50% OFF Audible’s Massive Selection. You’ll Definitely Want To Hear This

by Dana Baardsen
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Our ears (and bank accounts) are seriously freaking happy today. Amazon is offering an deal on Audible, with over 50% OFF an Audible Gold membership for 3 months. With Audible membership you get instant access to audio books, news, guided fitness routines, meditations, and so much more. Audible makes carpools, housework, commuting, and probably like 100 other things sound a whole lot better.


What is Audible?

Audible is a program by Amazon that maintains the largest audio library, featuring a seemingly unlimited collection of audiobooks, spoken-word entertainment, news, wellness content, and more. Millions of users swear by using it on the daily and we’re about to jump on the trend. Basically, having an Audible account means you can turn your time into something that feels way more entertaining… even if your hands aren’t free. (Hi moms!)

What do you get with an Audible membership?

With an Audible Gold monthly membership, you can access one audiobook every month, two exclusive Audible original titles, unlimited access to guided fitness routines and meditations, and access to The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post. The best part? If you download a book and you aren’t really digging it, you can exchange it for free.


Is Audible affordable?

Well, right now it literally couldn’t be more affordable. You can access Audible for over 50% OFF (just $6.95/month for your first 3 months.) But because this is life and good things don’t always last forever, you’ll eventually have to part with a few dollars every month to keep that free audio content streaming. It will cost $14.95 monthly.


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