21 Best Spider-Man Toys For Kids, Mom-Approved In 2020

With Great Spider-Man Toys, Comes Great Responsibility (To Pick Them All Up When You’re Done)

November 17, 2020 Updated February 26, 2021

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Looking for Spider-Man gifts? You’ve coming to right place. If you’re looking for the perfect thing to buy a kid who loves Spider-Man, then the first thing you’re going to want to check out is Spider-Man toys. It’s the perfect combination of a character they love and look up to, and something that can keep them entertained and busy. There are so many different Spider-Man toys for kids to choose from that there’s bound to be something for everyone of any age: plush toys for the real little ones, games for the older kids, and action figures for every child in between.

What’s fun about most of the Spider-Man toys is that they’re super versatile and will encourage a lot of creative play. There’s so much kids can do with a Spider-Man action figure, and those are usually small enough that they’re easy to throw in a bag or a stroller and take on the go (always a big plus for a parent!). And if your child has other Marvel or superhero toys, Spider-Man will fit right in.

But there’s more than just action figures out there: there are also Spider-Man web shooter toys and costumes that will make your kids feel like they really are Spider-Man, and options that will keep your kids active, like a smartwatch activity tracker and a scooter. And, yes, there are even toys for the kids who love Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. Check out all of the toys below to find the one your little one will love the most:

Spider-Man Action Figures

Spider-Man Titan Hero Series Action Figure

A classic, inexpensive option is a Spider-Man action figure like this one. Sure, it might seem simple and not at all fancy or advanced, but sometimes that’s the kind of toy that kids like the most. This 12-inch action figure looks like the Spider-Man superhero we all know and love, and has ball joint articulation to be moved around easily.

$17.50 AT AMAZON

Spider-Man: Far From Home Deluxe Action Figure

This larger than usual Spider-Man action figure features a ton of small details that fans will love and appreciate. Kids can change Spider-Man’s spider-suits: there’s the classic Spidey suit, as well as two different masks and chest pieces, like the Stealth Suit. It also comes with an attachable Web Gear Arm Blaster and mini projectiles, because we all know kids love a good projectile they can throw around.

$37.00 AT AMAZON

Spider-Man Maximum Venom Titan Hero Venom

Maybe your kid is more into the bad guys in Spider-Man than Spider-Man himself—or they already have several Spider-Man toys and want a character collection. Whatever the case, this Venom action figure is perfect. Inspired by the animated Spider-Man show on Disney XD, this figure is full of detail and will make a great companion to a Spider-Man action figure.

$14.92 AT WAL-MART

Spider-Man Web Shooters

Spider-Man Super Web Slinger

What’s the coolest thing about Spider-Man? Well, besides the fact that he’s a superhero, it’s also that he can blast a full-fledged web, his weapon of choice, out of his wrist. This toy makes it possible for kids to do the same: once they put on the glove and attached blaster, they can fill it with water or Spidey Shot Web Fluid to create their own fun (and harmless) weapon.

$30.00 AT AMAZON

Spider-Man Web Launcher Role Play Toy

Another great option if your kid wants to pretend to have Spider-Man’s web-shooting abilities, this glove allows them to “shoot” web through their hand — just load the discs into the blaster (the set comes with three web discs).


Spider-Man Webshooter Play Set

This Far From Home web blaster comes with two wrist launchers, two gloves, and six plastic darts. All you need to do is press your palm for the globe to launch the darts. Although Tony Stark may have not designed this exact set, your kid will get plenty of playtime out of it.


Into The Spider-Verse Mile Morales Super Web Slinger Toy

If your kid can’t get enough of Into the Spider-Verse, get them this Miles Morales-approve spidey blaster. The slinger shoots shoots water or web fluid (included).

$49.99 AT AMAZON

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Toys

Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse 6-inch Miles Morales Figure

If your kid can’t get enough of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, they’ll obvs need their own special Miles Morales action figure. This 6” action figure comes with a web accessory to inspire extra creativity.

$49.12 AT AMAZON

Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse Mission Gear

Channel your inner Miles Morales with this Spider Man mask and gauntlets. The set includes web darts, so your kiddo can point and shoot web darts to defeat all the villains in your household.

$12.87 AT AMAZON

Ultimate Sticker Book: Marvel Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

This Into the Spider-Verse sticker book has over 100 stickers of heroes, villains, allies, and everyone Miles Morales comes across in the movie.


Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Shockstrike Mile Morales Super Hero Electronic Action Figure Toy

This 10.5-Inch Miles Morales Spider-Man action figure includes his gauntlet which he uses to blast the bad guys. Plus, his eyes light up, he can say up to 20 phrases and emits sound effects. 5 web missiles are included in the set.

$34.19 AT AMAZON

Other Spider-Man Toys:

Spider-Man Far From Home Spider Jet

A cute two-for-one, this toy set includes a Spider-Man action figure and a spider-jet vehicle toy. Kids can play with either one or both, and there are some fun features: Spider-Man attaches to the jet with a string (his “web”), so he can drop through an escape hatch, swing from his web below the spider-jet,  and go into the cockpit to fly the jet. The jet can also launch little projectiles as well. It’s sure to provide lots of creative entertainment, and is small enough to be toted around outside the house.

$34.99 AT AMAZON

Marvel’s Spider-Man Premium Toddler Quad

This adorable quad will get your little one moving (safely!) all around your neighborhood. It’s suitable for toddlers as young as 18 months old (with a maximum weight of 44 pounds), and is perfect for when they don’t want to be stuck in a stroller during a walk. There are so many cute things about this, like the light-up spider emblem and the springy web bumpers. And don’t worry about them speeding away: it only goes 2 MPH on rubber traction tires that offer a smooth ride.

$91.56 AT AMAZON

Ty Spiderman Plush

The tiniest Spider-Man fans will love this Ty plush, part of their Beanie Babies collection. This is Spider-Man like you’ve never seen him: adorable, cuddly, and perfect for snuggling. He’s small enough for even babies to hold onto, and the sparkly eyes are a nice, fun touch.

$18.90 AT AMAZON

Superhero Capes for Kids

Spider-Man might not wear a cape in the comic books or movies, but that doesn’t really matter. Kids love slipping on a cape like this, then running around the house pretending to be a superhero. This set comes with a red cape, a mask, and a slap bracelet, all of which are made of high-quality materials that won’t fall apart right away. Just a warning: they may never want to take this off.

$12.99 AT AMAZON

Hasbro Gaming Marvel Spider-Man Web Warriors Chutes & Ladders

This Spider-Man-themed Chutes & Ladders game is a fun twist on a classic that older Spidey fans will love. It’s the same Chutes & Ladders game you probably played as a kid, but it’s Spider-Man- themed to make it a little bit more different and exciting.

$16.99 AT AMAZON

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man

When in doubt, opt for LEGOs (Is that a saying? It should be). This LEGO Spider-Man set is versatile and fun for a wide range of ages. It comes with a large spider-robot, as well as a minifigure of Spider-Man that can either be placed inside the robot, or played with on its own. The robot is basically just an oversized version of Spider-Man that looks more intimidating. This can grow with kids, too: once they’re too old to play with it, it makes a nice collectible.

$16.99 AT AMAZON

Marvel Hot Wheels Spider-Man Web-Car Launcher

Based on Spider-Man: Homecoming, this Marvel Hot Wheels car is perfect for Spider-Man and car fanatics alike. It features a tiny push-out car that launches out of the larger car with a push on the spoiler. Kids can also push down on the spoiler to make the eye size change for focus and aim. This is another one that can be saved as a collectible down the road.

$47.99 AT AMAZON

Garmin vivofit jr. 2 Activity Tracker

This kid-friendly smart watch isn’t just an activity tracker, but also a fun, interactive experience for the little ones. Kids can connect their watch to a parent-controlled app, where they’ll be encouraged to complete 60 minutes of daily activity. It’s a great way to get your kids active without making them feel like it’s a chore. Plus, the fun Spider-Man themed band will be something they’ll beg you to wear.

$69.99 AT TARGET

Playskool Friends Mr. Potato Head Marvel Spider-Spud Suitcase

For something more unique, combine two great kid movies in one, and opt for this Mr. Potato Head version of Spider-Man. It comes with 22 pieces to play around with, but instead of the usual hat and mustache, this one includes classic Spider-Man pieces, like the mask, a Marval hat, and a web blaster.

$63.94 AT AMAZON

Huffy Kids Preschool Scooter

This adorable Spider-Man scooter is going to be your child’s favorite toy in warm weather (or, hey, probably even in chilly weather). It features a cute Spider-Man graphic, and it will grow with your little one: you can change the wheel configuration to be two wheels or three, depending on where they are developmentally. This is a great way for your kid to use up all of their extra energy—or at least most of it.

$48.99 AT AMAZON

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