Mom Sums Up The Reality Of Parenthood In One (Kinda Gross) Selfie

by Sarah Hosseini
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Image via Facebook

Australian mom blogger snaps selfie that shows what parenting is all about

There are some things you get warned about in parenthood like sleepless nights, blow out diapers, and spit up. But then there are other things no one tells you about – like you’ll never pee or poop alone again.

Popular mom blogger Sophie Cachia captured this parenthood reality perfectly in one picture. The woman behind the blog The Young Mommy posted a seemingly typical (and adorable) selfie with her two-year-old son Bobby on Facebook. They look all cozy and cuddly together, then you read her caption and realize it’s more than that.

Yup. You read that right. She’s taking a dump while her kid sits on her lap. And not a single parent should be surprised by that.

“This photo was in fact captured whilst I was taking a poo. Just thought I’d let you all know. Especially for all those planning on having children soon. This. Is. Your. Life,” writes Cachia. Oh yes girlfriend, we know. We’ve all been there.

Once you become a parent, going to the bathroom is never the same – it’s always done with an audience. I’ll never forget being utterly embarrassed by my then four-year-old daughter in a public bathroom when I was on my period. I was changing my tampon when she yelled, “Oh Mama! You got RED! You got RED! What is that red in the potty?” Awesome. I was A) mortified and B) put on the spot because now I had to figure out a way to explain periods to a four-year old.

So it’s no wonder that many parents connected with the mom blogger’s (kinda gross) post about pooping. Cachia’s selfie has been reacted to over 7,000 times with “likes,” “loves,” and “wows.” Many moms and dads commented with their own experiences on the loo and sentiments of solidarity.

Your privacy is obliterated when you become a parent, and the bathroom is the most obvious example because it’s a daily event. Some kids like to participate in the action and some just hate to be alone when mommy or daddy goes to the bathroom. It’s all part of the deal once you have kids.

The lack of bathroom privacy alone is birth control enough for me. Which brings me to a great revelation — next time a friend or family member who’s considering having kids asks me what it’s like to have tiny humans I’ll tell them there will be cuddles, so many cuddles, even atop the porcelain throne.

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