It's Recess— We've Got Fun Games To Keep Them Out Of The House

by Kyle Schurman
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Kids Outdoor Spikeball Games

There was a time when we were kids and hated when our parents made us play family games in the backyard. Now as parents, most of us annoyingly start saying the same random facts and naggy sayings to our kids that our parents said to us. A classic saying from my childhood was, go play outside. Now whether my mom wanted us to get some exercise, or she just wanted peace and quiet inside, I don’t know. What I do know is it’s still good for kids to exercise outdoors these days, but it’s even harder to get them there. Today’s kids have far more entertainment options to make them want to stay indoors than we had, like when kids use their screen time as an excuse not to even see the sun.

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You may need to encourage them to step out into nature — or at least your backyard — with some of the best outdoor games and activities you can find. Our list of the top outdoor lawn games, garden games, and backyard games for families to play outside are so fun that you may even want to join in yourself. Ahead you’ll find the 14 best outdoor games and activities of 2021 (because where else are we going?).

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Best Outdoor Games For Kids

Best Backyard Games For Families

Outdoor family games can be a lot of fun, creating special moments that you and the kids will remember for years to come … and none of the memories will have to do with who won the game. We can’t guarantee that other toys will give you the same types of long-term memories as these outdoor games, but we have plenty of toys guides for other products to help you try.


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