The Best Air Fryer Cookbooks For All Levels And Cravings

by Alesandra Dubin
air fryer cookbooks

Looking for good air fryer cookbook? Sure, you can absolutely use your air fryer exclusively to give frozen French fries and chicken nuggets that intoxicating fast food restaurant-quality crunch. (Zero judgment, honestly.) But get your hands on some of the best air fryer cookbooks and you can seriously level up how you use that kitchen gadget du jour to make a much greater range of tasty, lighter fare. Plus, it makes for a good gift for a boyfriend (or girlfriend) or friend/family member who’s gotten really into air frying. People who just purchased an air fryer *cannot* get enough of air fryer recipes.

Whether you’re an air-frying pro or a newbie to the game, you can use these recipes to elevate and diversify your cleaner recipes. These books contain hundreds of options for tasty dishes to serve at any time of day, from snacks to mains to desserts.

Plus, we’ve got on our list niche options for vegetarians, Keto diet devotees, and other specialized eaters. So snag a book or two, preheat your fryer — and make that impressive little oven earn every inch of the precious countertop real estate it nabbed when it edged out your Instant Pot.

Best Air Fryer Cookbooks

Air Fryer Cookbooks for Beginners

Keto Air Fryer Cookbooks