bleicher 6 months ago
Hank Kapelle 6 months ago

This is for my girls!!!!!!

Sarah Wright 6 months ago

Glad it’s not just me

Jill Lein 6 months ago

Still true with grown children

Patricia Faust Kaut 6 months ago

Made me cry… So beautiful!

Wendy Mercer Spatz 6 months ago

Love this! Beautifully written and so true!

Raquel Chenausky 6 months ago

This is so perfectly written.

April Todd-Welsh 6 months ago

Sometimes I cry reading poems like this one… Wow!

Jenny Kruschke 6 months ago

This one makes me cry every time. It’s so spot on.

Emily Snellman 6 months ago

This is absolutely beautiful!! The perfect way to describe what being a parent truly means.

Whitney Schollenberg 6 months ago

Sometimes I cry when I read this… ♥️

Francesca Lao 6 months ago

this is soo beautiful!

Kimmy Roman 6 months ago

So much yes…

Stephanie Thornton 6 months ago

Perfect !

Michelle Goings 6 months ago

So much yes!

Cindy Taylor-Brandt 6 months ago

Mardalena Smith Jasmin Schroder

Colleen Schmeltzer Gravely 6 months ago

Every single word

Shirley Allsup 6 months ago

Oh man I cried when I read it silently. And then again when I read it to my sons father. It’s beautiful

Stephanie Gavin Mora 6 months ago


Nausheen Ekram-Usmani 6 months ago

How lovely to read this

Tamara Haque 6 months ago

….that you won’t understand until you’re a parent.

Sharolyn Smothermon 6 months ago

Every day. ..

Sowmia Nair Kamath 6 months ago

Completely relate to this. The innocence. The sweet giggles. Missing your old self but loving someone so much that your heart bursts.

Christy McElyea Newman 6 months ago

Yes. Every single day.

Rhelda Baschuk 6 months ago

“Sometimes I cry because I hear God in your giggles.”

Love this line.

Elizabeth Tamayo 6 months ago

This has been saved in my bookmarks in my phone since I first read it months ago. I literally feel like I could have written this myself, every word is the truth.

Marilyn Bourget 6 months ago

This is so beautiful ,thanks for sharing it ,love you honey ,

Shanda Lowder 6 months ago

This is wonderful!

Karen Dalton 6 months ago

Love …the blessing is so big and my cup so small…

Kelli 6 months ago

This is beautifully perfect. Thank you.

Lauren Humphrey Justus 6 months ago

I cried reading this. Love it!

Rebecca Baker 6 months ago

Wow I love this.

Trischia Wadey 6 months ago

This is so perfectly lovely. Thank you for sharing.

Jenny Goodman Cossette 6 months ago

Exactly! !

Carla Patricia Torres Orona 6 months ago

Gets me everytime.

Amy Winter Yudin 6 months ago

Oh perfect.

Wendy Mitchell Killam 6 months ago

A beatifully written true story

Michele LeMieux 6 months ago

Sometimes I cry because you’re so big and I’m so small, and the bigger you get to me, the smaller I get to you, and I worry—Lord, how I worry—about my smallness in your big world.


Cheri Coloski 6 months ago

*tears* wow…

RuthAnn Twito 6 months ago

This is so true and all you can do is your best, and put your trust in God

Beckie Ferber 6 months ago

So very true

Sharon Reitsma 6 months ago

Oh ffs really?

Rita Acosta Pitzak 6 months ago

Wow! I feel like she wrote this for me. My 5 month old was giggling ever so sweetly the other day and it brought tears to my eyes. Because all he knows is love and the thought of someone mistreating him or hurting his feelings will break my heart. I know I just have to continue to love him and raise him with confidence to be strong. ♡♡

Kim Willems Murray 6 months ago

Bang on.
Every. Single.

Emily Werthman 6 months ago

Because I hear God in your giggles…oh I love this

Jennifer Marie 6 months ago
Jackie Barton 6 months ago


Adrianne Ward Burney 6 months ago

Can’t read this or I’m gonna UGLY cry!

Ashleigh Stokes 6 months ago

Very true :)

Iris Campbell Hendricks 6 months ago

Now ,I am crying!

Tracy May Clark 6 months ago

The most perfect description of motherhood, ever.

Megan Hodgden 6 months ago

I love thi8s!!

Nicole Gutierrez 6 months ago

Love this! So beautiful & true. ❤️

Stacy Hunter Barr 6 months ago

This is spot on and my feelings perfectly written. My child is my heart.

