The Best LEGO Technic Kits For Kids, According To Moms 2020

The Best LEGO Technic Sets For Your Tiny (And Not-So-Tiny) Engineers

February 6, 2020 Updated May 27, 2021

Best Lego Technic Set Kids

Confession: putting our kids’ LEGOs together is something we find to be super therapeutic. Even if you’re not one for those adult coloring books, this pile of little plastic bricks (and uh, a glass of wine) really gets us focused and in the zone. There’s something about the meditative building aspect that’s just soooo soothing.

If you, too, regularly steal your kiddo’s LEGO kits after they go to bed (while you’re “cleaning up”), or you simply want to encourage more STEM development in your elementary/middle schooler, we’ve got you. Whether it’s a hyper-realistic model of a Porsche 911, a remote-control stunt car or a forklift with working pistons, the LEGO Technic sets are unique to the LEGO line-up in that they have mechanical and power functions that really engage young builders. In a word, they’re just plain cool.

Here are our favorite LEGO Technic sets to gift to your young inventor…or keep for yourself.

LEGO Technic Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Building Kit 42093

Eager to get your kiddo to take a break from Fortnite? Swap the tablet for something a little more hands-on with this collectible dual option building kit. They’ll construct a replica of an iconic Chevy Corvette or a vintage hot rod, complete with pistons and steering. Guaranteed at least six hours of non-screentime, we promise.


Klutz LEGO Gadgets

A boxing robot? A ball-launching catapult? These are just two of the 11 options available to build in the Klutz LEGO Gadgets book. The Parents’ Choice-Recommended kit comes with an instruction manual and all the LEGO bricks they need to get constructing—and terrorizing the family cat with that catapult.


LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender 42110 Building Kit

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…we love LEGO Technic models because they actually *do cool stuff*. This lifelike representation of a Land Rover Defender has a working steering wheel, gear shift, All-Wheel-Drive and a functioning winch. It’s on the spendy side, but would make a very fun gift for a Land-Rover lover.


E-Blox Power Blox Builder Starter Kit

Our favorite thing about this set? It works with your existing blocks so the build options are literally endless. The light-up starter kit from E-Blox incorporates a small circuit board connected to one 9-volt battery—no wires necessary— to really shed light on your creations.


LEGO Technic Remote Controlled Stunt Racer Building Kit 42095

What if you could combine your kid’s two true loves—LEGOs and remote-controlled cars—in one? Get ready to be crowned favorite parent, because the fun doesn’t stop after the build is over with this kit. Simply hit the switch and transform this stunt car into a remote-powered racer that can do wheelies, turns and spins.


LEGO Technic WHACK! Stunt Car Building Kit 42072

Accessible for kids ages 7 to 14, the WHACK! Stunt Car is a scaled-down build that’s still big on action. With a pull-back motor that races forward and finishes with a big crash, little ones will get a hoot out of watching the engine pop out upon collision.


LEGO Technic Racing Yacht Building Kit 42074

Dreaming about that yacht life? This kit is truly a work of art—and you might want to consider displaying this cool catamaran long after you place the last brick. Buy it for the sailing aficionado in your fam—they’ll be super impressed by the working rudder (and your sheer brilliance at gifting).


LEGO Technic Police Pursuit Building Kit 42091

This kit clocks in at just 120 pieces, making it more suitable for youngsters than some of the other options we found. A pull-back motor serves as a great intro into engineering for young minds, and reviewers say the model is sturdy enough even for little hands. For added value, combine this kit with the Getaway Truck kit and build a super machine that looks straight out of Blade Runner.


LEGO Technic Porsche 911 Building Kit 42096

It’s almost mindboggling how realistic this Porsche 911 LEGO model is. At 1,580 pieces, this is a pretty large and intensive undertaking, and one intended for kids 10+. It’d make for a perfect rainy weekend project—just don’t blame us if you get so wrapped up in the build you blow past bedtime!


LEGO Technic Heavy Duty Forklift Building Kit 42079

The LEGO Technic line really focuses on engineering principles—having you build simple machines first, then fitting them together—and the forklift kit really takes things to the next level. With a raising and lowering system, steering, and forklift tilting mechanism, there’s no shortage of tricks to capture your child’s attention long after the initial build is complete.


LEGO Technic Getaway Truck Building Kit 42090

This kit had us at “flame stickers.” The rugged monster truck has a pull-back action that’s perfect for all your little one’s car chases—especially when paired with the Police Pursuit vehicle above. It’s a light build at just 128 pieces and is good for kids age 7 and up, but we’re betting you’ll want to get in on the action, too.


LEGO Technic Rescue Helicopter Building Kit 42092

We were pretty impressed by the price on this two-in-one kit. First construct a realistic rescue helicopter, complete with working rotors and a rescue stretcher, then rebuild into a futuristic concept plane—all for just $32. “Works great and holds up to toddlers,” says Sue on Amazon. Your kiddos (of all ages) won’t be able to keep their paws off this kit, and your wallet won’t whimper too much over the price, either.


We’ve got more toy guides for kids of all ages right this way.

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