Salon's OUT— Cover Those Greys and Color Your Hair At Home

by Jane Chertoff
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At Home Hair Color Clairol

Your confidence never feels quite as sky-high as when you’re walking out of the hair salon with fresh highlights or new color, right? (It practically makes you want to float home on a cloud!)

Unfortunately, this beauty booster isn’t quite as easy on the wallet as it is on the eyes—it can sadly set you back hundreds of dollars. Plus, between mealtimes, work, and trying to keep your house from turning into a disaster zone— making it to the salon for a multi-hour coloring experience isn’t always you know, feasible. And sometimes, you just need to cover up those greys which ALWAYS pop up between appointments. It seems we’re seeing ads in our IG feeds and hearing commercials in the car for all these new direct to consumer hair color brands as much as mattresses these days, and it’s because they know that time is money, and we won’t have—or want to spend— either.

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Enter at-home hair color kits. These can be a lifesaver between salon sessions or when you’re ready to try out a fresh look. With hundreds of options out there for color, though, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with which options which will actually deliver on salon-quality color. Don’t worry your roots off, though (yes, we said that). This guide will have those greys and more covered with the best at home hair color—even if the only place you’ll be escaping to is your bathroom for a few seconds of peace and quiet.

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