Heidi Eichler 6 months ago

And I just started crying reading the title and seeing the picture. Might have to save this to read later. Another emotional mommy moment, brought to you, by PMS. Lol

Jesica 6 months ago

Absolutely beautiful! Moved me to tears.

Gena Suttles 6 months ago

Beautiful words!!

Julie Anna Cottone 6 months ago


Rekha Gupta Middleton 6 months ago

Love this…so perfectly said

Kristen Johnson 6 months ago

Thank you for putting into words exactly how I feel but lacked the finesse to express it

Michele Wehberg Ange 6 months ago

Just beautiful!

Suzie Robertson 6 months ago

So true!

Trish Rule 6 months ago

❤️ this.!

Carol Neos 6 months ago

So so beautiful

Dawn Lacey Cabrera 6 months ago


Sara Woodruff Marshall 6 months ago

Makes me cry every time I read this!

Katy Holmes 6 months ago

And now I’m crying…

Jennifer Reid Galmoff 6 months ago

This is everything!

Kristin Parden 6 months ago

This is absolutely perfect!

Jessica Delorensi-Paulsen 6 months ago

So true !

Pepper Tesarik 6 months ago

I cry too:)

Amy Sexton 6 months ago

This was wonderful.

Rachel Amoroso Austad 6 months ago
Betty Strait 8 months ago

I might be pregnant and I might be missing my daughter very much because she is at her daddy’s house.. But sometimes, I cry because words like these touch me much too deeply…

Laura 8 months ago

Most beautiful and true thing i believe I’ve ever read…..

Gina 8 months ago

I have read this poem at least 6 times today, it expresses every feeling and emotion that I feel as a mother to my three ages 18, 19, & 20.

Joy 8 months ago

My favorite was ‘hearing God through his giggles’. This is so true!

Brianna Elmore 8 months ago

Right in the feels

shellie 8 months ago

I ,JUST WOW !!!!

Krista 8 months ago

May I use this!? How can I give you credit for it? I don’t want to just steal your work. But as everyone has said it’s absolutely perfect. Something I could’ve never put into words, but yet, you have. And they are just beautiful!

Kathy Bradley Castanon 8 months ago

A lot of times, I cry.

Sara Amend 8 months ago

And now, as a grandmother, those feelings continue. :'(

Danielle Hupp Crane 8 months ago

Putting every mama’s thoughts into words.

Krystal Wertin Schledwitz 8 months ago

My nanny’s sister did this as a Christmas gift from my husband. We were at Lake McConahay and he wanted part of the wording on here.

Vicki Ellsworth Boase 8 months ago

Beautifully said and is still true when your little ones are grown and gone.

Sandra Master 8 months ago

Yes beautiful and grandmas feel the same, about their own daughters and grandchildren

Sara Hare 8 months ago

I’m way too emotional! I’m crying now after reading this and thinking about only crying last night because my little man is so, so beautiful I just stood there, rocked him while he slept and cried a silent river!

Cassy Kleinow 8 months ago

Sometimes I cry because you are so perfect but others won’t know because they only see the outside of you. (To my daughter with a congenital condition)

Beckey Fouse Eng 8 months ago

Seriously. I made it two lines in. Can’t read through tears that big.

Brandy Garza 8 months ago

Beautifully written

Beth Winn 8 months ago

That’s a lot of crying.

Lauren Goldberg 8 months ago

This touched me so very much. My little girl is only 10 weeks old and I feel the same, often on a daily basis. It is such a big world, and I often cry when I think of her making her way in it.

Sarah Caissie Bruines 8 months ago

This is how I was feeling today!

“Sometimes I cry because this love is too big and my heart is too small, and a bursting heart feels—strangely, painfully—an awful lot like a breaking one”

Jessica Freeman 8 months ago

Love this!! So true.

Robin Stephenson Scholl 8 months ago

You guys are customer service heroes, seriously

Motherhood and More 8 months ago

Thanks for the sweet comments, everyone. And thanks, Scary Mommy, for sharing my post again! Always fun to connect with new readers through your site. :) – Annie Reneau

Suzy Gray 8 months ago

Tear jerker, need tissue when reading.

Autumn Rose 8 months ago

This a million times

Priscilla Prettyfaceboss Cruz 8 months ago
Nicole 8 months ago

The tears just flowed. So true.

Wendy Bradley 8 months ago

Oh so true!

Samantha Doeun 8 months ago

Perfect. So perfect.

