These Girls' Bathing Suits Show Fun In The Sun Can Be So Stylish

by Julia Guerra
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Best Swimsuits For Girls

Summertime means afternoons lounging by the pool, sipping on bellinis, and leisurely flipping through trashy magazines—that is, unless you’re a mom on duty. Between having to reapply sunscreen every five seconds, getting splashed in the face, and being forced to swap boxed wine for juice pouches—your favorite seasonal pastime isn’t always relaxing. Sometimes, it can feel like sheer mayhem… in the scorching hot sun.

There are a few minor tweaks that can be made to ensure every pool party or trip to the water park runs (relatively) smoothly. We’re happy to announce that shopping for girls’ bathing suits doesn’t have to be compared to a game of tug of war. Once you uncover a swimsuit that your little girl likes (be it a modest one-piece or sassy polka dot bikini), you’ll hopefully never have to hear the dreaded words “I don’t want to wear that” once this season. Plus, when she feels good in the swimsuit she’s in, it’ll shine through her attitude, too. Days spent by the water don’t always have to end in waterworks—from you, or your child.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up the best mom-approved swimsuits for girls so that you can splurge on a style she’ll love.

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