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8 Bath Bombs Any Mama Would Love (For The Bathtime We’re Hoping To Have)

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Self-care is essential! We all know that. But let’s be real: Right now, options for me time are pretty much non-existent. With your family all home together, there aren’t exactly a lot of places you can escape to when you need a much-deserved break from working, teaching, and everything else you’re now required to do in a single day. Mamas, that’s why it’s probably time to turn your bathtub into more than a place just to get clean— turn your bathroom into a spa moment.

So go on and clear out the kiddie toys and squishy bath mat. Put the kids to bed and run a luxurious bath for yourself. If you want to up the experience even more, drop in a calming bath bomb. Bath bombs are the new bubble bath; they contain essential oils, natural scents, and even pretty colors that will transform the moment.

Below are eight of the best bath bombs and bath bomb sets for your bath time pleasure. You made it through another long day. Let’s drink to that!

Sky Organics Large Bath Bombs Gift Set

If you love to indulge in a nightly soak, buying this set of 12 organic bath bombs for yourself is perfect for when you need a pick-me-up. One night, you might try the refreshing eucalyptus mint or ginger citrus, or go for the more relaxing lavender vanilla or honey vanilla. The ingredients are all sulfate-free, vegan, and gluten-free so if you have any skin sensitivities, you won’t have to worry about using them. They also look colorful and fizz as you put them in the water, but thankfully wash away after and won’t stain your tub. Amazon users are in love with the variety of tempting scents, saying they make your whole bathroom smell amazing. One reviewer wrote, “I’ve been searching for quality bath bombs that won’t hurt my sensitive skin. These leave my skin soft and smelling great. I love trying a new bath bomb each time.”


Majestic Pure Bath Bomb Gift Set

If you’ve been searching for a pretty bath bomb set for your nightly ritual but are turned off by all bright primary colors they usually come in, you’ll appreciate this box of simple blue and white bombs. These are crafted from all-natural ingredients like shea butter and contain essential oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus, vanilla and coconut oil which will all feel extra hydrating on your skin. Inside, you’ll find two peppermint eucalyptus, two lavender vanilla and two lemongrass sweet orange bombs, available for you no matter what kind of day you’ve had. Whatever you choose, they each turn your tub a lovely shade of serene sea blue which will give off all the calming vibes. One glowing reviewer on Amazon said, “After a tough day, I made a bath and used a majestic bath bomb and OMG! Stress melted away. They smell amazing and left the water smooth and satisfying. These would also make a wonderful gift, the box they come in is also very pretty.”


Suave Flavor Factory Bath Bombs

Everyone deserves a luxurious soak now and again—so don’t let the price of some of the more expensive bath bombs turn you off. This highly recommended set of five pretty bath bombs from Suave is just $4 at Target, what a great price! They are still paraben-free and come in sweet flavor flaves like cotton candy, sprinkle sugar cookie and raspberry chocolate. Target shoppers gave these high praise, with one reviewer writing, “I have relied on the Suave brand for skincare for most of my life so I thought I’d see how they perform in the bath bomb space. Color me surprised at how wonderful their version is! Not only does it smell like a party in my bathroom, my skin felt SO nourished. It’s a mini spa treatment for a small fraction of the cost of other bath bomb brands. I hope they continue to release new scents.”


Loverly Bath Bombs Gift Set

Bath bombs that double as bathroom artwork? You’ll get onboard with this gorgeous set that comes housed in a mini bath tub-shaped gift basket. You’ll proudly display these in your space and want to give all the leading ladies in your life as a gift. Each bomb is topped with pretty dried petals or blossoms. That gives off a nice, aromatic scent, but are all natural, too. You’ll enjoy the variety of tempting scents like magnolia jasmine, honey almond, cherry blossom and ocean bliss. They also are full of shea butter and nourishing Vitamin E, so they are nice and hydrating on dry or dull skin. A popular gift, this set has over 172 positive four star reviews on Amazon and users say you can easily repurpose the tub they come in. One reviewer wrote, “This is an amazing gift I got for my oldest niece. I was expecting a tiny, little thing with maybe one-inch bath balls, but this thing is AWESOME! The bath bombs are four inches in diameter and the tub is so cute! We now use the tub in the bathroom for all her hair ties and scrunchies, and it looks great with the other décor. Great product!”


