8 Best Baby Ear Cleaners - Baby Ear Wax Removal 2021

How To Clean Baby’s Ears The Safe Way — And The Tools You Need

December 30, 2020 Updated December 24, 2020

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Baby ear cleaners should be on that list of essentials as a new mom. The thought of baby ear wax removal is scary AF — one wrong move can do so much untended harm. Cleaning their ears is right up there with giving baby a bath, handling the first fever, and feeding solid food for the first time — traumatic for us and hopefully not for BB. Baby earwax buildup can look extreme (and too much can cause damage to the ear), so what does a panicked mama do? Turn to Google of course! A simple Google search of how to clean baby’s ear returns a smorgasbord of product recommendations (not all baby proof, btw) and another slew of medical advice of what not to do.

The most highly recommended method for getting BB’s ears clean is to use good old fashioned warm water and a soft wash cloth. Other more technologically advanced items exist too, including ones featuring an LED light or a camera adapter so we can actually see what we’re doing! For those looking for the something in between there are some baby safe ear wax removal tools as well. Using items like Q-tips in an attempt to clean the ear can cause damage to the ear canal, but there are some safer baby cotton swabs for the outer ear that like a Q-tip are multiple purpose baby cleaners.

With so many options, which one is right to keep baby clean and safe? We’ve assembled our top picks for best baby ear cleaners no matter your personal comfort level with the task. Now to just concur the other traumas of motherhood!

Best Baby Ear Cleaning Supplies

HIHOP Panda Bamboo Baby Washcloths

Using a clean, wet washcloth with warm water is the way most pediatricians recommend to clean baby’s ears. Super soft washcloths like these bamboo ones from HIPHOP Panda are perfect for the job. In order to safely clean BBs ears, make sure to ring out excess water and then gently rub around the outer ear to remove any ear wax build up there. We love that bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and helps reduce deforestation, making it great for both the baby and the environment!

One reviewer wrote, This didn’t become rough after washed several times which was the main reason I decided to buy. Bamboo washcloths are really nice and soft; not too thick, nor too big; perfect for baby bathing.”


Sky Organics Baby Cotton Swabs

While not for use in the inner part of the ear, a good amount of earwax can build up in the outer ear and baby cotton swabs like these by Sky Organics are perfect for baby ear wax removal. We love the extra soft organic cotton swab that makes ear cleaning a breeze, especially since the tips do not fall apart or fray while using them. The larger size makes them safe for BBs sensitive ears without the fear that they might accidentally go in their ear canal. They’re so great, we recommend them for babies, toddlers, big kids, and even adults!

One mama reviewer shared,My sister had told me about Q-tips for babies when I had a newborn. Finally I decided to buy them after a year and I wish I bought earlier. These are really easy, gentle and safe to clean baby’s ears. Definitely recommend.”


Earwax MD for Kids, Ear Wax Removal Kit and Ear Cleaning Tool

Excessive amounts of earwax can lead to ear infections, which run the risk of causing hearing damage. To combat ear wax build up inside baby’s ear, ear drops are an awesome solution. It’s recommended to contact your pediatrician before using drops for baby ear wax removal. Earwax MD for Kids is a fuss free ear drops solution that includes an ear wax removal tool. Pro-tip: Do not attempt to use ear drops unless baby is calm, or this will quickly become a WWE wrestling match. The idea is that BB lays on her side and the drops dissolve and soften the wax in as little as 5 minutes. Finally, use the included bulb to blast the softened wax away.

One reviewer shared,My little one suffers from chronic ear infections and really bad ear wax build up. This product cleans her ears like no other product we have tried. We will definitely be buying this product again.”

$21.49 AT AMAZON

Best Baby Ear Wax Removal Tools

oogiebear - The Safe Baby Nasal Booger And Ear Cleaner

The oogiebear is doctor designed, mom tested, baby approved for both booger and baby ear wax removal. Rather than having to invest in two tools (and for those of us who cannot help but gag at the thought of sucking snot from our baby’s nose), the oogiebear is a safe two in one alternative. Designed with a bear friendly design on the end, it prevents us overzealous mamas from digging a little too deep and hurting BB. The scoop and loop designs on the end of the handle works as a guide to work out the ick to make both Baby and Mama more comfortable during the process. 