Christina Veach 8 months ago


JMS 8 months ago

i read this and cried. And kissed my littles one more time

Bill Boshnick 8 months ago

As a father, I feel the same way except for the big-girl panties part.

Karen Shirey 8 months ago

Sounds like me…

Kimberly Wade Johnson 8 months ago

I LOVE this!!!!!

Jane Mariucci 8 months ago

Beautifully written! Grandma’s share the same feelings.

Stacy Ronk 8 months ago
Scarlett Beck 8 months ago

Indeed I do !! I cried reading this because is so true ❤️

Sereta Gregory 8 months ago

Love this. Crying now just because us moms cry about all if this!! Renee Welch Bryant Ashlea Offutt Murphy thus emotional roller coaster never goes away!

Lisa Kimbrough-Norton 8 months ago

I love this

Shari Harrington 8 months ago

Thank you for putting all of these once inexpressible reasons for my new mom tears into words. ❤️

Sarah 8 months ago

Took the words right out of my heart and mouth!

Katelynn Richardson 8 months ago

I needed this tonight I have had baby blues so bad and this put everything I’m feeling into words thank you !!

Kristen Gustafson 8 months ago


Tiffany Klimarchuk 8 months ago

This is beautiful! I have never cried so much in my life as since I became a mom, and it’s for all the reasons you wrote here.

Stella Maris 8 months ago

And there’s nothing I can do.

Amy Morse 8 months ago


Jessica Danese 8 months ago

OMG, nail on the head. Now I’m crying lol

Jennifer Klebsch 8 months ago

Couldn’t have said it better. Saving this one.

Stacey Lofstad 8 months ago

Love this, and re-read it often!!!

Chelsea 8 months ago

So honest and soul baring. I’m a stepmom, but it was still just as true to me. I may not have given birth to my kids but they are my kids just the same as if I would have.

Katena Russell-Hood Dyser 8 months ago

love it

Meredith Slack 8 months ago


Carolina Sabatka 8 months ago


Erin Dewitt Gwaltney 8 months ago

Perfectly said.

Holley Keenan 8 months ago

So beautifully and perfectly put. Every mother knows exactly what you mean because we have felt the same things. Until you have a child, and even after sometimes, these feelings are unexplainable. Beautiful, awesome, terrifying, completely unconditional love.

Michelle Margiotta 8 months ago

So Beautiful. It made me feel so “not alone” in how I feel every Day since having my first boy 3 years ago. I think all mums, all Goood mums will be seeing themselves and their mums whilst reading this. Thank you for shearing this x

Kathrin AndJai Paek 8 months ago

Beautifully said. And so true! ❤️

Brooke Duke 8 months ago

I love this!

Vicki Somerton 8 months ago

Sometimes I cry because people write perfect, beautiful words that tell the truth in every parent’s heart. Now to go hug my baby and cry over her smallness and her bigness.

Gina Zanella Sample 8 months ago

This is amazing

Kristen Larsen 8 months ago

I’m at work and had to hold back the tears!

Chris Gradel 8 months ago

So true

Betty Harrington Jordan 8 months ago


DeAnna Remington 8 months ago


Mikaela E. Sheets 8 months ago


Lizette Morales 8 months ago

Omg this sums up motherhood/parenthood so beautifully

Tabitha Rose 8 months ago

Just beautiful

Magda Cichocka 8 months ago

So beautiful…

Stephanie Curtin Melanson 8 months ago

Another great article ! Love this

Brenda Noel 8 months ago

Beautiful and so very true ❤️

Emily Grefer Anusbigian 8 months ago

That’s just lovely

Bridget Smith 8 months ago
Shannon O. Croes 8 months ago
Aleisa Farrington 8 months ago

It’s so wonderful, and so true.

Stephanie Rose Crockett 8 months ago

I cried the whole way through this. A warning would be great next time. Lol.

Misty LeHew 8 months ago

So waiting to read until kids are in bed

Melissa Strutz 8 months ago

All of this, yes, yes, yes.

Stephenie Leigh An Whitaker 8 months ago

That’s so true!

Monica Crabb 8 months ago


Bre Whalen 8 months ago

:( :)

Kristin Noyes-Shepley 8 months ago

Sob!!! Yes:)

Lisa Gross 8 months ago

<3 so true

Jennie Reis 8 months ago

Hell, I just cried reading this.

Louisa Perry 8 months ago

Beautifully written.

Mary Elizabeth 8 months ago


Chloe Quinn 8 months ago

Ughhhh. <3

Pania Anderson 8 months ago


Jamie Zedell 8 months ago

Shit ! Why did I read this right after applying makeup?!?

