Small Closet Organization Ideas For A Tidy 2021 — All Mom-Approved

Organizing A Small Closet Is A Big Task — And Spring Is The Perfect Time To Get Our Sh*t Together

September 16, 2020 Updated March 12, 2021

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Spring cleaning season is upon us, and this year we’re dreaming about immaculate kitchens, orderly kids’ closets, and tidy home offices. We want organizers that are all about “form + function” with rolling carts expertly arranged item by item. We may not have the organizational skills of Clea and Joanna from The Home Edit, but we know a few small items can transform a dysfunctional mess into an organizer’s heaven.

Our small closets need the most help and since we don’t expect you to get all Marie Kondo and dump everything (god forbid!). We’ve got to take the easy route by grouping, stacking, and layering for an efficient fit even in the tiniest spaces. Jewelry and purses need a home, hangers need a re-do (no wire hangers!), and all-those-shoes. Small closets mean that every space is valuable real estate and we’ve got the best organizational products to use every square inch.

Don’t forget the value of the closet door. Both sides can be put to great use when space is at a minimum. With that in mind, check out the best closet organization ideas.

Small Closet Organization Ideas

ORG 50-Count Slim Grips Suit Hangers

There is no better feeling than throwing out all of your hangers and starting again with matching hangers like these. We may be a little particular, but so what? Your clothes will look so much better! These ultra thin hangers let you fit more stuff in the closet and they grip, so nothing is falling off and landing on the ground. This set has 50 hangers to get you started. They’re great for tops, bottoms and sets. Now, throw out those wire hangers! And those randoms you’ve gotten from online purchases— just because they’re free doesn’t mean they look good.


Dseap Wall Mounted Coat Rack with 5 Tri-Hooks for Organization

Anywhere you can see wall in your closet, add a row of hooks like these tri-hooks from Dseap. They aren’t just hooks, they are everything. Do you know how many bras, necklaces or scarves we’ve fit on one of these racks? A lot. You didn’t thinking to hang your bras, did you? We have one rack squeezed on one wall for necklaces (holds more than 30 with no tangles) and another one dedicated to bras (they never get squished or lost in the drawer). Of course these can also be used for coats, belts, scarves and your weekly rotation of jeans (and/or sweats), but either way they add much needed visible storage to even the smallest of closets.

$20.39 AT AMAZON

Over the Door Closet Hanging Rack

If hanging space is at a minimum, add more! This over the door hanging rack adds 17-24″ of additional hanging space. If your closet is narrow or dark (or both), this rack makes the clothing in your regular rotation easy to reach. Think how much less wrinkled your clothing will be when they aren’t jam packed into your teeny space. We love it for blazers, fall jackets and even for a week’s worth of scrubs, if that’s your work uniform.


Polder Chrome Slim Folding Step Ladder

You can’t actually organize anything above shoulder height if you can’t actually reach it (yes some of us are short!). This two step folding stool from The Container Store needs to be in just about every room. It folds so slim (it’s only 1 1/4″ when folded) that it can slide right between your jeans in your walk-in closet and between the washer and dryer in your laundry area. Step stools aren’t just for kids, folks. This is one you’ll likely have for years and years, as it’s never not useful.


Small Walk-In Closet Organization Ideas

Rubbermaid Deluxe Custom Closet Organizer System Kit

The best way to organize is by taking everything out of your closet and starting fresh, and that includes a new closet shelf system kit. This Rubbermaid kit is an all in one, it has everything you need! You don’t need to pay for an overly expensive closet storage company to come measure out, this is really a DIY project that can be done in a few hours. As long as one wall in your closet is at least 3 ft. wide, you can do it. Re-imagine your clothes all hung, folded and stored where you can actually see them. Maybe for the very first time.

$114.66 AT AMAZON

WLIVE Dresser Organizer for Hallway or Closet

You know that extra space in your closet down below your hanging jeans and/or dresses? This fits right there, giving you drawers where you could really use them. We love it for undies and bras as well as tights, belts and scarves. Socks are welcome, too. Less than 2 feet tall and one foot deep, this gives all the littles a neat, tidy home. There’s no reason any extra space should go unused in any closet, the real estate is just too valuable.

