8 Best Bath Towels For Grown Ups Only— Not For The Sprinkler, The Pool, The Beach (You Get it)

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Good news: Some of the best luxury bath towel sets aren’t as expensive as you think. In any case, if you ask us, having a set of decent bath towels — specifically not the baby’s bath towels, we’re taking “grown-ups only” — is worth the investment. Bath towels are one of those things that you use every day and don’t think much about. But a set of good, high-quality, luxurious (and matching) towels can make your bathroom look organized and feel so much more like a grown-up space. After all, there are kid/pool/beach towels and there are special towels that should be just for you and your self-care routine. Grown-ups share enough with the kids, so having a nice, soft, stain-free towel waiting for you after a quick shower or soak in the tub (that is, if you find time to sneak one in) can give you a little spa-like luxury right at home.

These days, keeping up with your family’s never ending bath times, hand washings, hair dryings, and laundry likely means an extra set will come in handy, as well. The best bath towels for you are a matter of personal preference. Do you like to be wrapped in a giant cloud of softness (think bath sheet instead of standard size towel), or do you prefer something lightweight and quick drying because your kids can’t stay still for more than a few minutes?

Whether it’s time to swap out your worn, faded towels or you’ve been looking to try something more plushy, here are nine of the best bath towels you can buy to keep in your very own bathroom. It’s the small things, right?

Best Luxury Bath Towel Sets

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