Barbie Unveils High Fashion Take On New 'Stars Wars'-Inspired Dolls

Mattel Launches Star Wars-Inspired Barbie Collection


Barbie unveils four new Star Wars-inspired collector dolls on May 4, 2020

May the Fourth may have come and gone, but you can be enthusiastic about Star Wars any day of the year. If you want to get your kids on the Star Wars bandwagon early and the Lego sets and plush Baby Yoda dolls aren’t doing it for them, maybe these high fashion Barbies that look like iconic Star Wars characters will do the trick. Barbie has teamed up with the makers of the legendary space opera to create four new Barbies inspired by the film.

There’s a Rey, Chewbacca, C-3PO, and Stormtrooper doll and while these aren’t authentic interpretations of the characters, the dolls are more like, what if characters from the Star Wars galaxy went to the Met Gala?

“A galactic fashion force. All-new Star Wars x Barbie Dolls inspired by the films’ original concept art, the collection re-imagines iconic characters through a high-fashion filter,” Mattel said in a statement.

What if Chewbacca was actually a glamazon in a faux fur coat? Also, some online have lovingly started referring to this one as a “Chewbarbie.”


And Rey is less Jedi here and more like, if she was made the ruler of a planet or something?


The C-3PO is cute, it’s like if C-3PO parties at Studio 54 in the ’70s.


The only Barbie in this collection that is totally bonkers is the Storm Trooper. It’s like, a flirty Storm Trooper? Kinda different to have a Barbie inspired by a member of the militia for a fascist regime, but it’s cool because we love Barbies and #fashun.


You could also just tell people the Storm Trooper Barbie is vintage Lady Gaga.

The dolls are all available for pre-order on the Barbie site for $100 each, except for Chewbacca, which is $150. Really, these aren’t so much dolls to play with but collector’s items to store in a glass case next to your Harry Potter Funko figurines, because collecting nerd stuff isn’t just for grown adult males anymore. You can also pre-order the dolls on Amazon and take advantage of that Prime free shipping.

Last year, Barbie launched a Princess Leia, R2D2, and Darth Vader doll, and you can order the entire set for for $480. It’s a pretty iconic group of Star Wars ladies, TBH.


Shipping for all the new dolls is expected to begin in June. May the force, and these Barbie dolls, be with you.

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