Best Baby Newborn Bath Tubs & Baby Bath Seats According to Mom 2020

8 Of The Best Baby Bath Tubs – Safe And Functional For A Squeaky Clean Every Time

April 30, 2020 Updated March 10, 2021

Best Baby Bath Tub

Nothing snaps our brain sharper into the reality of motherhood faster than bathing our new baby (well, maybe diaper changing). We read all the articles, watched the “how to videos”, but when it comes time to do it – OMFG! The first bath at home is one of the scariest f*ing things we’ve ever done! We got through it, (you will too, we promise!), but not without the help of an awesome infant bath tub or baby bath seat.

When shopping for baby bath tubs, it’s important to look for ones that have a contoured design for babies under 6 months old and can’t sit up yet. This allows our little ones to relax during bath time in an upright position, and lets us make eye contact while we sing silly bath time songs (or make jokes about stinky armpits). As they pass 6 months, it’s time to transition to the next stage: a baby bath seat. At that age they can sit upright, they’ll be ready for a different kind of support in the tub— something with a post so baby can sit without sliding forward.

There are so many things to think about when preparing the bath: the water temperature, the temperature in the house, the supplies, where we’re going to actually do it (sink or tub?), nevermind the need to constantly pay attention to our LO as they’re in the water. It’s enough to cause an anxiety attack for even the most mellow mamas. Relax! We’ve curated some of the best baby tubs and baby bath seats to remove the panic of bath time and increase the bonding between mama and baby. You can even follow it with a baby massage for max bonding moments.

Best Overall Baby Bath Tubs

Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tub

The Munchkin Sit and Soak Tub offers a unique design that really is worth all the hype! Usable on the floor, in the sink, or the tub, a versatile comfy cozy baby bath time is the name of this game. The bum bump holds a newborn baby in a reclined position in the early months (i.e. use it from day one), and provides support later on to new sitters, which means two hands to wash baby with the whole time. (Game changer!) 

The design of the tub allows for water to cover those parts of baby that tend to get cold quickly, leaving only arms and head exposed, but uses only a small amount of water. (We’re beginning to see why they’re are so many 5 star reviews.) The foam padded backrest provides new babies comfort, while the drain plug at the bottom makes cleanup easier for the mamas.


Angelcare Baby Bath Support

Perfect for any budget, the Angelcare Baby Bath Support Tub offers amazing support for newborns. Designed with mold and mildew resistant mesh material and a top loop for storage to create quick drying, no fuss solutions to problems we didn’t even know were a thing. (Yes you do have to store this thing somewhere!) We like the idea of putting a hook on the back of the shower wall to hang this one up. It drains into the tub and doesn’t take up extra space. 

Available in multiple colors, and designed to fit in any bathtub or single basin sink (23×14 inches or larger) it can serve baby from day one all the way through the first year. Once baby can sit up, the crotch post will work to prevent slipping forward into the tub. 

One reviewer said, “I LOVE this baby bather! Our babe is now 7 months old and have been using this to bathe him since he was just a week or two old. At first, we used it over our kitchen sink, no problem. We like this bather so much, we shipped a second one up to our family’s beach house this summer. It was also great there, easily let’s sand, etc. wash away from the baby, and the basin of the bath tub, no problem. I definitely recommend this bather.”


Best Baby Bath Tubs for Newborns

Blooming Bath Lotus

We admit, we were thinking it to… Uhhh that’s a tub? Yes, yes it is. The Blooming Bath Lotus provides a unique cradle type bath seat in those first few months for a baby sink bath. Geared for a sink, the Lotus is a pretty cool design idea. Plug the sink and insert the Lotus, then fill the water to the desired level. The thickly padded petals fold in on themselves to safely hold baby. (Realistically, baby only needs a bath once a week at first if you’re starting to panic at having to do the dishes to bathe baby.) 

When bathtime fun is over, clean up is simple. Wring out the excess water and toss the Blooming Bath Lotus into the dryer for a few minutes (like we’re not doing laundry anyway!). One reviewer notes, “It was an absolute nightmare to give our 2 week old a bath in the baby tub. He would scream the whole entire time! After a couple of these traumatic experiences, we decided to invest in blooming bath. He was a different baby when we used this! He was calm and so relaxed that he eventually fell asleep in this! It was so easy to clean it later, you just throw it in the washer. It dries well in the dryer on gentle setting too. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a cozy happy bath time for their baby.

This also makes a great baby shower gift, just pick your favorite color!


Safety 1st Newborn To Toddler Bathtub

If you’re more into traditional when it comes to baby’s bath, Safety 1st’s Newborn to Toddler Bath Tub will be a great fit. While this is a multi-stage tub, its unique sink design is why we put it in the best for newborns category. This tub fits over a sink or double basin sink rather than in it. Meaning we’re not bending at awkward angles while trying to bathe baby, they’re already at waisted height (thinking of you c-section mamas!). 

Even though baby will be above the sink, the contoured tub design will keep our LO snuggly in place. There is even a nonslip grip on the back to help hold baby up. For an added bonus, the tub conveniently hangs to dry when we’re done. There is also a smart little cubby at the end to hold our soap and washcloths, so thoughtful and necessary.


