12 Cute Halloween Onesies For Babies

by Julia Guerra
Originally Published: 
best halloween baby onesies

Halloween costumes for little ones get cuter by the year; they also get more involved. Designers are being more meticulous when it comes to details, adding things like buttons and ties to drive whoever’s assembling them bat sh*t crazy. And don’t even get us started on accessories. Instagrammable though they may be, it’s just a lot. The solution? Opt for a Halloween onesie that encompasses all things cute and festive in one shot.

Onesies are the way to go when you’ve got an itty bitty baby or picky toddler. They’re arguably the most comfortable Halloween costume known to children and adults alike, require minimal effort, and can even double as a sleeper after a long night of festivities. They’re also perfect for procrastinating mothers who can’t be bothered with clothing racks and creative projects. Buy one, and you’re done!

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