11 Best Baby Bassinet Strollers That Are Super Convenient 2021

The Best Bassinet Strollers That Make Life With A Newborn A Whole Lot Easier

January 19, 2021 Updated February 26, 2021

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Thinking of buying a bassinet stroller? One of the biggest purchases you’ll make for both you and your baby is a great stroller. Since strollers are used so often and can get pretty pricy, you really want to focus on finding the right one. And you might want to consider a baby bassinet stroller. These are becoming more popular, and the reason one is pretty much a no-brainer: they’re versatile, functional, and one of the best options for a newborn. Baby bassinet strollers come with two seat options: one is a bassinet that clips into the stroller (making it look like an old-fashioned pram), which is ideal for newborns since it allows them to lie down. The other seat is your typical toddler stroller seat. Most will allow you to also clip a carseat in as a third seat option. (And when you’re done shopping for a bassinet stroller, you can look into baby bouncers, because those are a life-saver.)

The other advantage of having a bassinet stroller is that you can use the bassinet as a safe sleep space for Baby when you’re out and about. Some of these strollers have stand accessories for the bassinet so you can actually use it overnight, while for others, you simply have to unclip it from the frame and set it on the floor.

The only problem with finding your perfect baby bassinet stroller? There are so many options out there, and many of them offer similar features and high price tags. Finding the right one of your family is about really focusing on what’s the most important to you. Do you want a bassinet travel system, which includes a carseat that clips in as well? Are you really intent on finding a stroller with extensive storage space, or are you more interested in one that is lightweight and easy to carry?

Below are the best bassinet strollers on the market right now, and while they might seem similar, they each have their own special features that make them stand out.

Bassinet Strollers

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with Deluxe Pram

This set includes the best-selling Baby Jogger City Select stroller, as well as a bassinet seat attachment. There are 16 different configurations with the seats, and it can be used as a double or even triple stroller, making it ideal for a growing family. The bassinet features a UV 50+ canopy, a pop-out sun visor, and a wind guard to protect your baby from the elements. It’s comfortable and quilted, with a machine washable mattress pad that has air vents to keep Baby cool. The all-terrain wheels on the stroller mean you can take it pretty much anywhere, there are multiple recline positions on the stroller seat, and there’s a large basket underneath for your diaper bag (and more).

$659.99 ON AMAZON

Babyzen Yoyo2 Frame and Bassinet Bundle

Because they have so much going on, many baby bassinet strollers are not super compact. The Babyzen Yoyo2, however, is an exception: if you’re looking for a stroller that makes travel easy, this is the one for you. Small and close to the ground, this one folds easily and can be thrown over your shoulder or tucked into a compartment. It’s also really lightweight, weighing only 7 pounds (with the frame, the weight is 18 pounds). The bassinet features a breathable double mattress and a canopy and wind guard to keep baby cozy no matter where you are. The seat features a canopy with a window to keep an eye on your little one, a safety harness, and a waterproof cushion.

$749.99 ON AMAZON

Roan Rocco Classic Pram Stroller 2-in-1

While not quite as streamlined as some of the other options, this Roan Rocco stroller has a modern look and plenty of great features. The comfortable bassinet features carry handles, a mattress, and a cover to protect Baby. The stroller seat has plenty of room with an adjustable footrest and backrest. The hood offers ventilation for hot weather. It’s fairly simple to fold, and can lay nearly flat with the stroller seat or without. While there isn’t a ton of storage space in the basket below, there’s enough to make it work.

$569.00 ON AMAZON

Silver Cross Wave Single Stroller

This Silver Cross stroller is incredibly versatile and ideal for families with two babies: it has seven modes out of the box, and 30 with optional added accessories. The Wave bassinet has a molded hard shell that clips into the stroller but is also suitable for overnight sleeping (you can purchase a bassinet stand for that), and it features a bumper bar that can be removed. The stroller seat is fully reversible with a padded liner. Both have a fully extending hood with pop-out visor for maximum protection, a mosquito net, and a rain cover. It even comes with a footmuff and a cup holder, two accessories that are often sold separately with other strollers.


