19 Best Kids Room Bookshelf Options, According To Moms

19 Best Bookshelves For Little Readers (And Their Mamas Who Love To Clean Up)

August 13, 2020 Updated September 10, 2021

Kids Room Bookshelves

We know reading is good for kids, but there comes a point when the piles and the bins of books get to be too much, it’s time to put up a kids bookshelf. Kids bookcases can do more than just provide cute storage for our growing home libraries, they can encourage kids to fall in love with reading while giving them a space that’s their own, even in the middle of our grown up living room decor. Whether it’s mounting shelves for books in the nursery, investing in proper kids furniture for the playroom that’s sized right for their height, or personalizing an IKEA kids’ bookshelf just for them, our LOs will love having a place to store their favorites (that is until they rip them off the shelf and demand they all be read to them!).

Kids bookshelves can also work as toy storage by putting bins on the bottom shelves so all the books and toys are together. Or they can be a simple and decorative while doubling as a reading nook for bigger kids. The possibilities are endless for a concept that’s so simple! Our best piece of advice, buy in anticipation of things to come. If all of the books fit perfectly now with no room to grow their collection, by the next holiday or birthday the piles on the floor will return. We’ve compiled our favorite book storage solutions for all the rooms in the house— it’s not like they actually keep their books (or anything else) in just one place.

(P.S. If you have a tiny ninja on your hands, don’t forget to secure their bookshelf with furniture anchors for safety.)

Best Bookshelf for the Nursery

Babyletto Spruce Tree Bookcase

How adorable is this tree bookshelf? This mountable Babyletto Spruce Tree Bookcase will help add even more character to your little one’s room. And if you’re going for a jungle theme, good news: it comes in green too!


Mind Reader Kids Bookshelf & Organizer

A bookshelf that doubles as toy storage is great for the little one who has a ton of both. This large organizer is 3-tiers, with space for their books right on top. The included storage bins add a little extra flair with a couple of adorable pets on the front. They’re removable too, so if needed, you can use that extra space for your kiddo’s growing book collection.

$69.99 AT AMAZON

Babyletto Tally 35.5" Kids Bookcase

When designing a nursery we want it to be a calming space for baby, but they don’t actually stay that small forever. By the time they’re big enough to be crawling and toddling they’ll have shown an interest in books (even if it is looking at them upside down). BB needs a space to store all of the stories for bedtime routines, but also one that’s cute and transitional beyond the baby stage. We love the Babyletto Tally Bookcase for this reason: It’s a fresh modern design that melds nicely with the rest of our decor but has shelving at floor level for our LO. Plus Babyletto is known for high-quality products that take both safety and chemical-free materials into consideration in all of their designs. One genius mama we know purchased four of these to line the wall of her baby’s room. Rather than buy a tall bookcase that creates a temptation for climbing, Baby can safely cruise around on floor level selecting reading materials. 


IKEA FLISAT Kids Bookshelf Display

This IKEA kids bookshelf is so simplistic in design yet extremely functional in the eyes of a toddler. How many times have we gone into their rooms and every book is thrown everywhere? They were just looking for one book mama! The FLISAT Book Display takes away this drama by showcasing books with the covers facing out making it easier for the Littles to see what they want without tossing them all on the floor. Designed at their height, it can easily be moved from the reading corner to the bedside and back. 



Wallniture Utah Set Of 2 Wood Floating Wall Shelves

Compared to adult bookshelves, a kids wall bookshelf like these ones by Wallniture are smaller in size but still hold an appropriate number of books for BB. When we’re sitting in the recliner to read at night, it’s nice to just be able to reach over and grab a selection of books rather than have to bend all the way to the floor. Furthermore, these come as a set of two, which makes for quick and easier wall decor while still providing function. They would also be perfect in the living room, playroom, or even bathroom (here’s looking at you potty training mamas!) for a little extra book nook space.

$36.99 AT AMAZON

Best Kids Room Bookshelf

RiverRidge 6-Cubby, 3-Shelf Kids Corner Cabinet

By the time our kids are old enough to speak full sentences their book load is going to become comparable to ours. We need serious storage without taking serious square footage from the other bedroom furniture. RiverRidge’s 6 cubby corner unit maximizes space where we don’t usually use it without expanding far into the floor play space. Large enough to hold toy storage bins and books but compact enough to look like part of the room, this bookshelf is a sure thing. One reviewer shared that they use it to organize their kid’s clutter, but notes that it should be anchored to the wall for extra safety. 

$174.98 AT AMAZON

KidKraft Bookcase with Reading Nook

A cozy reading nook is the perfect place for our kiddos to curl up with a good book. KidKraft, creator of all things awesome for kids furniture, designed this Bookcase with Reading Nook for our bigger kids to get a hideaway in their very own room. The bottom houses all the books and toys they have, while the top serves as the perfect place to read, complete with a backrest for curling up. We could even see this finding its way into the living room under a windowsill or into the home office as our kiddos workspace this fall. Available in white, espresso, and natural, it will be sure to work with any kids bed or furniture they already have. 

$112.99 AT AMAZON

Babyletto Cactus Bookcase

Okay, we’re totally obsessed with this sage green cactus bookcase by Babyletto! It features eight shelves in total (great for books, toys, and decor), is the perfect size for toddlers or big kids, and is made with sturdy, stable powder-coated steel. If you’re looking for a stylish statement piece in your LO’s room — this is it!