Kenya Thomas 8 months ago

I cried just reading this.

Natalie Carney 8 months ago

Yes yo them all. Especially the missing me and big girl panties x

Kathryn Mink Gutierrez 8 months ago

Oh wow, that was beautiful.

Lori 12 months ago

I heard this read on the radio this morning and was so moved I just had to find it online so I could share it. I am not a mother, just an Aunt, and your post moved me to tears thinking of my niece and nephew.

He was nervous starting first grade yesterday and my heart ached. I couldn’t figure out why and then I heard the line, “Sometimes I cry because your skin is so soft, and your eyes are so bright, and your soul is so new, and your heart is so open, and I’m sad. I’m sad that your innocence will crumble from experiences brutal and necessary, because you are as painfully human as the rest of us.” That was how I felt yesterday! I am in awe of his openness and the purity of his soul and I am sad that I can’t put a protective shield around him so he will stay that way.

Thank you for this, even though it meant streaks of mascara tears as I walked into work!

jill 1 year ago

I get it. Daily I live with the sheer terror of not knowing if my babies are safe. I married Satan. He had done the same thing to the girlfriend before me…stole her 3 month old daughter.
I know everyone who hears stories like this ‘con’vince themselves that that could never happen to you
Only bad mothers loose their children. I was a social worker. I raised another daughter who I gave both to at 18. She’s a Doctor.
NEVER NEVER NEVER have a child with s drug addict

nancy 1 year ago

Thank you for writing from your soul it touched my soul. I have a little guy who “makes me cry too!”

Elizabeth 1 year ago

I have never read something that puts motherhood into better words. I am so touched by this.

Vanita 1 year ago

I read this to my 17 yo on her birthday. (Which is also the day I first saw it) this girl never cries, but she cried and my voice cracked as I read it to her.

Cheryl Dwyer 1 year ago

My children are all grown up, and close in age to most people on this page, and this brought tears to my eyes. It doesn’t get better when they’re ten, or twenty, or fourty…it’s a lifetime gig. The worries, the tears, the fears are always there. Thank you for posting this. In the kindest way, you explained it all.

Pat 1 year ago

Beautifully written. Once a Mother always a Mother. Same feelings for 2nd and 3rd generations.

SouthwarkBelle 1 year ago

Gorgeous and now I’m all teary too x

Marianne 1 year ago

Sometimes I cry because some people have such a profound way with words. Thank you for this beautiful, bursting, emotional reminder of what it is to be a mother.

DanaAlexa 1 year ago

Exactly-thank you for capturing these feelings!

Nancy Moots 1 year ago

That was so great that it almost made me cry..& after seeing Jordon for several hours on Sunday I love this little grandchild so very very much-:) he is always a few steps ahead of anyone of what he will get into next!! What is really scary is he is even several steps of what Aaron was when he was just a child??

Kara 1 year ago

This is one of the most touching, beautiful blog posts I have ever read. I immediately shared it with all of my fellow mommy friends and relatives. Thank you for so eloquently expressing how it truly feels to be a mother!

oona 1 year ago

Lovely and all so true. This one, especially for me right now: “Sometimes I cry because in the process of gaining you, I gave up a version of me, and though I wouldn’t change that even if I could, sometimes I miss me desperately.”

Oren Katzeff 1 year ago

I’m a daddy and not embarrassed to say that I cry too!

Katherine 1 year ago

26 weeks pregnant with my first and yes CRYING! good tears though. The other day i started crying because I love my husband and this little baby and my family and dog so much and everyone is going to die someday and I can’t, I just have to cry ;”’)

Athene 1 year ago

I cried as I read this partially because I’ve had some of the exact same feelings, and more because so many of these I have never felt and I know I should have.

Jos @ Joyful{in}Chaos 1 year ago

Woah. Beautiful. This is what I’m talking about….it’s so very brutal and beautiful at the same time. Thank you for penning the words of my heart. Blessings!

Charla Clark 1 year ago

Wow…this was so profound…I am now a grandmother & this continues to be true as I watch the twins & my daughter…the best mom in the world…thank u

Mariela Mendez 1 year ago

Sometimes I cry, because I feel speechless after reading a beauty like this… Thanks!

Karen Glasgow 1 year ago

Sometimes I cry when someone has captured exactly what I feel with words I couldn’t find.

Anonymous 1 year ago

Me too! I needed this today. Best post so far.

