The Popular Angry Mama Microwave Cleaning Product Deserves All The Hype, TBH

by Gina Vaynshteyn
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angry mama

Admit it. Your microwave is a mess. You’ve been heating up leftover pizzas, spaghetti, and Indian takeout, and after months of neglect, your microwave is gross. It’s greasy, crusty, and covered in some kind of oily sauce residue you don’t even want to think too hard about. And sure, you wipe it down with cleaning spray to make yourself feel a little better about the state of affairs in the appliance. But no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get rid of the oil and grease that sticks to the sides.

Which is where Topist’s Angry Mama (I’m not sure how I feel about the name, but we can save that conversation for another time) comes in. I own one of them myself, and I will 100 percent vouch for this little gadget. Here’s how it works: You add water and vinegar to the vessel, and you put it in the microwave and time it for seven minutes. In that time, steam flows through Angry Mama’s head, which makes the gunk on the surfaces unstick, basically. So when you wipe it down, you’re not left with residue like you normally would.

One reviewer rightly points out that Angry Mama doesn’t *magically* make all the crud of yesteryear disappear. It just softens it, so you wipe a few times and leave it sparkling clean. “Something I didn’t believe until I tried it. So easy to follow directions, written on angry mama. Was disappointed when I opened microwave to see the filth still on it. Was wishing it would magically taken care of itself. But all it took was a quick swipe with a paper towel and GONE. Loosened everything which is half the process, was sooooo white once cleaned!! Would buy as gifts,” they wrote.

This person is just rightfully all about Angry Mama: “if you do not clean your microwave often and it gets gunk built up in it, you are probably who this product is made for. i wipe my microwave down (when we had one… got rid of it trying to live more naturally) 3 or 4 times a week. however, if you don’t, this little lady is for you! the body has fill line for where you fill up to with vinegar and then water. set her in your nuke and turn it on for 7 minutes. she gets “all steamed up” and the microwave can then easily be wiped out, as long as you do it right away. if you let it wait, i imagine it could dry out inside and the food gunk in your microwave would be crust all over again. no fear, just do another treatment with Angry Mama! your worries will be over! fun and brilliant creation!”

Best of all? It’s under $11. Go give your microwave the glow-up it deserves.

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