Sports Anchor Takes His Sweet Time Responding To Wife In Labor's Text

by Maria Guido

Sports anchor responding to wife in labor’s text in the slowest way possible will make you shake your head and LOL

Scott Rude was reporting on a livestream for 120 Sports when he got a text from his wife. “Getting epidural,” he reads. “I need you here now.” He looks confused, and wonders out loud, “I don’t know. Should I just walk off set?”

Um, yes. Yes, you should. He doesn’t though. He stays in his seat. Even the guys next to him are looking at him with a look that says, “What the hell are you doing, dude?”

What ensues after his initial confusion is almost hard to watch. You know that feeling you get when someone is taking forever with their Scrabble turn? That feeling of JUST GO. Yeah, that’s the one. His co-anchors even have to say “Just go!”

Too funny. Let’s not forget that labor is a terrifying shit show for men, too. They do their best — they really do. When I called my husband to let him know my doc’s appointment turned into an emergency trip to the hospital and he needed to get there immediately, he went to a hospital in Manhattan, even though he knew our doc’s office was in deep Brooklyn and had been there several times. I didn’t even think to specify Brooklyn when I told him, because why the hell would we travel to Manhattan? But, labor. It’s stressful. It has the potential to thrust you into a “fight or flight” state.

But, all’s well that ends well:

H/T someecards