9 Absolute Best Pool Floats Of 2021, According To Moms

9 Pool Floats Guaranteed To Keep You & The Kids In The Water— You’ve Got The Pool, Time To Enjoy It!

June 18, 2019 Updated December 11, 2020

Intex peacock pool float

As the temperature rises, we’re spending more time outside in the backyard. Whether it’s on the swing set or in the swimming pool, our kids are going to want the coolest backyard gear this year, and that includes super fun pool floats. Pool floats, (just like kiddie pools, water tables, and everything else for the yard) are selling like hot cakes this summer. Us mamas are in a mad dash to pimp out our pools with the end goal of keeping everyone entertained. Aka no asking for snacks 24/7 or hearing the ever mind numbing “I’m booooored!”

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Pool toys for kids are just that, toys! We love a good pool float for laying around and relaxing on a hot day, but our kids, not so much. For kids it’s all about making up games and “shows” – igniting their creativity with whatever cute prop they can find, which gives us plenty of time to read poolside (while keeping a watchful eye of course). Since not all pool floats are created equal, when purchasing for kids we recommend inflatable pool toys (save yourself the trouble and get the pump too!).

We also love the idea of multi-person floats for kids so there’s no fighting and plenty of space for everyone. Way to be the most fun mama in the neighborhood with a giant floating unicorn in your pool! We’ve rounded up 9 of the coolest options in floaties to accessorize the pool and keep the whining to a minimum (yup there’s something for everyone)!

Best Baby & Toddler Pool Floats

SwimWays Baby Octopus Pool Float Activity Center with Canopy

Getting a baby to feel comfortable in the water is an absolute must! Baby pool floats are designed to do just that while creating less work for us nervous mamas holding wet BB in the water. SwimWays Baby Octopus Float holds babies 9 – 24 months securely in place in a mesh seat that allows water to flow freely around their legs and diaper area

We love the clip on toys and rotating octopus for BB’s entertainment, but our favorite feature is the sun canopy. Baby floats that include a sun canopy extend the amount of time BB can be in the pool while providing sun protection for their delicate faces. The removable canopy can be snapped off if needed for travel or easy storage.

One ingenious reviewer notes, “Amazing!!! Using it for my 4 month old. He’s always been super strong and has been sitting on his own for a minute or two at a time. Before we used it in the pool we sat him on top of the seat area and he loved it! He could balance perfectly with the support and play with the toys. In the pool he was more leaned back but could also lean forward to play with the toys. The puffer fish squeaks & they all float. The shader was amazing & snapped into place. He also took a nap on it outside the pool. Perfect!!”


Ayeboovi Baby Pool Float with Canopy

The American Association of Pediatrics says children can safely take swim lessons as early as age one, which can lead to increased awareness of water safety as they get older. Getting our LOs exposed to the water in a safe and fun way is the first step in this direction.

If your little one is still asking for Baby Shark on repeat then they will love this shark floatie as much as we doo doo doo. Sized right for babies 9 – 36 months, even curious toddlers who think they can swim, will still be able to use this eye catching pool toy. The detachable canopy transforms this from shark to float for an indoor pool experience. While the giant shark teeth may look scary, they’re actually built in toys! Inside these great whites are little bells that play sweet sounds to calm our LOs. Pro-tip, get the pump for this one, dad will thank you!


Best Pool Floats for Bigger Kids & Adults

Inflatable Floating Pool Tiki Bar

This pool float thing is so not kids only, after all, we’re the ones paying for it all, right?  A Tiki Bar in the pool, seriously, it’s perfect. This 7.5 ft wide inflatable gives you shade, a place to rest and is a real Tiki Bar! It has 3 ice storage bins and 6 drink holders, so it works for you plus 5. We’re not saying you can’t store fresh juice and sparkling water here, but we’re also not saying there can’t be wine spritzers or frozen margaritas either. Can you invite us, please?


Aitey Giant Inflatable Avocado Pool Floatie with Ball

Kids love pool games (Marco Polo anyone?) and Aitey’s Giant Inflatable Avocado Pool Floatie is ripe for one. The removable pit is actually an inflatable beach ball that can be tossed around or into the center of the avocado for an afternoon of fun. When the fun and games are done, this turns into a comfortable pool float for both us and them (yes all of them will fit!). Measuring over 5 feet in length and 4 feet across, this giant avocado will hold the whole crew comfortably.

