These Are The Best Amazon Prime Day Fashion Deals Of 2019 You Can Still Shop

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Ever wonder how to afford a wardrobe like an influencer? Same. It seems like regular gals who never had an extra dollar are now dressing themselves (and their kids) up on a daily basis. Well, things are changing. With fast fashion in higher demand, Amazon noticed more and more fashion purchases to the point where the company completely revamped and expanded their entire fashion department.

Yep, Amazon is doing fashion. And they’re doing a f*cking amazing job at it. It seems like everyone is eating it up and shopping out the new offerings. Plus, they just dropped some brand new collections and are running major Prime Day sales with fashion partners (Hi, Calvin Klein and Lucky Brand!) through the night. Keep an eye on inventory, as it fluctuates, and know that you’ll only be able to see the discounts by choosing a size first.

Here’s what Amazon fashion looks like now. And yeah, you can finally afford it.

🔥Save $50.00 on this findersKEEPERS jumpsuit tonight.

🔥Save up to 30% on Calvin Klein fashion tonight. There are some insanely popular Micro Hip Briefs and a gorgeous bra option for women.

🔥Save over $100.00 on True Religion skinny jeans tonight.

🔥You can get this ruffle tank by LOOK by Crew Cuts for 50% off.


🔥These Tommy Hilfiger ballet flats in millennial pink are to die for. They’re 30% off tonight.

🔥Literally spend only $10.49 on these Van Heusen dress shirts.

🔥Bali Shapewear Bodybriefer is 70% OFF. (70%!!)

bali shapewear amazon prime day deal

🔥Save like $200.00 on this Theory dress tonight.

🔥These leggings are so damn cute and only cost $10.00 for a few more hours.

🔥These Jessica Simpson ripped skinny jeans are adorable AF and 54% off.

🔥Save over $30.00 on these Lucky Brand kicks.

🔥You can get deals on cute baby clothes like this set from Carters.

🔥Save over $100.00 on this Rebecca Taylor dress tonight.

🔥Save 62% on these super flattering high-waisted jeans by Jag.

🔥You can even get your designer winter coat early. This Armani Exchange one is over 50% off tonight.

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