'Spider-Mom' Breastfeeding On Her Way To A Costume Party Is Too Perfect

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Chelsea Larsson

Her husband got the adorable snaps of mom and daughter

Chelsea Larsson was on her way to a Halloween party with her husband and baby girl when things went slightly awry. Although dressed as a literal superhero, she ran into some car trouble and also, mom duties. The end result is a set of adorable breastfeeding photos she’ll always be glad to have.

Larsson, who works as an illustrator, tells Scary Mommy, “We were all dressed as Spider-Man on our way to a costume party for baby’s first Halloween. Perhaps from excitement or jitters, I backed our car out of the driveway a little faster than normal and bent the side mirror completely. It was hanging by a few wires, just dead. No amount of duct tape was resuscitating it. So instead of driving over to San Francisco with a busted mirror, we piled back into the house.”

Larsson’s little accident paved the way for some adorable photos of the whole family, including husband Edwin, all dressed up for Halloween. But of course, their six-month-old daughter had other ideas.

“Since we were all in costumes we figured we might as well take a family photo for posterity, or maybe to show to our daughter’s prom date when she’s older,” Larsson tells us. “Before we could get started she got hungry so I fed her and my husband snapped the first picture.”

Image via Chelsea Larsson

And that’s how Spider-Mom was born. Larsson nursed her little girl in costume, and the image is both sweet and a nod to what superheroes moms really are. No matter what they’re wearing or where they’re headed, they take care of their kids.

Image via Chelsea Larsson

“All in all, it was a great Halloween weekend,” she tells us.

Image via Chelsea Larsson

First of all, totally been there on the messed up car mirror for a very motherly reason. Years ago, I pulled into my garage too fast after a Target run to buy a pregnancy test because I too was jittery, and banged the hell out of the side mirror. And yes, it was positive. And yes, that mirror is still slightly screwed up. Hashtag, mom memories.

Another “been there?” Having to stop everything, no matter how fun and exciting, to nurse or bottle-feed my infant. Babies don’t care that you just had a quasi car accident or that you’re heading to a fun costume party — they still need to eat. This is mom life, in living color. And that’s what makes these photos so special. A breastfeeding mom is still a breastfeeding mom whether she’s wearing a Halloween costume, her yoga pants, or a wedding dress. We get it done.

And if you’re Chelsea Larsson, you get it done dressed as what moms really are — freaking superheroes.

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