Jennifer S. 1 year ago

Thank you for putting all of my heart’s feelings combined over the last 10 months into words.

Andrea B (@goodgirlgonered) 1 year ago

I love this. It’s so touching, real and raw. Kids totally do represent a piece of our hearts and this is so how I’ve felt more than once. Beautiful.

Dylene Cymraes 1 year ago

Beautifully, brilliantly and lovingly written. Thank you.

Stacey Louis 1 year ago

I’ve pinned this to share with my kids when they ask why I’m crying, when they’re old enough to not just listen, but to hear.

Risa 1 year ago

I was tearing up!

Heather 1 year ago

This made me cry. Oh how very true this all is. Thank you for posting.

Thelma Brown 1 year ago

So true, so beautiful, do you ever feel like your is too full to speak?

Carla Walker 1 year ago

So beautifully, poetically and truthfully said.

Bobbie Anna McHaney Hasty 1 year ago

Aw w w how beautiful and so o o true…..

Katie Checkley Greulich 1 year ago

Nailed it

lp 1 year ago

beautiful. thank you.

Makeovers & Motherhood 1 year ago


Makeovers & Motherhood 1 year ago

This is absolutely beautiful! I cried while reading it because nothing could explain the tears, the joy and the pain of being a mother better.

Bess 1 year ago

This!!! Every bit of this.

Victoria Bryce 1 year ago

Sometimes I cry because I read this blog and it is so painfully real

Michele Lopez 1 year ago

Beautiful, these feelings never end even when your “little one” is all grown up. The never-ending love for your child/children is truly a gift from God!

Doris Dolan 1 year ago

This hits the nail on the head. Just so you know, these feelings don’t end, they continue when you become a grandmother.

Judi Dominguez 1 year ago

this hits home – beautiful.

Emir Beba Hadziabdic 1 year ago

Sometimes I cry for both of you ,cause I love you.Mom and Nena.

AshleyFaye 1 year ago

So beautiful & perfectly describes all of the emotions I have been feeling as a new mom. The love I have for my son is overwhelming sometimes & the only way I can express it is to cry. I never knew I could love someone so much :’)

Lucy St-Jean 1 year ago

My girls are all grown up and as beautiful as the day they were born, and sometimes I cry because that emotion (happiness, fear, concern, worry, love and all the others) lasts forever. Enjoy the roller coaster ride and you WILL find more comfortable panties…that comes with age! Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Diane 1 year ago

My daughter and I are going through all of the necessary steps preparing to send her off to college in a few weeks, and all of these beautiful sentiments still apply! The love, the pride, the fear, the pain. All of it. Thank you.

Pat Ruberts VonSick 1 year ago

Undescible love.

erin sandford 1 year ago

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting my feelings into words. The love a mother has for her children is overwhelming and so diffuclt to express. It’s beautiful. xo

Renee Blauch 1 year ago

I love this…too perfect not to share!

Jessica Haritos 1 year ago

This is beautiful and just perfect. So beautiful and perfect, that I cried. I need to print this out and get it in a frame for my daughter.

Pat Veinot 1 year ago

This is beautiful, and so true. No matter how old, they’re still your babies. My friend texted this whole thing to me last night.

Jessica Bradfield 1 year ago

Perfectly stated.

Elizabeth 1 year ago

Each paragraph made me cry from how beautiful and true they were.

Ioanna Keller 1 year ago

Lovely emotions penned. And so relatable. Puts it into focus for me again this morning. Encouraging to see this posted on my newsfeed. Perhaps worth it to sift through the rants and negativity in most of Scary Mommy’s posts, on the woes of motherhood, to read this jewel of a piece.

Hannah Gill 1 year ago

I’m suffering from PND at the moment with my second child. This has really hit home with me. All these swimming happy/sad/scary/confused emotions….

Amanda Raboin Grissom 1 year ago

Such an amazing description of how it feels to be a mommy. I love this, thank you

Paul Ellis 1 year ago

Yes, yes … but it’s just a picture posed by a cynical, cold-hearted advertising person. There’s no soul in it.

Desiree Takenbyaman 1 year ago

This is a wonderful piece. Touching. I cried right when I started reading it because you relate, as a mother, to what she explains her reasons are for crying. I have held my 10 week old tight in my arms and just watched her as she slept and cried bcuz I feel so lucky to have her in my life. And I’m a new momma so I’m sure there will plenty of more crying days for me ahead!!

