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9 Best Punching Bags For Kids — And Maybe Parents, Too, Once The Kids Are Asleep

February 20, 2020 Updated June 10, 2021

Best Kids Punching Bag

We’ve been told over and over that fighting doesn’t solve anything. We certainly understand that point of view when it comes to people. But then again, hitting something can feel so damn good sometimes. It can also be a seriously good workout.

Punching needs to happen in a smart and safe environment with parental supervision. There are many ways to exercise with your kids when incorporating punching or martial arts striking, including using the best punching bags for kids at home.

If the kids are taking martial arts classes, working out at home with a punching bag is fun and beneficial to skill development.

And when they’re asleep, a kids punching bag can be a nice way to release some tension and frustration for you, too. Your miserable SOB of a boss won’t bother you quite as much when you spend the previous night using a karate punching bag … and if you want to tape the boss’ face to the bag, we’re not going to stop you. (Just remove it before the kids start using the bag again later, or you may have to explain some things to them you’d rather not discuss.)

RDX Kids Heavy Boxing Punching Bag

The RDX punching bag kit is a great punching bag for teenagers to use. It has a large size at 2 feet in height and 11 inches in diameter, so older kids can use it effectively. (And it’s the right size for you to use too to work out some frustration.)

It has a leather construction, so it can stand up to anything teenagers can throw at it. It is made for beginners with 6-ounce training gloves included, as well as a chain for easy hanging.

Two things to note: this does not arrive with any fill in it, which reduces the weight (which your FedEx delivery person will appreciate).

Also, you have to really anchor the chain in the ceiling or frame. Sure as hell, the little monster is going to take a run at the heavy bag, jump and grab on, and try to go for a swinging ride. And if the chain isn’t anchored properly, the ride will be a short one.


Ringside Kids Boxing Gift Set

If preschool age kids can learn to play soccer and t-ball, they can learn to box, too. They just need gear that’s sized appropriately for them.

This kit has a 17-inch tall bag that measures 5 inches in diameter, so it’s just the right size for children ages 2 to 5. The bag has a strap and clip, so you can hang it from a frame or the ceiling.

This Ringside young kids boxing set includes everything they need to start, including gloves, a hanging bag, and padded headgear. It’s available in colors like pink, royal blue, or black, so you can find the right look and design that will keep the kids interested.

When a preschooler will be using it, we certainly would recommend that this is a supervised toy. You don’t want the kid to think it’s OK to punch anything that’s hanging from the ceiling. This is a great 2-in-1 toy, providing both exercise and the opportunity to teach a lesson. (Let’s see a basketball pull that off.)


Luniquz Kids Punching Bag

The Luniquz punching bag is one of the better target punching bags available for teens and pre-teens, as it has the logo centered on the bag, providing the perfect aiming spot.

You can pick from a 23- or 31-inch length and a 9- or 11-inch diameter, matching the size to the age of the teen or pre-teen who is just learning to box or who is looking to work out with martial arts at home.

The hanging chain is permanently attached to the bag, which provides a nice level of durability.

You will have to load the bag yourself with up to 25 pounds of sawdust, sand, foam, old t-shirts, or dry beans to create resistance. Just don’t let the kid choose what to put inside the bag, or it might end up full of Skittles. (Until the kid eats 25 pounds of Skittles during his or her next boxing workout session and leaves it empty.)


Pure Boxing Kids Heavy Bag Kit

If you want the potential for less mess when filling your best punching bag for kids, you’ll appreciate the design of the Pure Boxing kit. It has a sandbag insert that you’ll fill separately before placing it inside the hanging bag. (Reducing the chance for a disastrous spill is always an appreciated design feature for any product in a house with kids.)

The kit includes beginner level gloves and a jump rope along with the durable canvas punching bag.

For kids who are hard on their equipment, this hanging strap wraps around the entire bag and has a durable metal clasp to make sure it will last. (OK, who are we kidding? Every kid is hard on equipment, on parents, on siblings, on the house … you name it. But this bag can stand up to even the roughest kid.)


Century Kid Kick Wavemaster Punching Bag

Sometimes, hanging a karate punching bag from the ceiling in your home is a terrible, terrible idea. We get it. We like keeping the ceiling intact without even a small hole in it. And if you don’t trust your carpentry skills, that small hole could become a full-fledged cave-in if the bag pulls loose.

The Century Wavemaster ships with a sturdy base, and the punching bag extends out of the top. No carpentry required. (Thank God.)

The height of the top of the bag is adjustable between 37 and 52 inches, so this best punching bag for kids will work for children of varying sizes.

It can handle both punching and kicking practice. Heck, we’re pretty sure it’s sturdy enough to handle both at the same time, just in case your kid ever perfects that spinning-punch-with-overhead-flip-kick move without landing on his head.


Dripex Freestanding Kids Punching Bag

The Dripex target punching bag gives you the design of a hanging punching bag without the need to hang it, thanks to the durable base. The entire apparatus measures 47 inches in height, so it’s just the right size as a punching bag for teenagers or pre-teenagers.

This is a durable base that contains quite a bit of steel, but it’s coated and padded so the child doesn’t suffer an injury if he or she misses the bag.

The entire unit stays in place with suction cups on the bottom of the base.

Best of all, this bag is ready to use immediately. You don’t have to fill the bag yourself. (This is more important than you may think. Have you ever tried to clean up 25 or more pounds of spilled sawdust? We know you haven’t, because you probably still would be cleaning up instead of reading this story.)


Mapow Kids Punching Bag

When you’re just looking for a way for your youngster to burn off some excess energy instead of training for boxing or martial arts, this Mapow inflatable punching bag is a good idea for a fun toy. It consists of high quality vinyl, so it can resist punctures from repeated punches and kicks.

Fill the base section with water to hold the entire unit in place. Then inflate the upper section, and it’s ready for punching. There are no sharp or hard parts where the kid can suffer an injury.

With the cute cartoon drawings on the vinyl, some kids may prefer to hug this bag between bouts of punching. Not a technique we’d recommend for martial arts training at the dojo, but it’s probably OK to do at home.


Whoobli Punching Bag for Kids

For kids who want to train like serious boxers, this Whoobli unit is one of the best bop bags. It consists of a balloon punching bag at the top of a flexible post, creating a bit more movement than a traditional punching bag, making it easier to practice punching a moving target and to dodge against the rebound of the bag.

The kit ships with kid-sized boxing gloves, so it’s ready for use immediately.

The bag consists of PU leather, so it should stand up to all levels of workouts … even when dad feels compelled to show off his boxing — ahem — skills. (And the leather is flexible enough so when the air-filled balloon inevitably bounces back and smacks dad in the face, it won’t leave a mark.)


Bozo Original 3-D Bop Kids Punching Bag

This Bozo the Clown punching bag is one of the best bop bags, as this design draws from the original from several decades ago.

As an inflatable punching bag, it is safe to use for kids of all ages. It has a fun squeaking nose, and a target in the middle of the 46-inch tall bag.

The vinyl exterior holds air well and is soft enough that kids can punch and kick it over and over without becoming sore.

And if you want to play a mean trick on a spouse who’s terrified of clowns, waking up to see this punching bag standing next to the bed is sure to get a reaction. Just don’t leave any sharp objects near the bed, as Bozo won’t have a chance.


If punching bags are a bit too physical, we have dozens of other kids toys buying guides to help you find calming toys … and perhaps even your sanity.

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