Viv + Rae Nataly Combo Bookshelf & Bin Storage Unit

Sometimes for the playroom, our kids’ bookshelves need to do double duty and become toy bins as well. Viv+Rae clearly thought of this with their Nataly Combo Bin Storage Unit. Designed with plenty of shelf space for books and linen bins to hold craft supplies, LEGOs, or dolls, this is a no-brainer for any play space. The bottom section can be used to store blankets and dolls or large oversized books that are always hard to fit in traditionally shaped bookcases. We love that it also comes in three finishes (white, grey, and espresso) to match whatever other decor we have.

$126.41 AT AMAZON

Best Bookshelf for Common Spaces

UTEX Kids' Book Caddy with Shelf

Sometimes we want to keep our space, our space, but we know we need to share just a little bit. Perfect for tucking beside the couch or armchair, this UTEX Kids Book Caddy holds all their reading materials without compromising on our design aesthetic. We love the angled shape of the caddy making books easier to find whether the big or little people are looking for them. Available in navy or grey, this branches out from traditional furniture colors to bring a little pop to a space while also remaining quite neutral. 

$57.99 AT AMAZON

C & A HOME Tree Bookshelf

This Bamboo Tree Bookcase from C&A Home is not actually a kids bookshelf, but it easily could be used as one in our living or family rooms. The virtual design takes up a relatively small amount of space but holds quite a few books. Even though this was designed for the adults with cool, city apartments, and not our tornado toddlers, it’s very stable and holds a lot of weight. The design is so unique that it makes us want it in our homes even with Elmo potty books on it. 

$55.99 AT AMAZON

Best Playroom Bookshelf

Tidy Books Montessori Bookshelf

This display bookshelf is perfect for any playroom. It has 4 tiers that have plenty of space for the books they have and those that are to come as they grow up. It’s sturdy, mountable, handmade, and has an alphabet decoration that doubles as a teaching aid for your kiddo.


3 Sprouts Kids Book Storage Rack

The playroom is supposed to be the most fun room in the house. What’s more fun than an animal print bookcase that brings our story characters to life? We can’t think of much. 3 Sprouts Storage Shelf Organizer comes in six different brightly colored animal designs, (we love the lion as much as the elephant!) and is sized right to encourage our LOs to engage in reading sessions and even clean up when playtime is over. Kids love to feel accomplished and the easy front pouches of this bookcase make putting books away a snap.


Homary Robot Bookshelf

For all of our little robot fans, Homary has not one, but four different color options for this cool robot bookshelf. It has 13 different shelves, making it possible to fill up their new BFF with books from head to toe (literally!).

$149.99 AT HOMARY

Fantasy Fields Outer Space Bookcase

Kids love space and brightly colored designs and Teamson has taken full advantage by creating the cutest rocket ship bookcase ever. The fun design is engaging to kids but also manages to be quite functional with open storage and plenty of shelf space for all of their books. It even comes with a tip restraint kit, which makes mama as happy as Baby in the playspace.

$119.97 AT AMAZON

Best Bookshelf With Storage

IKEA BERGIG Book Display With Storage

Bookshelves are great for showing off your little one’s growing love for reading, but sometimes there are things you don’t always want on full display (random papers and manuals, a million LEGO pieces, etc.). This IKEA book display has the best of both — two open shelves to hold their books, and a drawer for everything else. And the whole thing is at a height that’s kid-friendly, so they can do their part in helping put everything away.


Bestier Kids Toy Storage and Bookshelf

This wood bookshelf has an adorable but subtle bear theme, and rounded edges to prevent any accidental injuries. There are four shelves, including an adjustable middle shelf, and a rolling bin to stash all their toys. One reviewer said, “This turned out really cute and was exactly what I was looking for! I wanted toy storage that looked cute and not cheap plastic bins. This looks adorable in my daughters room and holds a surprising amount of toys and books.”

$139.99 AT AMAZON

UTEX Kids Bookshelf and Toy Storage Organizer

This bookshelf will add a clean look to any kid’s room, no matter how messy it tends to be. It has plenty of storage options for your little one, including three book racks, two cubbies, and a rolling toy box at the bottom for heavier items. One happy parent said, “Holds a ton of books! Love the little shelves and pull-out drawer too. An excellent organizer for our 2.5-year-old’s room & just the right height for him to reach the first 2 shelves but not the third (that’s where we put the noisy or valued ones!). Also nice that the hardware used to put it together is NOT visible on the outside. (Like screws on the side of some others.) Makes for a polished look. Very pleased and would recommend!”

$97.95 AT AMAZON

Delta Children Deluxe Book and Toy Organizer

Add some extra fun into your little one’s room with a themed bookshelf and toy organizer. There’s a book rack on top, three large bins, and two extra-large bins. The frame is wood and the bins are fabric, making them lightweight enough for even your littlest ones to handle. You can choose between Paw Patrol, Frozen, Cars, or more, and who knows, maybe their favorite characters will inspire them to read (and tidy up) more. One reviewer said, “It is small but wow does it hold a lot of toys! We put play purses and toy medical kits in the area that’s meant for books. The middle row has decent-sized bins and the bottom bins fit a boatload of small toys and beanie babies. We were able to get so much off the floor and out of other more bulky storage containers. Plus it’s cute. Putting it together took about 5 minutes.”

$45.33 AT AMAZON

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