One reviewer wrote, “This float is fun for the whole family. The middle pit actually detached and became a ball to play with in or out of the pool. Multiple people can float together. My son especially likes to take the pit out and use it as a tube or even jump through the hole. I highly recommend this float for great family fun.”


Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Mermaid Tail Pool Float

Jasonwell is known for designing creative toys and products for water leisure activities that are both well made and beautiful. Jasonwell’s Mermaid Tail Pool Float is no exception, this one is Instagram worthy from any angle. Our kids will love the bright color and creative design of the tail, while we try to capture the perfect IG photo of them in their summer glory. Available in green or pink, our kids can pretend to be their favorite Little Mermaid or their own version of one entirely. Equipped with fast inflation valves, the “is it done yet?!” won’t even have a chance to cross their lips before the tail is in the water. 

One mama wrote, “I love this float! My girls are crazy about mermaids. This float has beautiful colors. Seems to be a strong inflatable to put up with all the climbing and jumping on it my kids do to it. It is bigger than I expected but that was a pleasant surprise.”


Best Pool Floats for Multiple Kids

Intex Peacock Inflatable Island Pool Float

Talk about a show stopper! This Peacock Pool Float by Intex is actually so large it’s considered a party island on Amazon. Measuring 64′ in length and 76’ across, this whimsical creature surpasses anything our young kids can dream up for their idea of a magical, mystical float. Perfect for an afternoon with friends in the pool or out on the lake, this float includes two handles and 2 air chambers for easy fill. Designed to fit up to a few kiddos at once, you’ll get less fighting over who gets to ride it. One reviewer said it’s a perfect size for her and her husband.

Another fan said, “I luv luv luv my peacock island so comfortable and if u don’t want to get wet u won’t, it’s b u t ful to watch in the water too! Really good quality. Just one more thing – Why did I wait all summer to get this??”


Intex Inflatable Watermelon Island Pool Float

Watermelon and summer go hand in hand. We have so many memories of biting into a juicy watermelon outside by the pool and letting it dribble down our chins, then jumping in the water to clean up. This giant watermelon float is a nod to our younger years while giving our kids a fresh take on summer fun. Ideal for multiple kids (or adults) to lay on at a time, this watermelon is 6 feet in diameter, which will give everyone plenty of space. (Aka “I’m not touching you!” will not be a thing this year.)

One reviewer noted that this isn’t just for the kids, take note mamas. “We bought this for vacation and the kids had so much fun on it but so did Mom soaking up the sun! You can bring it to the beach, pool or even fun at the lake! ! ! I would definitely recommend to anyone who likes to have fun in the water!”


Swimline Giant Pretzel Swim Fun Inflatable Pool Float

Who doesn’t love a giant pretzel? At the mall, the movies, or New York City, giant pretzels are synonymous with having a good time. We love this fun and creative Giant Pretzel design from Swimline for kids because with 3 holes it will hold multiples or make a really great game! We can see them diving through the holes now. While this pretzel is big, it is sized perfectly for kids who can sometimes have a harder time with the bigger holes in adult style floats. 

Swimline, (who is known for the original giant swan float), has been in business for almost 50 years making fun and durable swim gear, everything from pool liners to pool toys for kids. One mama we know had these pro-tips to offer, “make sure to spread it all the way out first before filling it up. It will loosen the pretzel.” She also suggested skipping the fancy pump on this one as she was able to use a bike pump to fill it! Way to go mama!


Swimline Labyrinth Island Inflatable Pool Float

Also from Swimline, this Labyrinth Island Inflatable Pool Toy has us thinking of an afternoon playing Connect Four. Made out of heavy duty PVC, this super cool float is designed to hold up to 8 kids. More than just a lounger, this float invites creativity and games to be played. Kids of all ages will be going for dive rings, jumping, and flipping through the holes when they’re not laying out gossiping with their friends. 

One reviewer wrote, “I bought this for our annual camping trip to Bucks Lake, California. Our group includes 6 teenage boys, 2 teenage girls, and 5 kids under 12. All of the kids had a blast on this thing. They lounged on it and did backflips off of it. We inflated it Wednesday when we arrived and it sat on the shore (when not in use) for five days and four nights. It stayed inflated the entire time. After one camping trip with many kids, I am impressed by the durability.”


Finished accessorizing the pool? Check out all of our other mom approved kids gear for more summertime backyard fun.

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