Diane 1 year ago

…ever so beautifully written..the Everyman of mothers… Wondèrfully real~

Kathy McCarron Burke 1 year ago

Stated so beautifully and so simply!

Angeline Caceres 1 year ago

:-) love this

LaVerne Held 1 year ago

You are a very talented writer. Please keep producing such poetically insightful articles.

Vicki Kneller 1 year ago

Lovely words x

Candice Weir 1 year ago

You are a wonderful, beautiful mother and our precious Lincoln is so lucky to have you as his mama.

Jennifer McPherson 1 year ago

I love this so much.♡♡♡

Zsanett Huszar Mayr 1 year ago

great u made me cry

Kristy Honeycutt Brennan 1 year ago

For all the new Mom’s. This is the hardest job you will ever have. You will look back when your kids are grown and high five your husband and say good job! I’m crying now and sharing.

Kumi Obayashi-Ward 1 year ago

So beautiful. Now I feel like crying..

Angie Watson Gunderson 1 year ago

Just how I feel.Did you write this for me? Lol.Absolutely beautiful!!♡

Marie 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing the tears, because sometimes you cry over something beautiful you read on the internet that sums up everything you’ve been feeling that you couldn’t explain.

I appreciate it. :)

Christina Geforos 1 year ago

Very true.. As tears fall right now ..

Erin Malsom Guidera 1 year ago

Amazingly written. The words are true.

Emily Wout 1 year ago

Now I’m Gonna cry

Lori Petrey Lamanna 1 year ago

So very true…

Liz Lanyon 1 year ago

beautiful, thank you

Katie Essary 1 year ago

So so beautiful. This sums up motherhood.

Maria Kozelek 1 year ago

Yes! and Thank you! Mine are 16 & 20 and this rings true, even today.

Danielle Kinahan Christie 1 year ago

This is probably, no I mean definitely, the best thing I’ve read and the most honest. Saving this bc I know I will need to read it again and again. Thank you. Really summed up how I feel every moment of every day.

Marily 1 year ago

This is so beautiful! It hits so close to home. Growing up it was so strange how grown women cried over so many things. Now, I understand. Everything means more now and as a mom, I cry too.

I Heart AZ 1 year ago

Beautifully said.

Amie Ransom 1 year ago

Beautiful and so true.

Elizabeth Behrens Flint 1 year ago

Amen. Just Amen.

Heather 1 year ago

Beautiful and most days.

Melissa White 1 year ago

This pretty much sums everything up … so nicely that I cried! Thank you for sharing.

Bev Weber-Ashcraft 1 year ago

Beautiful. Thank you.

Juli Casillas 1 year ago


Amanda Migues 1 year ago

And sometimes I cry because it’s 10:05 pm and you’re screaming your head and my ears off and I have to be awake at 6 am

Priscilla Waldhuetter 1 year ago

So very true!

Michelle Plante 1 year ago

Wow. Yes. Just yes. Thank you.

Gini Pilles 1 year ago

Absolutely beautiful

Rachel Relyea Carbone 1 year ago

Having one of those moments myself and happened upon this post, amazing. Crying my eyes out.

Brandy Love 1 year ago

I loved this. : )

Rebecca Brasher Boothe 1 year ago

I have always said that someone should warn women that when they become a mom they will love so much and so hard that it physically hurts. But I’ve never seen it put into words as great as this!!

Giselle Castillo Wrobel 1 year ago

I cried a lot over this beautiful piece. Jonna April

Megan Anne Tepper 1 year ago

Such a beautiful post.

Eileen 1 year ago

My daughter – my first born – leaves for college this fall. I will cry again, as I have for everything listed here in your entry. Thank you for saying it so beautifully.

Erin Reddell Rickert 1 year ago

amazing. nailed it. thank u.

Mandi 1 year ago

So beautiful. So honest. Thank you

Tracey McCurdy Harvey 1 year ago

Very apropos. Everything I am feeling as I try to navigate this thing called motherhood. Thank you.

Kelly Youngblood 1 year ago

And sometimes the rest of us cry simply because another Mom put all our thoughts down in words ♥ This is beautiful, and if you’re really, really lucky, it’s your truth!

Rebecca Meier 1 year ago

Couldn’t have said it any more perfectly. Cue mega, big baby tears (& I’m 34). Thanks for posting this!

Kristen Sherrard 1 year ago

This is perfectly amazing!

Heather 1 year ago

Sometimes I cry because you can’t remember how much Grammy loved you and I can only hope to be as good a mother to you as she was to me.

