Anxiety Is Real— 9 Of The Best Books To Help Kids & Teens Get Through These Crazy, Stressful Times

by Anna Baboval
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Kids Anxiety Books

We have all had those moments where we wanted to stay home under the covers rather than face our source of anxiety. Just going to the grocery store right now is enough to trigger a panic attack in the most sane of adults. However, anxiety in kids is on the rise, affecting over 4 million children every day according to the CDC. As the summer ticks by, the impending school year is no doubt to blame for increasing those numbers in kids. One of the best outlets for kids to process their emotions is through fiction reading. (Yes, a few more books to add to the already bursting bookshelves!) For kids of all ages, exploration through books and memoirs helps them identify with how to cope with anxiety— whether it’s school anxiety, social anxiety, or just general anxiety stemming from the world around us.

While a slew of books for children with anxiety exist on Amazon, (we love Breathe Like A Bear by Kira Willey), and can be helpful tools for us well meaning mamas, some of the most powerful support comes in fiction. As kids see anxiety in children their own age play out in various forms through different relatable situations, they can identify with and connect with this, which helps them process their own feelings and emotions. Growing up in the age of the selfie and social media has made our kiddos more narcissistic than ever. So even for kids who aren’t facing anxiety, reading books about anxious characters helps build empathy and social emotional development for peer interactions.

We’ve chosen our favorite memoirs and fiction books to help with anxiety at every reading level from first day of school jitters to YA favorites. We’ve even got an excerpt of the newly released Crabapple Trouble so you can get started right away.

Anxiety Books for Early Readers (Ages 4-8)

Anxiety Books for Kids (Ages 8-12)

Anxiety Books for Teens & YA Readers (Ages 12+)

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