12 Family Halloween Costumes Because Every Crew Needs A Theme In 2020

by Steph Osmanski
Originally Published: 
bacon egg ketchup family halloween costume

There’s nothing like a group costume on Halloween to really drive a theme home. This year, stun the neighbors with your creativity while trick-or-treating with your whole family dressed up in matching costumes for kids and adults.

There are so many creative family Halloween costume ideas to choose from — all the characters from Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Inside Out, Care Bears, Disney characters, and so much more — that we couldn’t include them all. But we did take our best crack at it and included some of the cutest, most popular Halloween costumes for families in 2020. Even though Halloween is looking quite different this year, you might still want to dress up as a family and party inside.

Ready to jump right in? Check out our favorite picks for Halloween costumes for families:


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