Best Baby Bath Seat

Summer Baby Bathtub Seat

A baby bath seat is ideal when you’re in the transition period from a baby-sized bathtub to the adult tub. The Summer My Bath Seat provides you a helping hand during bathtime, especially when your little one is becoming increasingly mobile. The three Sure & Secure suction cup arms fit any standard rectangular tub that’s 21-24 inches wide. Hands free support allows you to easily bathe your baby without the struggle of constantly having to hold them up, so you can even engage in some bathtime fun. The seat is ideal for babies aging from 5-10 months. With nearly 2,000 amazon reviews, one customer discovered a surprising perk, “So if you’re like me and need to know if TWO CAN FIT IN A STANDARD TUB… they can!!!! Best buy for my twins AND if I remove ONE their older sister (2 year old) can bathe with one of them. Their feet semi touch each other but that has proven only hilarious which equals more tub time which equals more mommy relaxing time!” 

$30.53 AT AMAZON

Best Baby Bath Tubs for Toddlers

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Bath Tub

The Fisher Price 4-in-1 Convertible Tub is a classic in the baby tub circle. We know plenty of mamas who have used this for not one, not two, not three, but FOUR kids! THAT is why it’s on our list! Transitional from day one to the introduction of toddler bath toys, this tub adjusts its shape and function to fit the needs of our baby, rather than the other way around. The mesh sling is perfect for newborn babies, which comes out to insert the baby stopper. The baby stopper then becomes the Sit-Me-Up Support, and that eventually comes out to be a big kid toddler tub. The drain hole is the added bonus here. (Yay for not having to awkwardly tip this one!) 

One reviewer writes, “I’ve tried a few different baby baths and this one is by far my favorite. The sling seat is my favorite feature. I like that I can adjust water levels to have at least partial immersion in the water for baby’s comfort. The mesh material also dries quickly, keeping it fresh for multiple uses. I gave my last one away thinking I wasn’t having any more babies, but bought it again for my next baby. A little more pricey than others, but worth it!”


PRIMO EuroBath

Good up to age two with two seating positions, the PRIMO EuroBath is a simplistic bathtime win. The EuroBath is the biggest baby tub on the market (excellent for stretching those long legs in as baby grows!) at just under 2×3 feet! This tub is the happy medium between the regular tub and the smaller, cozier infant tubs that they out grow so quickly. 

In the infant position, babies are held in place under their arms and between the legs to prevent them from slipping. When our LO gets older, simply turn him around and viola a toddler tub! The safety post will still work perfectly for securing our bigger baby in place as well. The built in drain is a must for emptying a tub of this size, and the storage areas for soap and washcloths are much appreciated as well.


Best Multifunction Baby Bath Tubs

Baby Patent Aquascale 3-in-1 Baby Bath Tub

Moms multitask, why can’t babies? If you’re anything like us, we’re constantly wondering if the water temperature is right, especially when baby is too small to tell us. The Baby Patent Aquascale 3-in-1 Bath Tub lets us know the whole time how warm the water is on an LCD screen. Ideal bath temperature is between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, (we should always be checking with our wrist too, just in case). The creative design of the Aquascale holds baby in place, but also works for toddlers as well when we turn them around. 

Our favorite part of this multi purpose tub is the built in scale. Baby weight gain is a huge stress factor for breastfeeding mamas (okay any mom really) and this tub allows us to weigh baby with or without water in it. Seriously this is a one stop shop for all (okay most) of moms’ worries!


Best Baby Bath Tubs For Travel

Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

Inflatable tubs such as the Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub, are an amazing resource to have on hand for a family vacation or an impromptu night at Grandma’s house. We never know what we’re walking into at hotels and resorts, but this tub will work in whatever is thrown at you. Seriously, you could make it work in a standing floor shower. Easy to pack and store when not being used, but also quick and easy to inflate. This cute rubber ducky makes bathtime fun for older babies and toddlers who aren’t quite ready for the big tub yet. 

It may look like a silly pool toy, but this duck is equipped with some necessary safety features: a textured bottom to prevent baby from slipping and sliding and a WHITE HOT disk to let us know the temperature is safe. With over 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon, it’s a no brainer!


Momm'y Helper Inflatable Bath Tub

You never know what to expect when you’re travelling, especially with a baby. Your hotel room description could say there’s a full tub only for you to get there and see there’s only a standing shower. This is where inflatable tubs are a must-have for every mama. This Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Tub is ideal for kiddos that are 6-24 months old. It’s designed with a saddle horn in the middle to help prevent your baby from sliding down in the tub. But what’s also great about the saddle horn is it’s separate from the rest of the tub when inflated, so depending on your baby’s ability to sit up independently you can choose to leave the saddle horn deflated. The tub is made with 100% phthalate free materials. You can easily pack this away in a suitcase or chuck it in the diaper bag for an overnight trip to grandma’s house.

This tub has over 5,000 ratings on Amazon, and for a good reason too. One reviewer raves, “Luckily I ran across this on Amazon.. Its the greatest thing ever let me tell ya.. It’s super thick so I foresee it being hard to pop.. It has a huge drain hole so it doesn’t take forever to let all the water out.. Plus it has a “saddle horn” that fits right in between LO’s legs so they don’t constantly slip and slide all over. You also have the option of leaving that deflated when they are older and they can more confidently while keeping their upper bodies above water…”

$14.99 AT AMAZON

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