Flu Care Packages You Can Send The Humans You Love (Because IRL Visits Can't Happen This Year)

by Jenny Altman
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flu care package

We’re hoping you don’t need to send out a flu care package this year, but as we’ve seen, 2020 has been unpredictable. On top of doing our best to avoid COVID-19, it’s also incredibly important to do whatever it takes to avoid the flu this season. In order to not overwhelm all the hospitals and healthcare facilities, it’s critical that you get your flu shot this year and continue to practice social distancing (and wearing your mask). But…things happen, and the flu might come for a visit. Are you ready?

On the basics checklist you need a thermometer, an assortment of meds (not expired), and a pantry full of soup. To give germs a serious fight— taking vitamins, upping your veggie intake and drinking smoothies is an easy way to boost your immunity (plus, kids love a good smoothie). Now listen, we can’t say the germs will keep their distance…no matter all the elderberry syrup, vitamin C and fresh-pressed juice you intake. But we can try our best!

And if it’s your bestie, sister or boyfriend, etc, that catches the flu and you can’t even offer to run over and help, then what? Send them a flu care package! Whether your family and friends need a soup delivery, a box of meds, a heated blanket to fight the chills or a great book subscription to pass the time (they’ve finished all of Netflix), a care package is the way to share your love and support— from far away.

Stock up your own pantry and medicine cabinet and pin those care packages. According to the CDC, flu season begins now and peaks in December. 2020 is leaving its mark all the way to the very end!

Get Well Care Package for Sick Friend Ideas:

Flu Care Package for Boyfriend Ideas:

Flu Care Package for Girlfriend Ideas:

Flu Care Package for You & Your Family: (what you need to have on hand)

Aside from taking vitamins, drinking water, and getting eight hours of sleep, there’s also another way you can prevent the flu: Yoga!

Did you know that yoga helps build up your immune system? We know it’s good for breathing and for getting solid sleep (which in itself battles the cold and flu), but the actual exercise of yoga helps with respiratory system health. Amy Ippoliti, restorative yoga teacher at Glo shares that, “A balanced yoga practice will help you stretch the accessory muscles of your respiratory system which in turn leads to more vibrant lungs and a greater capacity to breathe deeply. This, combined with deep relaxation in poses like final relaxation pose (savasana) are highly supportive of a strong, resilient immune system.” PS. Savasana, also known as corpse pose, is basically lying on your back in full relax mode. (Yes, it’s our favorite pose.)

Now that you’ve got your flu essentials, check out our other mom-approved wellness products.


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