11 Best 4th Anniversary Gifts For Both Spouses In 2021

4th Anniversary Gifts To Celebrate The Fact That You Even Remembered It Was Your Anniversary

February 24, 2021 Updated March 9, 2021

4th anniversary gifts

Fourth anniversary gifts – let me guess, you’re out of ideas. Marriage is hard enough, so no need to make things more complicated with “What the hell do I get for him/her?!” We’re proud of you for even remembering your fourth anniversary. So don’t worry about coming up with a romantic gift; we got you. What even is the traditional 4th year wedding anniversary gift? Year one is paper, year two is cotton, and year three is leather. Year four is a fun (and admittedly easy) one: flowers and fruits. While the American tradition veers fruity and floral, you could also veer the British way of linen or silk. And if you’re feeling more modern, less traditional, the newer riff on a 4th anniversary gift theme is electrical appliances. 

It goes without saying – though we’ll say it anyway – that above all, your 4th anniversary gift (and any gift!) should be meaningful and useful to you and your partner. If it sticks within the theme, if that’s your thing, even better. 

Lucky for you we’ve scoured sites for the best 4th wedding anniversary gifts so you don’t have to do the looking. Scroll on for a few of our favorite 4-year anniversary gifts for her, him and both of you.

The Best 4th Anniversary Gifts:

Floral Print Long Robe

A silky floral robe combines two 4th anniversary gift traditions: silk and flowers. Even better, it combines comfortable with sexy, which hopefully are also two descriptive words of your marriage. Gift wrap this one from Nordstrom for an easy, impressive gift.


Meant To Be Bouquet

With a theme like florals and fruits, you cannot go wrong with the easy route: a bouquet of flowers. Teleflora makes it easy: simply search their site by your zip code and find bouquets of all styles available from local florals. Maybe mimic your partner’s wedding day bouquet, or select a bouquet featuring their favorite colors and flowers. 


andSons Chocolatiers Strawberry White Chocolate Malt Balls

No anniversary gift is complete without a little chocolate, but instead of chocolate-covered strawberries – love ‘em, but they’re predictable – how about these Strawberry White Chocolate Malt Balls from Food52? They’re made with all-natural ingredients (no preservatives!), and have a crunchy center topped with strawberry white chocolate with a crunchy center that’s been finished off with strawberry white chocolate. Yes please.

$28 AT FOOD52

Speciality Ties for Men

If your fella has to wear a tie, may as well make it a fun one. This tie comes in 29 patterns, but for a fourth wedding anniversary, we’re of course partial to the fruity designs: oranges, apples, bananas and pineapples. Reviewers love that they’re both high-quality and a bit cheeky.

$24.95 AT AMAZON

Vitamix 5200 Blender

Going the appliance route for a 4th anniversary gift? Good call. A Vitamix is an investment, but a worthy one, and one the whole family will benefit from. Think of all the morning smoothies you could make for your beloved and, um, yourself.

$449.95 AT AMAZON

Nantucket Picnic Basket

Picnic, anyone? Whether for fruit or flowers, this sweet woven picnic basket can facilitate all sorts of 4th wedding anniversary gifts. As one reviewer said, “It is not only gorgeous but extremely well made and sturdy.” If you’re not picnic people, it’s perfect for storing remotes, taking to the farmer’s market or as a sewing kit.

$99.98 AT AMAZON

Stone Hollow Farmstand Fruit Spread

Shopping for a chef? These fresh-as-can-be jellies make for a delightful 4th anniversary gift. They’re made with fruit from local farms in Harpersville, Alabama with no pesticides and passed-down generational cooking methods. Suddenly your morning toast doesn’t look so drab, huh?

$42 AT FOOD52

diptyque Roses Candle

Luxury French perfumer diptyque is the end all be all for candles, and for good reason: the quality is unmatched. Their classic roses scent is a forever fan favorite that also matches the 4th anniversary gift theme perfectly. How convenient! Light it whenever you want your whole house to smell like a freshly picked bouquet of roses. So, like, always.


Personalized Glass Flower Vase

The best gifts are personalized ones, like this glass flower vase which you can have engraved with your names and anniversary. Reviewers comment on the top notch customer service and fast shipping. (In case you’re a last minute-r…) Hint: fill the vase with some fresh flowers to really dive into the 4th anniversary gift theme!

$34.99 AT AMAZON

Natural Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are on most women’s want list. Why? Let us count the reasons: silk pillowcases are naturally hypoallergenic, they help prevent against serious bedhead by maintaining the natural oils in your hair and keeping your hair smooth as you toss and turn, and they also help retain moisture in your skin to keep lines and wrinkles at bay. These pillowcases have over 7,000 Amazon reviews, with folks raving about their heavenly feel. Consider us sold.

$19.97 AT AMAZON

Nespresso Vertuo Evoluo Coffee and Espresso Machine

Let’s be honest, if you’re going with the appliance theme for a 4th anniversary gift, you’re buying something you want, too. Like maybe a Nespresso machine! This perfect-every-time single serve coffee machine is beloved for making all kinds of coffees (espresso, double espresso, gran lungo, coffee and alto) at a touch of a button. Be sure to stock up on capsules so you can test it out and cheers to four years as soon as your partner opens it.

$239.50 AT AMAZON

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