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These Above Ground Pool Vacuums Will Do The Dirty Work For You — These Are The Best Ones

May 14, 2021 Updated June 9, 2021

Above Ground Back Yard Pool
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They sell above ground pool vacuums? Yep. And you think I need one? Also yes. Turns out, all those crazy pandemic purchases from last summer have not been forgotten, and are now coming back to haunt us. My kids have already started asking when we can bust out my personal nemesis: the above ground pool (because several kiddie pools were not enough, obvs). Seeing as how the giant patch of dead grass was just starting to spring back to life, and we are all still traumatized from the drowning mouse incident, I’m not super thrilled about setting it up again. But in the spirit of being the “fun mom,” I will most likely give in. Just like last year, we’ll need to add in the usual pool toys, chlorine tabs, cover, goggles, and oversized floats.

But, for the sake of my sanity, there is one item we are upgrading in preparation for another ’80s summer, and that is a pool vacuum. I’m not even sure how many hours I lost last year, bent over the side, angling to get every piece of dirt with a skimmer net while simultaneously trying not to let gallons of water spill out. No more, friends, no more.

We’re going to share the very best pool vacuum robots that will help improve this bananas life you never, ever expected to have.

Best Above Ground Pool Vacuums

Intex Deluxe Maintenance Kit for Above Ground Pools

With over 10,000 Amazon reviews, this Intex kit offers the whole enchilada for above ground pool cleaning.  Included are a skimmer net, scrubbing wall brush, and vacuum body with 2 head options. It’s easy to assemble, and offers an extra-long cleaning pole, making it ideal for pools both large and small.

$48.47 AT AMAZON

POOL BLASTER Water Tech Pulse Handheld Rechargeable Pool Vacuum

With an innovative design that lets you perform a quick, handheld clean, this vacuum also sports an extra large debris chamber for capturing all the pool gunk.

Reviewer Charlie Roth says, “This little vacuum really works. The key is slowing down and letting it work. The bottom of our pool always had small amounts of sand and dirt on it that we could feel when we walked around. I could see small disturbances on the bottom in a couple of areas when I would brush the sides. This vacuum took care of that. There is no water hose to attach, which is a huge deal. Literally, attach it to your pool handle, push the power button and you’re ready to go.”

$137.99 AT AMAZON

Poolmaster Big Sucker Pool Vacuum

Designed to grab the endless influx of leaves and larger debris, the Big Sucker attaches to a garden hose to create powerful suction. It offers multi-directional wheels for smooth maneuverability, and includes a reusable mesh leaf bag.

Vonda W. says, “Setup was super easy and instructions really aren’t [needed]. Immediately upon putting in the pool it instantly started sucking up all the leaves at the bottom of my pool!!”

$35.56 AT AMAZON

Hayward Wanda the Whale Above-Ground Pool Vacuum

Vacuums aren’t usually  known for being cute, but Wanda the Whale is a darn fun way to clean up gunk. She connects directly to a pool skimmer, and gently moves across the bottom, sucking up debris along the way. This cleaner works well on all surfaces — vinyl, glass, concrete and tile. And if whales aren’t your thing, Hayward also offers an Aquabug option.

$199.00 AT AMAZON

VINGLI Crawler Pool Vacuum

This quiet vacuum crawls around the bottom and sides of your pool, sweeping up algae, dirt, and dust.

Reviewer David says, “I have given it 5 stars because it does what it says and for the money, it’s a great value…. If you want a cleaner that works and doesn’t break the bank, then this is it.”

$102.95 AT AMAZON

POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum

If your above ground pool is of the, shall we say, more “economy” level, than your pool vacuum probably should be, too. This portable cleaner is the perfect mini size for smaller areas, but still produces a powerful suction to clear out leaves, dirt, and stains. It easily attaches to a garden hose, making quick clean-ups a cinch.

$16.05 AT AMAZON

Pentair Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Shark attack! This cleaner features 2-way cleaning, allowing it to both scrub away and suck up debris.
Amazon reviewers say this vacuum is ideal for above ground pools with uneven or bumpy bottoms, making it a perfect choice for your summer pop-up.

$134.94 AT AMAZON

POOL BLASTER Water Tech Rechargeable Pool Vacuum

This handy pool cleaner is cordless, rechargeable, and offers a push-button operation. So basically it’s like a real vacuum, except waterproof.

Reviewer LonestarEM says, “This Catfish blaster does everything it advertises. The suction is great and it picks up medium and small leaves and debris. It’s great on the gunk that settles on the bottom of the pool. I used it to clean before closing up my pool for the season and the pool looked like a new one, it was so clean.”

$122.99 AT AMAZON

Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner

When you take your pool cleaning seriously, consider investing in a Jetson’s-style robot vacuum. The Dolphin Escape will navigate all over the pool, scrubbing stains and sucking up dirt.

Reviewer Bluegirl says, “When I received this I threw it in the pool and I was amazed on how well it sucked up the leaves and junk. It doesn’t use the pump or filter on the pool. It’s easy to put it into the pool and get it out and I can lift it when I take it out.”

$697.00 AT AMAZON

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