The Bath Bomb Co. Soul Cleanser with Silver Glitter

You deserve some sparkle in your life—and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you order the “soul cleanser with silver glitter” bath bomb. Unleash your inner glow with this splurge-worthy large bath bomb, and you won’t be sorry. It contains anti-inflammatory Epsom Salts and cleansing Kaolin Clay. Plus it’s infused with hydrating coconut oil so your skin will feel extra soft. Release it while in the tub for an extra fizzy experience, too. Although this bath bomb comes in 14 colors (candy cane and pinkalcious are also fun) we’re biased toward the glitter ones that feel just the right amount of extra we all could use right now. Don’t worry, they won’t leave any sparkly residue on your tub, either, and wash right off when you are done soaking. Over 220 Amazon users have given these the thumbs up, with one writing, “My soul is squeaky clean. I love this bath bomb. It did not leave tub black but it made me feel so delightful. Just soaking in a tub of black water and glitter made my evil broken soul smile. I’ll have to buy again in the fall right before a full moon to cleanse my soul again. Might make it a ritual.” We’re so in.


Da Bomb “F” Bath Bomb

Feeling frustrated about the current state of the world? Join the club! Then go ahead and drop an F-bomb—no, not around your kiddos, just in the tub. This fun “F” bath bomb is so perfect for stressed out mamas everywhere. The lavender scent is ultra calming and it even contains a surprise message once dissolved. You can feel good about the purchase because it’s made from just a few ingredients and handcrafted in the U.S.A., too. Plus, it won’t stain your tub or leave behind any residue, so you’re winning there. The messaging is resonating with Amazon users, who have given this baby over 720 positive reviews. One wrote, “I bought two, one for me and the other for my mother in law, and we both loved them! The smell was intense and incredible, it doesn’t stain your tub, it leaves your skin silky and soft, the price was amazing and the little fortunes inside were too cute! Would definitely buy again.” At just $5, we now want to gift them to everyone we love most, too.


Frida Baby Natural Vapor Bath Bombs

Sure, most bath bombs are pretty, colorful and add a nice aromatic scent to your usual bath. They can do much more than just serve an aesthetic purpose, though. These genius natural vapor bombs from Frida Baby are a decongestant in a bath bomb— perfect for when you or your kiddos are feeling under the weather. These bombs are infused with eucalyptus and lavender oils. When combined with the warm bath vapors, they offer comfort for a cold or the flu so you can breathe a little better. They are safe for your little ones, too, as long as they are over two-years-old. Moms on Amazon swear by them, as they currently have over 700 positive four-star reviews. One relieved mama wrote, “I will never not have these on hand again, they are amazing! The smell is not overwhelming, and I love that they are natural and safe. The perfect way to soothe our little ones and help them breathe better when they are sick. Also, my 6-year-old finds it to be so exciting throwing bath bombs in the water, which is really fun. Frida Baby saves the day once again.” Order a package of three or 10 and be sure to stock up for next year’s cold season.


HanZá 8 Bath Bombs

If only organic and natural beauty products are right for you, you’ll appreciate this colorful set of eight bath bombs from Hanza. Their products are free from artificial colors and made with natural dyes that won’t leave a stain in your tub for you scrub off later. Each of the bath bombs offers a different “purpose.” One night you might try “relax” with lavender and vanilla, then move onto “balance” which contains candlewood, sage and coriander oil. Another must-try is the “euphoria” full of wild rose and jasmine oil for when you could use a little clarity in your life. This set is a crowd favorite on Amazon, too, with over 4,300 four and a half star reviews. One reviewer who gave them high praise said, “These are the only good-smelling bath bombs I have found on the market so far. Every other brand I have tried either gives me a headache or gives me a gag reflex. These are so refreshing and the smells of each are actually natural and calming – not like weird contrived chemicals made by a machine or someone without a nose. I highly recommend and they also make great gifts.”


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