18 Best Smelling Deodorants For Women That Help Pits & Private Parts

Don’t Sweat It: The 18 Best Deodorants For Women’s Underarms AND Private Parts

May 5, 2020 Updated July 20, 2021

Best Deodorant Women

Looking for the best deodorant for your armpits … and perhaps other various *private parts*? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s get into it! Sweat: It’s a necessary bodily function—and a sign that your body is working properly—but between pit stains, wetness, clothing discoloration (see also: best laundry detergents! We have your back), and odor, perspiration can be the source of some real unpleasantness. Enter: deodorants that actually work. The new options available to fight sweat and the bacteria that make it smell bad are plentiful—which isn’t totally surprising because exactly no one wants damp and/or smelly pits. So which are the best non-toxic deodorants for women? We’ve done a deep dive to find out.

What to look for (and avoid) in women’s deodorant:

You can usually spot all-natural deodorants from the label, as most brands want to make it clear that they are using clean ingredients. According to dermatology specialist Jennifer M. Wong, if things aren’t so clear, you can always search for natural ingredients on the back of deodorant products. Look for ingredients like clove oil, orange peel oil, cacao seed butter, and the word “natural” in general.

Wong also said it’s important to avoid certain products in deodorants. Things such as parabens, aluminum chloride, triclosan, phthalates, parfum, and alcohol are huge no-no’s! But luckily most of these are not found in natural and vegan deodorants.

“Parabens are added to many over-the-counter products,” Wong adds. “The reason to avoid parabens is because they mimic the effect of estrogen, thus confusing the body’s endocrine system.”

What’s the best natural deodorant for sweat?

Perspiration occurs for various reasons—and not all sweat is the same. An ass-kicking cardio class isn’t going to produce the same type of sweat as stressing out over a work deadline, for example. Other conditions can cause excessive sweating, like menopause (fun) or hyperhidrosis (delightful). Talk to your doc if you’re concerned about your sweat, or if you’ve noticed any changes in the past month or so.

For athletes in particular, Wong suggests natural deodorants such as Native or Schmidt’s (which we’ve included in the list below!).

What’s the best women’s deodorant for odor?

Luckily, there are lots of awesome options to choose from! Whether you prefer a solid deodorant, a cream for sensitive skin, or a deodorant wipe for a quick cool-down, finding the right pick for your specific needs is totally no sweat. (Sorry!) And don’t for a second think that you can skip deodorant now that we’re heading into the cooler months. Guess what? Between trips to the apple orchard, leaf-peeping adventures with the kiddos, and achieving that vital work-life balance (homeschooling and working from home), you’re still going to sweat buckets!

Best Sustainable Deodorant

Humankind Deodorant

Love your body and our planet with one of Humankind’s refillable deodorants. You heard it first: This natural deodorant is scientifically proven to eliminate B.O.-causing bacteria (such as Staphylococcus hominis) 40 percent faster than other leading natural deodorants. We’re big fans of the aluminum-free formula that’s derived solely from plants and minerals. If a fresh, powdery scent isn’t your thing, there are four unique scents (Eucalyptus, Lavender-Citrus, Rosemary-Mint, and Coconut) to choose from. Or simply go the unscented route!


Peach Refillable Deodorant Starter Kit

With this deodorant starter kit from Peach, you’ll be all set to incorporate sustainability into your daily routine. The kit comes with one Forever Deodorant Case along with the refillable scented deodorant stick. You’ve got your choice between Cucumber Sage, Citrus Vetiver, and Coconut Jasmine! Each one is 100% natural, vegan, and will leave you feeling and smelling fresh.

$19.95 AT GROVE.CO

Best Deodorant for Menopause and Private Parts

Lume Deodorant For Underarms And Private Parts

Hot flashes, night sweats, boob sweat, and hormonal body odor are just some of the joys of menopause. Those fluctuating hormones can even also affect vaginal odor (yikes!). Sticking with a natural deodorant rather than adding chemicals into your body is ideal, and this pick inhibits the odor-causing bacteria on your body for up to 72 hours. Bonus: You can use it all over your body–that means anywhere you might be stinky.

