9 Leave In Hair Conditioners To Beat Summer Frizz

by Steph Osmanski
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Leave In Conditioner

Having a stellar hair day is a rare occurance even for a person who doesn’t have a kid hanging from them all day. Throw a few babies into the mix and not only do moms have to deal with some freaky, inherent hair changes — science says our hair changes as we get older — but our own haircare tends to fall to the wayside. And let’s be honest, a luxurious, conditioning hair mask isn’t easy to get to.

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F*ck that. Moms, we’re taking our haircare back. Sure, we may not have time to apply a 20-minute mask or pay for a blow-out every other day, but that’s where leave-in conditioners come in. All it takes is a few pumps, a spritz or two, and both short-term and long-term, your hair will thank you for the TLC.

And because we appreciate and understand that curly hair needs a different formula than say, straight or wavy hair, we’ve taken into consideration all hair types. From curly and frizzy to thin and wiry, these are the 9 best leave-in conditioners for all the hair types you’ve got going on.

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