Maggie 1 year ago

This is what being a mommy feels like. Every second of every day.

Elizabeth Koltanowski 1 year ago

Absolutely spot on. ♡

Tara Christison 1 year ago

And sometimes I cry because I so completely live this!

Sherry Sembera Malone 1 year ago


Amy Brown 1 year ago

Truth!! Made me tear up.

Amy Northrop 1 year ago

Kleenex please…beautifully written.

Heather Jameyson 1 year ago

This summed it all up perfectly.

Angie Nelson Stara 1 year ago

Wow. Just, wow! Beautiful. This hits every single nail squarely on the head.

Christyne 1 year ago

This is beautiful and so very true! Thank you so much.

Taylor Rome 1 year ago

This is wonderful. Made me cry…doesn’t help I’m hormonal atm either. Lol.

Kerrie 1 year ago

Sometimes I cry because another mother can articulate what I sometimes cannot. Thank you. x

Brooke Abernethy Schwartz 1 year ago

SO SO beautiful. This motherhood, parenthood, thing…it ain’t for the faint of heart.

Lea Bifano-Vozzella 1 year ago

Love <3

Ashley 1 year ago

This is perfect in every way. I feel like this is me speaking to my three children, the youngest being only a week old.

Ana Villa Eliuk 1 year ago

Wow! Gave me shivers! Totally blow my mind

Ingrid Walerius 1 year ago

Spot on; loved it all

Rachel Cicioni 1 year ago

Beautiful. This is going in her baby book. Thank you.

Elizabeth Morris 1 year ago

Love. So brilliantly true.

Selina Valdez 1 year ago

After one of the most emotionally charged parenting day I have had in a long time this was just too much for my poor little eyes! I didn’t think I had a tear left for today! I love everything you write!

Maeve Rhuad 1 year ago

Only a mother would understand to her core what this means. My son is seven and I still look at him like this.

Julie Strohm 1 year ago

So beautiful!! As I’m crying I know how lucky our Grandson is to have such a wonderful Mom who feels what I’ve been feeling for 34 years!!

Nicki Z. 1 year ago

Beautifully said, you touched my soul with this post. It’s interesting how both an overflowing heart and a broken one cause the same feeling…

Kelly Batts 1 year ago

Killed me with this one. So true

Amanda Greathouse 1 year ago

This is the closest Thing I have ever read to putting my exact emotions into words. My overflowing heart does ache…with overwhelming JOY, that is so huge it hurts. So so blessed to feel this kind of love X 2.

Jena LePla 1 year ago

Beautiful and truthful.

Lesley Martin 1 year ago

Sometimes I cry because after a terrible day, your smile makes everything bad melt away.

Susan Hetherington-Ovington 1 year ago

That was beautiful!

Jess Ciccarelli 1 year ago

So true! Crying now!

Randy Lyon 1 year ago

Continue to hear God in the giggles….

Angela Ericson 1 year ago

Oh how perfect this is…

Brenda Conner Montgomery 1 year ago


Desi Doodle-Lamy 1 year ago

I say it all the time… I’m terrified of how much I love my son. Beautifully written.

Sara Woodruff Marshall 1 year ago

Perfectly, painfully spot on. Thanks for sharing.

Joanne Landmark 1 year ago

This is so beautiful and so true.

Amy Quach 1 year ago

Stoppit, I’m pregnant and already a hormonal mess!

Kathy Reale 1 year ago

This is beautifully written, It is so true it is scary

Heather Maier Stickel 1 year ago

This explains why I will sometimes tell my husband, ‘I want to cry looking at her, she’s so beautiful and I’m so in love’.

marian 1 year ago

Even us old mommies can relate to this, I still cry

Andi Smith 1 year ago

Absolute perfect. Thank you.

Grace Coffman 1 year ago


Ann Winston 1 year ago

I feel this way about my beautiful grandson Henry!

Denice Bailey Dean 1 year ago

Sometimes I cry because you need help in ways that I can’t help you, and helplessness as a parent feels—strangely, surprisingly—an awful lot like sheer terror. – hits the nail right on the head for me.

Jennifer Contarino 1 year ago

Omg. I’m sobbing over here!

Gena Heminover 1 year ago

This is perfectly said and beautiful… I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels like this!

Donna Samuelson 1 year ago

And each time you have another child, the tears multiply, but so do the laughs. It is truly amazing the capacity that a parent can have to love their children when it can be so gut wrenching and painful yet beautiful too.

Katrina Kay 1 year ago

This is amazing. Seriously amazing.

