The Best Beach Reads Of The Summer

beach reads
Scary Mommy and Bookshop

We’ve determined the best beach reads for your weekend tote this summer, and you basically need all of them

Sometimes you need a dense, flowery 10-pound novel to read next to a fire. Sometimes you need a thriller to keep you up way too late. But in the summer, you need a very specific type of book. Something you can toss into your tote with your towels and sunscreen. Something you can read a few pages at a time while also sipping a drink and chatting with friends. Something light and fluffy and joyful and funny and sweet.

Summer requires beach reads.

And we have them for you. Below, find our ten favorite beach reads of the summer. No brooding plots, grisly murders, or darkness are to be found here: only fun and sun. Books that feel like eating snacks by the pool, swinging in creaking hammocks, and jumping into lakes while holding hands. Wherever you’re off to this summer, make room to pack them all.