9 Best Single Serve Snacks That Are Adult Only — Kids, Keep Your Damn Hands Off These!

by Kyle Schurman
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Cravebox Healthy Adult Snacks

Snack time ain’t just for the kiddos. There’s the late morning conference call that went on forever and the afternoon coffee crash that is not helping you to get through the day. While you took the time to pack up an abundance of delicious snacks for the kids in each of their lunch boxes, did you pack a few healthy snacks for yourself? Of course not. We always think of them first (those rascals!).

In the basic training survival guide we received upon giving birth (wait, you didn’t get it either?!?), we should have learned the importance of snacks for everything from breastfeeding to just making it through another day of work, play, work, school pickup, work…you get it.

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Don’t worry. We’ve put together a list of the best on-the-go snacks that adults can carry with them and feel satisfied. We left out things like apples or other natural foods, as you already know about the ease and benefits of fruits (you lecture the kids often enough on this, right?). Our list of favorite snacks consists of pre-packaged items that you can keep in your desk at work, toss in your purse or workbag, or store in that hump in the car with the latch that always sticks, so you have a great snack on hand when the frustration, we mean craving, hits.

These are snacks meant for you; not the kids. Tell them to keep their grubby little paws off and eat their own snacks. Or, better yet, give them the apples. They need the vitamin A, C, F, or however many vitamins are in apples. They need ALL of them.

When you’re done testing out all of our favorite new snacks — and you’re ready to shop for more gear, check out our other home and kitchen buying guides. Heck, you may even find something you cannot live without.


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