Only Because You Asked: These Are The Best Nanny And Pet Cams

by Tabitha Britt
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best nanny cames
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Searching for a nanny cam might feel weird, initially. You don’t want to spy on the nanny, per se, you just want to make sure your kid is doing OK without you. You might just want a nanny cam for different reasons too, including leaving the baby with your partner while you’re at work and being able to “check in” through an app on your phone. Maybe you want a nanny cam for your pets when you leave to go somewhere and are curious to see what they get up to while you’re gone. Especially if you’re a worrier, a nanny cam is really not an absurd idea — you just want to make sure to get the best one for your needs.

Whenever I’m not home, I’m constantly wondering whether or not my pup has somehow maneuvered her way under the bed or has knocked down the trash only to eat potentially-toxic bits of garbage. To ease my mind, I bought a doggy cam (AKA a nanny cam). This way, I can schedule a walker to come and scoop her up if she’s being destructive or getting into something she definitely shouldn’t be getting into. A lot of human and pet parents can agree that a nanny cam has helped put their minds at ease

A “nanny cam,” is exactly what it sounds like — a camera that’s placed somewhere in the home to keep an eye on your babysitter, nanny, or pet sitter. Although most parents prefer to install these cams in plain view, some feel keeping the camera out-of-sight is more efficient.

Whether you’re interested in keeping an eye on your babysitter or you’re just curious about your child’s thought process, here’s a selection of some of the best nanny cams on the market.

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