$69.99 AT AMAZON

Simplehuman Pull-Out Cabinet Organizer, 20 Inch Drawer

You can never have enough drawers. Seriously. Enough stuffing sh*t in the back when you can get really organized. These steel drawers (available in 9, 14, and 20″ widths) attach to your shelves or cabinets in the bathroom, kitchen OR bedroom closet. We think about all that lost, dark space under our hanging clothes which could be filled neatly with a sliding drawer. The ergonomic handle, easy install and solid quality are all things echoed in product reviews. Lucas T said, “Simply Amazing! An incredible product takes a common design solution to another sophisticated level with smartness. It maximizes the capacity of the space while minimizing clutter.”


Songmics Full Length Over-the-Door Mirror & Jewelry Organizer

You need a full length mirror and you need somewhere to stash all that jewelry, so why not go with a brilliant, space saving 2-in-1 like this one, by Songmics. Once hung over the door, you can fill it with all your baubles and even lock the cabinet so the kiddos don’t get tempted during their next dress-up session. The unit is less than 4″ deep, so it doesn’t waste any space in your room or closet. There are even battery powered LED lights inside the cabinet, so you can find all your itty bitty pieces, now that they are spread out and on display. Erika declares this is, “Fabulous! I love, love, LOVE this jewelry cabinet!! It is perfect in EVERY way! There is a ton of space for all sorts of various styles of jewelry, and the LED lights in the top are super helpful to light up the inside.”


ABO Gear Storage Bins, 3 Piece Closet Organizer Set

One of the best ways to keep your closet organized is by clearing out what you don’t need in the closet. This set of 3 storage bags, with handles, clear windows and zippers, is your bestie at the end of each season. They can be stored high up in the closet on those hard to reach shelves, under the bed, or down in a basement until needed again. These are great for all the rooms in the house, not just the bedroom closet, but the hall closet (coats!), linen closet (down comforters!) and even the guest closet (grandma’s things!). Mason says, “Awesome Organizer. They are durable and spacious. They fit right underneath my bed and looks very good. When not in use, I can fold them flat and put in my closet.”

$20.99 AT AMAZON

Elfa Custom Designed Closet Organizing System

You have the space, but need the imagination…well lucky for you The Container Store has got that covered. You can literally click through (right here!) and start to design away. Even if it’s just a fantasy (the kids are asleep) try it out. You won’t believe the configurations that fit your space with the help of a good online tool. If you’re looking for some bells and whistles, they’ve got those, too. You can choose metal shelves or wood, open drawers or drawer fronts, and even metal handles vs leather loops. The world is your oyster— The Container Store can design it, pack it and deliver it. They even sell all the hooks, strips and gadgets to add extra storage into every single closet nook and cranny. (Price is based on your custom design.)


Closet Shoe Organizer Ideas

Whitmor Over the Door Shoe Rack, 36 Pairs of Shoes

You’ve got a door, don’t be afraid to use it! This drill-free device holds 36 pairs of shoes. (If you have more than that, you need a whole other article to help.) This shoe rack is a lot better looking than the clear plastic cellophane-looking shoe holders, and this fits shoes and boots of every size. If you’ve got tall boots you want on hand in winter, fold up one rack for extra space. Once those are put away for spring, pull the shelf back down for extra sandal space. The only thing better than this would be two of them— so if you’re lucky enough to have his and her closets, you can each have your own.

$28.42 AT AMAZON

Wayfair Beachcrest Home 25" Closet Organizer System

Ever since you saw that damned Sex and the City movie (the first one) where Carrie gets her dream shoe closet, you’ve been dreaming of something *almost* as fabulous. We love a separate shoe (and handbag) tower in a rich, wood finish. This unit (measuring 84″ tall by 25″ wide) fits at least 12 pair of your favorite shoes on the bottom half and 8 purses at the top half. Bring your imagination and reconfigure this to display your treasured possessions. They don’t even have to be Manolos.

$337.39 AT WAYFAIR

Ziz Home Under Bed Shoe Organizer

When there isn’t enough shoe space in the closet, moving out seasonal shoes makes perfect sense. This under the bed storage bag holds 12 pairs of shoes. The zippered, clear window lets you see what you’ve got, because you never know when you need a good heel for a weekend occasion! We also think this is great for handbags, so you may want a 2nd for all those clutch purses that also don’t need to be on a closet shelf, but still need to be at-the-ready. Of course if you have extra shelf-space high up in the closet, this goes great there, too. Out of sight but not out of mind.

$14.99 AT AMAZON

Now that your walk-in closet is neater than your kids playroom, check out other home & kitchen essentials for fall and winter.

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