26 Best Gifts For The Cook Who Already Has Everything — According To A Professional Chef

by Gina Vaynshteyn
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My husband is a professional chef, so when I tasked myself with putting together a gift guide for chefs, I put him to work. He’s worked at 30+ different kitchens at this point, everywhere from fine dining to the largest military mess hall in the U.S., so he’s seen it all — and he knows what works. Obviously, we’re not going to be shopping for industrial-sized ovens, but he knows where to get the good stuff for your own kitchen. And since we’ve lived in six different apartment/houses in our 9-year relationship, he’s also conscious about space-saving and not owning too many products that will clutter your kitchen. Not everyone has a celeb-sized kitchen island, ya know?

With that said, if you’re looking for gifts for the chef in your life, whether it’s your significant other, or maybe a friend or family member who just loves being in the kitchen, here’s a list of chef-approved products they’ll actually use.

Best Gifts for Chefs and the Cooks Who Have Everything

Personalized Gifts for Chefs

Gifts for Home Cooks


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