One mama commented, “This thing is amazing, it works very well for us. Good length and it’s soft/firm. I was able to gently scoop my 4 month old ear wax and so picked out her sticky crusty boogers. I would definitely buy this for a baby shower gift and definitely recommend it to anyone.”

$12.95 AT AMAZON

FridaBaby 3-in-1 Nose, Nail + Ear Picker by Frida Baby

The saying, “A face only a mother could love,” is well known because we mamas know just how many nasty jobs we have to do to keep baby clean, and so does FridaBaby. Leave it to them to create the ultimate mama picking tool for all those jobs we love to hate. The FridaBaby 3-in-1 Nose, Nail, and Ear Picker does just that, cleans every imaginable crevice BB has and then some. Designed with four different tips: one for nose boogies, one for under nail nastiness, one for baby ear wax removal, and then a bonus miscellaneous tip perfect for belly button fuzz and toe jam.

One reviewer gushed,My daughter is 4 months old, & getting boogers out of her nose was not only difficult, it was a fight. It gets ear wax out quick and easy, and she doesn’t mind me doing it at all. The device prevents it from going too far into her ear, so it won’t harm her at all (unlike with Q-tips, especially when you’re little one is a wiggle worm, like mine!).”


Clear Ear Oto-Tip Starter Kit with Child and Adult Tips

While on the pricier side of baby ear wax removal tools, Clear Ear’s Oto-Tip Starter Kit is worth every penny. Designed with safety, comfort, and simplicity in mind, the automated spiralized tip gently withdraws ear wax without entering too far into the ear canal. The best part? It comes with reusable tips for both mamas and babies! We also love the added break-away safety feature, which prevents putting too much pressure on the ear canal. Genius!

One reviewer remarked, I was a little unsure how well it was going to work at first but it seriously works so great! My 1 year old and 3 year old don’t mind to use it and it literally takes less than 10 seconds! Great for adults too. It doesn’t hurt or feel weird in my opinion. Definitely recommend.”


Best Baby Ear Wax Removal Light Up Gadgets

KleanEars Kids Baby Safe Earwax Remover Tool

When earwax is really built up and stuck, a pediatrician will bring in a curette (aka, a little pick for plucking the ear wax out). KleanEars Earwax Removal Tool brings the doctor’s office right into our homes with their LED light up baby safe curette four piece set. Designed with cute, fun animal faces on the end (we love the pig!) to make baby feel comfortable, ear cleaning will now become a favorite pastime! 

One nervous mama shared,I was nervous to try in my daughters ear so I got my mom to do mine first. Oh my gosh it was amazing! I had so much in my ear I had no idea. I knew my daughter had a lot since I can see it with my phone light. I used the scoop tool and light and cleaned her year so easily.”

$11.38 AT AMAZON

BEBIRD Ear Camera Cleaner Tool, Wireless Earwax Remover

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android Smart Phones & Tablets, the BEBIRD Ear Camera, Ear Wax Removal Tool is the ultimate in high tech ear cleaning innovation. Gentle enough for kids, adults, and pets (yup, you read that correctly, this can service the whole family!) the high resolution camera can see deep into the ear canal. Significantly thinner than other otoscopes and temperature controlled, the BEBIRD provides baby and mama with a comfortable experience. We love that it’s available in four colors and includes 5 different sized spoons, each one perfect for different members of the family. One mama we know shared how her kids love looking at how gross their siblings’ ears are, and seeing wins for the worst! That brings a whole new meaning to family game night!

One reviewer wrote,By FAR EXCEEDED my expectations! This is a game changer for my son with special needs who has sensory issues and makes an unusual surplus of earwax!”

$34.99 AT AMAZON

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