Sophie Turner Shares Never-Before-Seen Pics From Her Pregnancy

by Christina Marfice
Kevin Winter/Getty and Sophie Turner/Instagram

Sophie Turner confirms: She looked just as adorable with a baby bump as we imagined

Of all the high-profile celebrity babies born last year, one of the best-kept-secrets has been Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas‘s daughter, Willa, who was born in July after a pregnancy that was kept almost entirely out of the public eye. The couple have locked down their private lives since starting a family, and we’ve only seen a couple of photos of the entire time Turner was pregnant — until now.

One of the most popular trends on Instagram at the end of the year was to share a “Year in Review” story, highlighting your best photos from each month of 2020. Turner hopped on the bandwagon and shared a Year in Review of her own, because needless to say, she had a lot of highlights to share from 2020, the year she became a mom for the first time.

In a number of the photos, you can see her baby bump, which has been featured in only a small handful of throwback pics she’s shared before. Her photo from January showed her cradling the beginnings of her bump, before the public knew about her pregancy.

Sophie Turner / Instagram

Her May photo also featured her now-much-larger baby bump, just a few months before she gave birth.

Sophie Turner / Instagram

For July, when Willa was born, Turner chose a photo that showed some of the realities of being a new mom: her sweater covered in spit up. Leave it to the Game of Thrones star to make baby puke look like a fashion accessory.

Meanwhile, her husband Joe Jonas also shared a Year in Review of his own. It was noticeably less baby-bumpy, but he did share one sweet, never-before-seen throwback to Turner’s pregnancy: a screenshot of her Facetiming him from an ultrasound appointment. From the adoring look on his face, you can see how excited he was to become a dad.

While both Turner and Jonas have been tight-lipped about their new life as a family of three, they have dropped some subtle hints on social media that die-hard fans think reveal some of their secrets about the last year of their lives. In November, Turner wore a necklace in a story that viewers noticed was engraved with a date: July 20, 2020. It’s very possible that’s the day Willa was born.

And before they publicly announced their daughter’s name, Turner shared a picture of a new addition to her “J” tattoo on her wrist, a tribute to Jonas: a “W” below it, which we can only assume stands for Willa.

Here’s hoping 2021 comes with many more updates, because we’re dying to see what a perfect baby these two must have.