Best School Backpacks for Kids 2021, According To Mom

9 Best Backpacks For Kids To Kick Off Their School Year In Style

August 2, 2019 Updated March 30, 2021

Amazon Kids Backpack

Trying to find the best kids backpack for back to school 2020? Back-to-school shopping is already relevant and if you’ve already purchased most of their book list and a tablet for some kid-approved e-learning, it’s time to think about the backpack.

After all, the right backpack can make a bold fashion statement, but it’s also important to consider how the backpack feels for your kid and if it’s made with materials to last through the school year. Remember: Your little Einstein will be wearing this thing every damn day, so it’s important to invest in a good one— one that (literally) doesn’t break their backs.

Once you find the book bag of your kid’s dreams, be sure to adjust the straps of your child’s backpack properly before he or she bolts toward the bus stop on the first day of school.

Check out the coolest backpacks for kids in 2020!

Shark Backpack

Because it’s not enough to have a backpack with a cute print anymore, your little shark-lover will love how their Bixbee backpack will be the talk of preschool (or elementary school!). It’s perfect for young marine biologists in the making who have shown an interest in science and never miss a Shark Week. Complete with 3D flippers, a fin, and the sharpest of polyester teeth, the Shark Backpack also includes plenty of pockets to show-and-tell your underwater treasures. Aside from being water resistant (how fitting!), Jaws here features a padded topside carrying handle (for ultimate comfort), two side pockets that can hold a small water bottle, a front flap perfect for supplies or easy access to snacks, and an ID card holder under the main flap in the interior. Kids will love toting the Shark Backpack by Bixbee to school… teeth and all.


Jansport Pink Backpack

If you remember a time when Jansport backpacks were the coolest thing on the planet, it’s probably time to start applying a face serum. But don’t take that personal, Mom. After all, you’re not like a regular mom – you’re a cool mom. Especially if you buy your kind a Jansport. Spoiler alert: They are totally still cool. Jansport backpacks have proven to be a year-over-year trend that way outlived the 90s and this roomy bookbag — outfitted with a side water bottle pocket and three front zipper compartments for ultimate storage — can fit everything from schoolbooks to all that athletic gear (yep, even the shin guards). It’s also made of durable fabric and features a 15” laptop sleeve and front utility pocket organizer that’s great for kids, but also transitions with teens to college, even. This pink pick is perfect for your bookworm, student athlete, or teenager starting high school next year.


OFUN Dinosaur Backpack

Rawr! Do we really need to explain why this is one of the best backpacks for boys (and girls) under the don’t-kiss-me-in-public-Mom age? Come on! Dinosaurs! Visual, 3D spikes! Bright colors! Comfortable straps! All the pockets! This design by OFUN really is the whole package… especially if you’re four years old and prone to watching Nick Jr. shows as you eat finger foods. As if you need more of a reason, kids will love its roomy main compartment and extra storage pocket. Moms will love that it’s lightweight, washable, breathable, and easy on little shoulders. You know what else moms love about this backpack? It’s not made with any harmful, nontoxic crap that some other packs are. It’s BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free, and passes the SGS test so you can feel about this choice of pack. Not only can this backpack fit all your kid’s school supplies, but it can fit like, at least 100 plastic dinosaur toys!


Tilami Rolling Backpack

An overwhelming number of books should be your kid’s biggest weight to carry in life, right? Especially since you can help with that, Mom. A Tilami rolling backpack offers all the usual form and function of a classic backpack, but with the added pleasure of luggage-style rolling wheels for when the homework situation is just a little too extra. It takes the pressure off your little one’s back and shoulders, improving their postures and setting them up for a healthier life in the long run. And it’s not just a backpack – the Tilami Roller can easily transition into rolling luggage for your next upcoming family vacation. (It’s even guaranteed as a suitable size for all major US airlines.) A backpack-slash-suitcase? Talk about getting the ultimate bang for your buck! Now, for those moments when the backpack isn’t too full or heavy, its shoulder straps are padded to make them as comfortable as possible.


Vaschy Unisex Backpack

The Vaschy Unisex Classic backpack is made for everyone and every kid can agree – it’s perfect. It’s made from water resistant, durable polyester (that’s also heat resistant, shrink resistant, and wrinkle resistant), so you won’t have to replace your kid’s backpack every year. Damn, that can become expensive fast! Right, Moms? Well, not with this pack. Not only will it last probably until they go off to college, but your kid will also get a ton of use out of it! It’s heavy duty and can fit everything your kid could ever need to bring to school, camp, the track, or a sleepover. For older kids, it can even fit a laptop up to 15” and features a mesh interior pocket that’s perfect for holding onto their phone. They’re less likely to drop and break it that way. After all, the bottom of this pack is reinforced, and the interior pocket is padded to absorb any shock from unexpected falls.


Lakeausy Kid’s Dinosaur Bookbag

Have a dinosaur lover in the family? Then you know what to do, Mom: get your little one a dino-themed backpack, of course. This backpackasaurus features the colorful back spikes of a stegosaurus, mesh side pockets, and maybe most importantly, the capacity to hold absolutely everything your child could need for school. This backpack design from Lakeausy is made with your child’s posture in mind, as it is designed with multiple layers of fabric that are both comfortable to wear and to relieve pressure on young backs, chest, and shoulders. There’s also a unique feature here that makes this pack ideal for preschoolers – a safety harness leash that hooks to the bottom of the bag so parents can keep their young ones within range. If you like giving your kid a little bit more freedom, no need to use it! This backpack is also waterproof and wear resistant and comes in four colors – green, blue, pink, and red.


Stephen Joseph Mini Sidekick Bag

Unicorn-obsessed toddlers won’t want to go to preschool without their unicorn backpack. She’s comforting, vibrant, and cute AF! Made from 100% polyester and loved by more than 200 parents who have taken the time to review this design, the part kids love about this pack most is the 3D details. Her ears and her unicorn horn pop right off the bag, as if she’s the real deal. This backpack, which is perfect for preschoolers with strong imaginations, also features cushioned straps that are adjustable and a side storage pocket on one side and a mesh drink pocket on the other. (Can’t forget to pack that snack time juice!) With vibrant pink, blue, and purple details, this backpack will for sure stand out in a crowd of your standard packs, so you’ll never have to worry about losing your little one in a crowd. It’s also a great overnight bag option if your kid is planning her first sleepover or a day trip to grandma and grandpa’s.


"The Child" Baby Yoda Star Wars 11" Half Moon Backpack

Everyone loves Baby Yoda — excuse me, Grogu — so it’ll make your kiddo oh-so-happy to get their very own Baby Yoda backpack which lets all their friends know that the force is with them, too. With zipper closures and handles on top, it’s extremely easy to use and make sure your kid has packed their homework and lunch, and the canvas its made of it extremely durable, and we prefer school supplies that last us a while.


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