13 Best Ball Pits For Kids, Toddlers, And Babies — Mom-Approved 2021

13 At-Home Ball Pits For Kids— Leave Those Icky Public Germs Behind

February 3, 2020 Updated May 27, 2021

Best Ballpit Kids Toddlers

Thinking about getting your kid a ball pit? From the moment they start to crawl, kids are filled to the brim with energy. Like the Energizer Bunny, you know they keep going and going and going… Meanwhile, the rest of us (#TiredMomsClub), can barely keep up. But that’s where ball pits come in. And we’re not just talking about the public germ-filled ones you’ll find at Chuck E. Cheese. Take a scroll through Amazon and you’ll discover ball pits of all shapes, sizes, and forms—some even include a splash pool or bounce house. It’s official: The kids from next door will never leave.   

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Entertainment factor aside, ball pits are also an excellent learning tool for teaching your baby logical thinking skills. So many bright colors and movements to process at one time! The simple act of tossing balls around an indoor playground will help develop hand and eye coordination. If you’re a ball pit newbie, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. First, be sure to read up on the specs; an air pump may be required to blow up your ball pit. Second, colorful play balls are not always included. Extra balls can be purchased, whether that be a bundle of 50 or 500—just keep in mind that’s a LOT of balls to keep up with. 

Lastly, it’s no secret that ball pits can get super icky (and quickly!) with spills, accidents, dirt, you name it. But have no fear: That’s where all-purpose surface wipes and disinfectant sprays come in handy (we like to recommend anything from Babyganics). Simply lay the balls on an old sheet, spritz them with a cleaning solution, and let dry. Repeat the process as you see fit. Many of the inflatable ball pits you’ll find on Amazon these days can just be wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. 

Scroll through for the best ball pits for kids that would be a nice addition to any play gym.

Best Ball Pits For Babies

Infantino 4-in-1 Jumbo Grow with me Activity Gym & Ball Pit

From the moment your burrito arrives, they’ll be able to make use of Infantino’s “grow with me” multiuse activity gym. Fast-forward to toddlerhood and the ball pit is guaranteed to be a hit. Moms will love the easy setup and the fact that it can be wiped clean. You’ll find 40 colorful balls tucked away in the sloth.

$49.99 AT AMAZON

Melissa & Doug Turtle Ball Pit

This adorable turtle ball pit from Melissa & Doug has plenty of perks attached. Not only does it come with 60 balls, but they’re all easy to pack up by just zipping up the turtle in the center. And don’t worry mama, the bottom of this pit is skid-proof to ensure your baby doesn’t go anywhere. One Amazon reviwer said, “Got this for my 8-month old nephew but his 2-year old brother loves it, too! My sister appreciates that it’s its own storage so she can keep all those balls corralled. It is exactly what you hope it is: soft, squishy, full of balls, with great texture features for exploring little hands. This was a great find!”

$61.99 AT AMAZON

Best Ball Pits For Kids

Little Tikes Slam Dunk Big Ball Pit

Your little nuggets will have a ball (hahaha… get it?!) bouncing around in Little Tikes’ Slam Dunk Ball Pit. For double the fun, invite a few of the neighborhood kids over for a heated round of hoops. This ball pit has a maximum capacity of 70 pounds and includes 20 air-filled balls—although, don’t stop there, you can always add more. 

$95.99 AT MACYS

Wilhunter Princess Castle Ball Pit

This portable princess-themed ball pit is basically the equivalent of Cinderella’s castle, amirite? We think so. String some fairy lights for an enchanting birthday bash or epic sleepover. The breathable mesh tent—which includes 50 balls—can comfortably fit two toddlers or a boatload of stuffed animals. Just one more thing: Pretty little tutus required for entry.

$25.99 AT AMAZON

LOJETON 2pc Rocket Ship Ball Pit

Looking for the ultimate distractor to keep the kiddos occupied when you’ve got $h*t to get done? Say no more. This polyester playpen functions as both a tent and ball pit. The opening door design makes it easy for the tots to crawl through or play a rousing game of hide-and-seek. Note that this awesome pit doesn’t come with the balls, but you can purchase a pack here.

$38.99 AT AMAZON

Up In & Over Scoops 'N Smiles Ice Cream Truck Inflatable Ball Pit

Come one, come all: This inflatable ice cream truck ball pit from Walmart is loaded and ready (10 play balls included) for some family fun. An inflatable steering wheel and tray table—plus an open window to take real or make-believe orders—will keep your child occupied for hours.


Frozen 2 Ball Pit Playland

They already want everything Frozen 2 so why not a ball pit?! If it keeps the kids happy then we’re happy. Perfect for chummy birthday celebrations or just a play sesh with the bestie (“you be Elsa, I’ll be Anna”), this inflatable playland includes 20 soft flex balls to toss around.   

$37.24 AT AMAZON

UTEX 3-in-1 Pop-Up Play Tent With Tunnel

Get the most bang for your buck with the UTEX 3-in-1 pop-up play tent and tunnel. When combined as one unit, kids will be able to crawl through all three sections via a “ball tunnel.” Don’t let limited space be a concern, mamas. One Amazon customer raves: “Folds very nicely so I can hide it behind the couch when it’s not being used.”

$37.59 AT AMAZON

Banzai Rescue Fire Truck Play Center Inflatable Ball Pi

Gather your preschoolers for a ride on their own big red fire truck. Brought to you by Banzai, this playful inflatable ball pit includes a steering wheel, open windows, and 20 colorful balls for imaginative play.  


Wonder Space Deluxe Kids Round Ball Pit

Nothing cramps our living room feng shui like a large ball pit. You can’t miss it! Wonder Space to the rescue with a minimalist pool-shaped playpen made from cotton and elastic foam (take your pick between grey, black, blue, or marble). It’s easy to move around and can be tossed into the washing machine. PRAISE.

$99.99 AT AMAZON

LOJETON 3-in-1 Rocket Ship Kids Play Tent

T-minus how many minutes until lift-off? Watch their imagination soar with this wildly creative rocket ship-inspired play tent that doubles as a ball pit (take note: balls not included). The crawl tunnel is perhaps our favorite part—just think of all the outer space adventures to be had. 


MEIOUKA Kids Inflatable Bounce Houses Jumper With Blower Small Ball Pit

Why rent when you can have this beautiful rainbow inflatable bouncing house (also includes a ball pit/kiddie pool) situated in your backyard 365 days a year? Our thoughts exactly. While it’s a bit of a splurge, Amazon customers can’t rave enough: “This bounce house was the best buy I ever made! The price was great & it’s big enough for all of my kids to play in at the same time. They’ve played in it almost every day since I brought it home.”


VTech Pop-A-Balls Drop & Pop Ball Pit

Fact: Babies love interactive $h*t. If it makes them laugh and dance—or manages to capture their attention for more than five seconds—then you know you’ve struck gold. VTech’s jungle-themed Drop & Pop Ball Pit does it all. Beyond balls (duh), it includes an electronic dashboard with buttons to push and a hoop that counts the balls as they are dropped in.

$46.42 AT AMAZON

But don’t let the excitement stop there! Be sure to check out the best toys for more outdoor (or indoor) fun.

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