$16.99 AT AMAZON

FDS Intimate Deodorant Spray All Day Freshness

It’s a cheap option, and it’s an effective one. OBGYN and dermatologist-tested, FDS Intimate Deodorant is talc-free and designed for sensitive skin. You can also use it under your arms.


Best Budget-Friendly Natural Deodorant

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

Schmidt’s deodorants are known for their super-appealing scents and natural ingredients. This rose and vanilla scent smells airy and fresh, as opposed to floral in a cloying way. Even better, this aluminum-free formula is super budget-friendly, and FYI – there’s a $1.27 off coupon you can check off for more savings on Amazon.


Best Deodorants for Sensitive Skin

Native Deodorant

Prone to rashes or other irritation from deodorants and soaps? Go for a pick that prevents odor and perspiration without aluminum, parabens, phtalates, and talc. Native’s one of the best deodorants for women and men with sensitive skin–and it’s never tested on animals! Everybody wins.


Jumby Way Cool Natural Deodorant

This smooth formula — made with USDA organic ingredients — is made with moisturizing shea butter to soothe delicate underarm skin. Thanks to sweet-smelling lemon oil, you (and your pits) will smell fresh without the use of chemicals or artificial fragrances. Plus, you won’t find gritty, chafe-y ingredients in this silky stick. Packaged in a 1 oz. tube, it’s also the perfect size to toss in your purse or diaper bag before heading out the door.


Best Deodorant for Hyperhidrosis

Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical Antiperspirant

This is the best antiperspirant for hyperhidrosis that doesn’t require a prescription, using 12% Aluminum Chloride to stop excessive sweating for up to 72 hours. It’s a pretty strong ingredient as far as perspiration goes, so we wouldn’t recommend this roll on for those who don’t have the actual diagnosed condition. For those who do, however, this pick can work wonders. As one user notes, “You have to continuously use it for a little bit and then it kicks in and is a life changer.”


Best Deodorant for Natural Deodorant Newbies

Curie Deodorant Stick

You’ll love the aromatic fragrances and glide-on texture of Curie’s clean, aluminum-free deodorant stick, making it a worthy choice if you’re looking to “make the switch.” Scents like Orange Neroli, White Tea, and Grapefruit Cassis will have people asking if you’re wearing a new perfume. In order to make the transition even easier, pair it with Curie’s brand-new Clay Detox Mask for pits and pores, because fun fact: It can take a week or two for your armpits to detox those stinky toxins from aluminum-laden deodorants, and masking can help.


Kopari Coconut Deodorant

If you’re just making the switch from an aluminum-based antiperspirant (which prevents your body from sweating in the first place but can wreak havoc on your lymph nodes) to a more natural, aluminum-free option, start with Kopari’s Coconut Deodorant. The charcoal and coconut oil formula helps the body naturally detox from aluminum, which the brand notes may take one to two weeks, all the while leaving your pits soft and smooth and odor-free. Deodorants don’t stop sweat (a normal bodily function!) but do stop odors–and this one is fully plant-powered and non-toxic, so you can feel good—while you smell good. “Worth it!” says TianaTee on Sephora’s site. I have tried other natural deodorant, and nothing has ever worked (e.g. when I switched over I would have a smell or felt like I sweat more). With this product, I didn’t notice anything like that. Product smells great and easy glide.”


Best Natural Deodorant for Stress-Sweat

Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant

If you’re wondering where to start on your natural deodorant journey, you can’t go wrong with the Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant. It’s alcohol, aluminum, residue, paraben, and baking-soda free.