Jessica Davila 1 year ago

Sometimes I cry when I read brilliantly written blog posts that capture my exact heart and make me feel less lost in my own new mommy mind. Thank you.

Mary LouWho 1 year ago

I’m actually going to print this and put it in both my boys baby boxes. With credit to the author of course. Because she took the words right out of my heart. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you!

Teri Nelson 1 year ago

LOVE this, so true.

Vicki Johnson Pflug 1 year ago

Yes. A thousand times yes.

Emily Fe Hendricks 1 year ago

Me too.

Marga 1 year ago

I love this! I wanna print it our and frame it pretty and… well… read it and cry everyday :)

Kasey Loden 1 year ago

This is beautiful. Parenthood is such a wonderful, amazing tough journey.

Christine Villa Keeling 1 year ago

Applies to every mother no matter their child’s age.

Emily White Donahue 1 year ago

This blows me away!

Sheila Moore Csicseri 1 year ago

Even Grammies relate

Rebecca Roginski-Hodge 1 year ago

I just kept saying “its just my hormones” but this explains it in a way I couldn’t.

Jo Henley 1 year ago

Love this

Caroline Pollock 1 year ago


Brandy Lauderdale 1 year ago

Oh, yes…beautifully written. A window to my heart…

Devyn Dugas Pulis 1 year ago

Brandi 1 year ago

Best thing I’ve ever read hands down. It’s like you took the thoughts I have about my children out of my head and wrote them more eloquently than I could ever express. Every single “Sometimes I cry for you” is spot on. Absolutely perfect, thank you so much for sharing!!!!!

Jennifer Kohler 1 year ago


Tamara Bui 1 year ago

I really love this.

Grace Manter 1 year ago

This was pure perfection.

Heather Davies 1 year ago

This is for all the little ones that touch my heart every day not just my girls, kids at work as well that made my eyes leak this afternoon xxxc

Adrianne Ward Burney 1 year ago

And I cry because I cannot protect you from the world’s ugliness!

Kara Turmel-Cleavall 1 year ago


Tasha Pitt 1 year ago


Shawna Prajzner 1 year ago


Millissa Pauler Brosch 1 year ago

Well worth reading!

Heather Louise 1 year ago

Sometimes I cry because I read really emotional blogs that totally hit the nail on the head, while making me feel like a giant baby myself.

Casey Johnson Gromer 1 year ago

I can’t believe you so eloquently described the depth of emotion I feel each and every day. Being a mom is hard for so many reasons many won’t ever understand.

Stephanie Villers 1 year ago

I NEEDED THIS ARTICLE! So perfectly true.

Michelle 1 year ago

Simply Beautiful..

Eve Ford 1 year ago

nothing much makes me cry but this did, in a good way though x

Becky Huddleston Davis 1 year ago

Thank you for putting into words, everyday, what I can’t.

Kellie Herbert 1 year ago

So beautiful.

Bobbie Lawhorn Kirk 1 year ago

I love this so much. Because mine aren’t small anymore and each day makes them seem smaller and further away.

Tracey Schultz 1 year ago

I seriously love everything single thing you post. This, especially.

Jessica Cifuentes 1 year ago

This is the most relatable thing I’ve read about motherhood! I cry everyday :/

Tamara Keim 1 year ago

Very well put.

Nicole Ticknor 1 year ago

Crying as I read this!

Angie Kornell Hughes 1 year ago


Donna Hutchinson 1 year ago

So beautiful

Lizzie Ramsey 1 year ago


Yvonne Creswell 1 year ago

Thank you! Every thought and statement so very true….absolutely love it!

Jennifer McCormick Jeffries 1 year ago

Wow. This is crazy, spot on.

Melody Shelton White 1 year ago


Stephanie 1 year ago

This is it. This is everything I think and feel for my babies. Just amazing.

Danni 1 year ago

This is absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you!!

Jennie Reed 1 year ago


Christina Trace 1 year ago

I love reading these. Really makes my day :)

Lulu MC 1 year ago

Probably one of the best article about motherhood I ever red

Kelli Lynn 1 year ago

I love this.

Kim 1 year ago

Beautiful. Absolutely. Such truth.

MsJacqueline 1 year ago

Love this!!!

Sharon 1 year ago

I just love this. So simple. So true. So beautiful. Thank you for putting in words for me.

Nuru 1 year ago

I couldn’t find the words thank you for them…Beautiful!

Natalie 1 year ago

Thank you for this. BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely true and beautiful.