Sophie Turner Crying On The Street Because Of Her Period Is All Of Us

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Gotham/GC Images

Sophie Turner’s public period cry brought the entire internet together in the best way

“Periods are a bitch.” Those are the words Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner is using in relation to photographs that show her crying in the middle of a crowded New York City street with fiancé Joe Jonas by her side. And honestly, who among us can’t relate?

Judging by the comments on a Buzzfeed article about the situation, literally everyone can. Sometimes the internet is Good.

In a series of photographs that came about yesterday, Turner is seen full-on sobbing as she walks through the street with Jonas. The scene had plenty of people speculating about the reason behind her tears.

Some people assumed the couple was fighting, or that she was just feeling some kind of way about it being her future husband’s birthday. But Turner put the rumors to rest by directly and amazingly addressing her street sobs in a tweet.

A bitch, indeed. And any human alive who’s experienced a period can and will immediately relate to this. Which is what many humans did in the comments section of the Buzzfeed post on Facebook. Women everywhere shared their own period stories, validating not only Turner’s tears but every woman’s struggle with menstruation.

Many of the comments were earnest in solidarity.

Other comments were freaking hilarious, because we have ALL done some version of this. Many, many times.

Some people decided to highlight just how brutal periods can be for many of us. Every goddamn month.

And even the one, lone, singular, non-period-having man who chimed in didn’t do so to mansplain or chide the women for sharing their stories. He answered in the only way we ever need any non-period-having man to answer, ever.

Period pain can be absolutely awful. So awful, in fact, that experts in the medical field have likened the pain to that of a heart attack. And yet here we all are, enduring it for 5-7 days on average, every single month for decades.

Also, major kudos to Sophie Turner for just being completely, unabashedly authentic in the middle of the street and in her response on Twitter. Who else can say their period brought the entirety of the period population together in perfect internet harmony?