Freakin' Cool Gifts All The Boys Will Be Excited About

by Bryce Gruber Hermon
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Kids Transformer Toys

Shopping for boys isn’t easy— especially if you don’t happen to have one. And even if you do, kids’ interests change every day. One second, a toy is hot and the next it’s not — just like fashion. It can be difficult to figure out what boys would like for birthdays, graduations, or even for Christmas (no pressure!). Let’s face it, not all boys are into the same things. Some enjoy kicking a punching bag, Some boys enjoy creative projects and science kits while other boys enjoy tablets or videogames. When you have to buy a gift for a boy you don’t really know, the list becomes even more difficult to complete.

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According to research from Michigan State University, sensory childhood play can actually make little minds grow big, healthy, and bright. So we narrowed our list of the best gifts for boys down to everything that will make kiddos of all ages and stages get their creative cognition going.

Generally, boys tend to be a little more go with the flow than girls. They can usually find fun in anything which makes the gift-buying process even smoother. It’s not always about what’s new, some of the best toys for boys are classic brands that remain undefeated on the gift list.

Chances are there’s something on this list that’s sure to make your little one smile. And if not, make sure to supply a gift receipt just in case. And you can never go wrong with an Amazon gift card. That way you look like the hero as they buy whatever it is they actually wanted!

Need other gifts? We’ve put together great lists with toys for kids.


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