9 Best Hydrating Face Mists For A Cool Summer Skin Refresh

by Steph Osmanski
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Summer is no time to slack off when it comes to a skincare routine. There are vitamin C-infused serums to apply, sunscreens to layer, and of course, makeup brushes to deep-clean every few weeks. But while some cosmetics can leave your face feeling greasy and cakey — especially with the increased humidity and sunshine causing you to sweat — hydrating face mists have become our go-to during these hot summer months.

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Face mists cool you down, give a dewy glow, and feel damn good on the skin while the sun is at its strongest. (It’s kinda like that weird misting fan we all had in elementary school— but much cooler.) So, even if you lessen the amount of product in your skincare and makeup routines during the summer, face mist is definitely one you want to add — not take away.

Keep reading for the 9 best face mists for the summertime — from the splurgiest and the sexiest to the best for your budget.

Best Hydrating Face Mist

Best Budget Face Mist

Cult-Favorite Face Mist

Best Trending Face Mist

Best All-Around Face Mist

Best Face Mist for Dry and Dull Skin

Best Face Mist for Dewy Looking Skin

Best Face Mist for Stressed-Out Skin

Best Splurge Face Mist

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