The Best Parental Control Apps And Devices, So You Can Stop Worrying Every Time Your Kid Is Online

by Ana Connery
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Besides the educational toys and all the kid gear your mini-me will undoubtedly need, shopping for the best parental control apps and devices is not nearly as fun, but making sure your child’s devices are safe is more important than ever. Given how much screen time kids get in general (even more than usual, thanks to remote learning), let alone how they’re spending all that time online (kids 8-10 spend as much as six hours a day on screens), we parents have enough to worry about. The last thing you want is for your kiddo to stumble onto something they shouldn’t.

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With the right apps, devices, and even routers, you can let your kiddo surf the net, play games, and watch videos ’til their hearts’ content without worrying something (or someone) ghastly is virtually lurking around them. The following are the best parental control apps and devices for parents, so you can relax each time your kid picks up their phone, turns on the TV, or logs into a computer or iPad.

Best parental control apps & best parent control app for iPhones

Android-only friendly parental control device:

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