Mima Xari Aluminum Chassis Stroller

Splurge alert: If aesthetics are one of your main stroller concerns, it’s hard to do better than the Mima Xari. The sleek contemporary design is unique and certainly stands out, while still being comfortable and safe for your LO. The collapsible carrycot bassinet sits inside the seat shell, and when you’re ready to use it, you simply pull it out and clip it into place. That patented design is incredibly convenient and means you don’t have to keep two different seats in your car—it’s just always there. While that’s really the standout feature here, the stroller seat is also comfortable, with an almost egg-like design, and has three reclining positions. Baskets on the bottom of the stroller are small, but they’re also lidded to keep objects safe, which is nice.


Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus Complete Stroller

The Bugaboo Cameleon3 is a slightly cheaper alternative to the Bugaboo Fox2 with some convenient features of its own. It was designed with easy travel in mind, so it’s a bit smaller with less storage space, and it folds easily. The standout feature is the rotating handlebar, which can be reversed with the push of a button—meaning you don’t need to pick up the seat and move it around in order to face Baby in or out. With the big wheels in front, it’s perfect for rougher terrain. Both the stroller seat and bassinet are comfortable and safe, and it’s carseat compatible as well.

$824.95 ON AMAZON

UPPAbaby 2020 Vista V2 + Mesa Travel System

A travel system like this Uppababy one that comes with a bassinet, stroller seat, and carseat has basically everything you need to be on-the-go with your little one. This set comes with the Uppababy Vista 2, the bassinet attachement, and the Mesa infant car seat. The Vista 2 is incredibly adaptable, with many different seat configurations and the option to make it a double or triple stroller. It offers a one-hand fold that stands on its own, adjustable handlebars, shock absorbing tires for a smooth ride, and a retractable canopy with optional vent. The bassinet is large and comfortable with an infant safe mattress, a zip-off liner that is easy to clean, and a sunshade. They also sell a bassinet stand separately to use it off the stroller or overnight. One of the best features of this stroller is the extra large basket underneath, which has a wide opening and holds a ton of stuff. It also comes with a rain shield and bug shield for both the bassinet and stroller seats.


Bassinet Travel System

Graco Modes Bassinet Travel System

It may not be the most sleek or stylish, but the Graco Modes travel system is an excellent and very affordable option. For under $400, you get a bassinet, stroller seat, and infant car seat, which is an incredible deal. This one doesn’t have a separate bassinet: instead, the reclining seat extends into a bassinet that is safe for newborns to lay down in. This is really convenient for storage purposes. It offers a one-hand, self-standing fold, and comes with both a removable child’s tray and a parent’s tray with cupholders. The large basket underneath offers plenty of storage space as well. The large canopy has a zipper extension for maximum coverage, and any Graco infant carseat can be clicked in.

$255.99 ON AMAZON

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

Coming in at the lowest price point on this list is the Evenflo Modular travel system, which offers a toddler stroller seat, bassinet, and an infant car seat. Similar to the Graco, the bassinet seat is actually the extendable stroller seat pulled out and clipped into the bassinet shape. Again, this is convenient for storage and on-the-go purposes, not as convenient if you wanted to use the bassinet as a sleep option off the stroller. It’s flexible, versatile, and lightweight, has large tires, and offers six different seat configurations. Extra features include a cupholder for the parents and a removable snack tray for your little one. This is the best deal here—you won’t find this price with most other top brands.

$279.99 ON AMAZON

Maxi-Cosi Zelia 5-In-1 Modular Travel System

The Maxi-Cosi Zelia comes with a removable bassinet, a stroller seat, and the brand’s lightest infant car seat, as well as the car seat base that stays in the car. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps baby dry and comfortable, and the stroller offers several different reclining positions and five different modes. At 21 pounds, it’s pretty lightweight, and it has a simple, self-standing fold. The sunshade canopy has extendable coverage and there’s a large basket underneath for storage.

$399.99 ON AMAZON

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