Amazon & Target Are Selling 3 Books For The Price Of 2 This Week

Book on sale at Amazon

We have good news for anyone who likes books and also sales

Both Amazon and Target are having 3-for-2 book sales right now, and the selection is great.

We love just about everything about books—well, except for paying for them. While the library is an amazing resource, there’s just something special about owning and collecting books, holding a new release in your hands, and marking up the margins at your own discretion. But the cost isn’t insignificant, especially for the newest hardcover releases. Catching a good sale can mean bring home three books instead of one, and catching a sale right at the beginning of summer can mean filling up your carry-on or beach tote for plenty of breezy vacation reading.

Below we will suss out the details of each sale and cover a few of the best picks at the Amazon sale, which includes a selection of about 600 titles.

We want to add as always: supporting your local indie book store and your library is vital to the book community—and we assume that you’re doing that in addition to catching great sales like these.

Book on sale at Amazon now

Amazon’s 3-for-3 sale items are listed here—and the discount will be taken when you check out. It’s a limited-time offer, though we’re not sure how long it will hang around.

Here are some of the stand-out titles that we love.

Kids books on sale 3-for-2 at Amazon

In addition to the great selection of adult fiction and non-fiction titles, there are a ton of great games, video games, DVDs, and books for kids that also count toward the sale. A few that we saw that you can save a ton on include box sets from Junie B. Jones, Percy Jackson, and Dog Man, plus a lot of other single titles.

Kinetic sand is also among the items listed but—we totally understand if you don’t open that Pandora’s Box of vacuuming kinetic sand for the rest of your life. Maybe send it to a “friend”?

There’s also a 3-for-2 book sale at Target right now

You can also head over to Target for their own version of the 3-for-2 book sale, which is a mix-and-match event that also includes games, video games, puzzles, activity kits, and crafts. There are over 2,000 items to choose from during the weeklong sale, so start browsing.

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