$22.00 AT AMAZON

Corpus Nº Green Natural Deodorant

As if stress isn’t bad enough on its own, it can actually make you smell. Stress sweat comes from a different gland than sweat from exertion, and causes more bacteria and more odor than plain old heat-related sweat. Corpus Nº Green Natural Deodorant is the only all-natural deodorant we’ve tried that actually works to control that stress sweat odor in its tracks. The clean, plant-based formula has a *gorgeous* scent (pause for the bergamot, pink lemon, orange blossom and cardamom naturally-derived fragrance) and is actually water-based and baking-soda free, meaning it’s great for sensitive skin and won’t stain your clothes. “Best natural deodorant ever! I have literally tried every kind of natural deodorant and nothing has worked. I sweat a lot and nothing could keep up. This is the first time I have ever been confident enough to thrown away all my non natural deodorants,” notes Kristina B. on Credobeauty’s site.


Best Vegan Deodorant

Love Beauty And Planet Deodorant, Murumuru Butter and Rose

Love Beauty and Planet’s deodorant is aluminum free and vegan, and it smells absolutely lovely (the scent is derived from ethically-sourced Bulgarian rose extract). With powerful, plant-based ingredients, this stick protects your underarms for 24 hours and keeps your skin hydrated with murumuru butter that comes from the Amazon. Even the packaging is earth-friendly: the recyclable canisters are made from 43% recycled plastic.


Violets are Blue Baking Soda Free Magnesium Deodorant

Another natural option that’s free of baking soda and aluminum, this vegan deodorant uses tapioca starch to keep you dry and magnesium to stabilize underarm pH levels (and prevent odor). Violets Are Blue founder, Cynthia Besteman, created non-toxic products to use during her own breast cancer treatment, and thus, the clean beauty brand was born. The brand also donates a set of products to each woman beginning treatment at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital, so this is truly a deodorant to feel good about.


Best-Smelling Deodorant for Women

Chloé Perfumed Deodorant Spray

Is it a perfume? Is it a deodorant? Who can tell? Chloé’s Perfumed Deodorant Spray is a cult favorite, despite its hefty price tag (for a deodorant). But you’ll save on perfume, right?  A fragrance that blends floral peony, rose, honey, and cedarwood, this pick is lauded by reviewers for its lasting effect and subtle, everyday-worthy scent.


Best Cream Deodorant

Routine Cream Deodorant

With refining charcoal, relaxing magnesium, and balancing prebiotics, Routine’s cream deodorant in Superstar helps reduce stress sweats and keep underarms healthy. It does use a gentle amount of baking soda to prevent odors, but is still appropriate for sensitive skin, and while the $30 price tag can raise eyebrows at first, a full jar lasts from three to six months.


Best Deodorant Wipes

Pacifica Beauty Underarm Deodorant Wipes

For situations where rolling a deodorant onto your underarms isn’t exactly convenient or appropriate, deodorant wipes are a great on-the-go option. Reviewers tout these for post-gym use, as well as long road trips, camping, and even as a post-surgery pick. Bonus: These offer a quick refresh without harsh chemicals or aluminum–and they’re vegan/cruelty-free. 


Best Deodorant if You’re Really Into Skin Care

Nécessaire The Deodorant

Natural deodorants are finally getting their time in the sun, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Cult favorite clean-beauty brand Nécessaire has recently gotten into the game, and their version (boldly called The Deodorant, but this one might actually end your search) has quickly taken pride of place on our bathroom counter. Clean, sustainable, ageless and genderless, The Deodorant is made with mandelic acid and lactic acid to curb odor, while silica, zinc and kaolin clay help to soak up any wetness. The eucalyptus scent is light and neutral without being overpowering (just like their fan-fave body wash), and the twist-top package—created from recycled plastic, ofc—makes applying the paste to your pits way easier than using your fingers. All in all, it checks pretty much every box on our list, which is saying a lot!


Found your new go-to among these best deodorants for women? This year is looking—and smelling—better already! Shop even more beauty must-haves to keep feeling your best all year long.

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