The Best Patio Heaters To Keep Our Backyard Acitivities Nice & Toasty

Outdoor Patio Heaters Are Ideal For Chilly Social Distance Kid Dates In The Backyard

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Days are shorter, evenings are brisker, a new school year is starting again (regardless if the kiddos are still learning from home or not)…summer is slipping away. Just because sweater weather is creeping in doesn’t mean your backyard lifestyle has to be packed up for the season. Fire up an outdoor patio heater and enjoy your backyard social life well into the colder months, because indoor gatherings might not be back for a while.

Natural Gas & Propane Outdoor Patio Heaters

Outdoor heaters are most commonly powered with a propane tank, which means totally portable cordless heat to move around wherever you need it. Propane outdoor heaters tend to be more common since they really kick off a ton of heat — perfect for warming up a backyard. The size of the propane tank needed will depend on the size of the heater; some portable ones take just a 1 lb tank, but most standard patio heaters require a 20 lb tank sold separately. Natural gas patio heaters have the same great heat output as propane heaters, but require a natural gas hook-up (which means no propane tanks to fill). The amount of heat a propane or natural gas unit produces is measured in British Thermal Units or BTUs, and the higher the BTU the higher heat output.

Electric Outdoor Patio Heaters

If you don’t want to deal with another heavy propane tank, check out electric options for quick, plug and go warmth. Many electric patio heaters are energy efficient and kind to the environment since they don’t release carbon dioxide while warming. Plus, there are many electric heaters that can be mounted to ceilings and walls for clutter-free comfort. The warmth electric heaters churn out can be measured in BTUs or Watts (the higher the wattage, the more heat you get). Plus you never have to worry about running out of propane with these plug in units.

So go ahead, plan that outdoor movie night with the kids, or enjoy a quiet evening of self care, wrapped in the warm glow of a patio heater.

The Best Propane & Natural Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters

FDW Outdoor Propane 47,000 BTU Patio Heater

Nobody will be left out in the cold with the quiet 47,000 BTUs of heat beaming down from the FDW Outdoor Propane Patio Heater. One Amazon customer reviewed, I bought this heater for my deck. I liked the bronze finish over the typical stainless steel most have. Installation was simple and the look is very stylish. The heater feels solid and the controls are easy to use. I may get a few more to cover the whole deck.” This is a great option for outdoor gatherings or busy backyards, since there are no smoke or open flames to worry about. Adjust the temperature and wheel the classic stand up unit around to the perfect location so that everyone stays comfy cozy (in up to a 15 foot diameter of warmth).

$173.99 AT AMAZON

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy 9,000 BTU Propane Heater

With over 5k unique customer reviews, the Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Propane Heater is one of the most popular propane heaters on Amazon. The clean burning, uber-efficient Mr. Heater Buddy kicks off 4,000 to 9,000 BTUs of radiant heat and can be used safely inside as well as outdoors. One warm Amazon Customer reviewed, “On a 30 degree day I am able to sit on my porch with the Mr. Heater Buddy on low and it nearly sweats me out. I originally saw this unit in almost every single van dwelling video I watched (preparing for a journey in a conversion van). I would recommend this product to anyone. It’s not cold anymore on my front porch.” Widely popular among campers and front porch relaxers, this powerful buddy is lightweight and safe. If the Mr Heater Buddy tips over or the pilot light goes out, the auto-off feature shuts down the heater to keep you and your family safe.

$74.00 AT AMAZON

Best Choice Products 50,000 BTU Propane Fire Table

S’mores. Ghost stories. Dancing flames. There is nothing quite like relaxing in the warmth of a crackling campfire. Love campfires, but hate the work and that lingering bonfire smell? The Best Choice Products Propane Fire Table has the same campfire warmth (it kicks off 50,000 BTUs of heat) with a push button ignition and variable smokeless flame height. Plus the included glass wind guard will keep the breeze and little fingers out of the fire. One Amazon customer raves, This fire pit is absolutely amazing. Puts out great heat and looks great outside. The frame is a durable powder coated aluminum. The glass wind guard adds that little bit of the resort ambiance and can be removed and replaced with a flat cover to provide ample table space. For the price, you can’t beat the quality and utility of this fire pit.” Enjoy a family campfire with the push of a button anytime of year.

$599.99 AT AMAZON

Hampton Bay Heat Focusing 38,200 BTU Propane Patio Heater

Stop huddling your family around a puny heater and let the warmth come to you with the Hampton Bay Heat Focusing Propane Heater. “This heater is truly amazing! We’ve used it a few times on chilly evenings now and every time, we’re impressed at how well it heats. We bought it because we can direct the heat towards a desired location. It is the biggest bonus feature on this product! We love it so much, we are considering buying another to have maximum coverage” reviews one happy HomeDepot customer. The large cone-shaped burners kick off 38,200 BTUs of heat, warming up to 120 square feet. Adjust the heat-focusing reflectors to direct the heat wherever you need a blast of comfort. The parent- approved Hampton Bay Heat Focusing Propane Heater takes every safety precaution with a weighted anti-tip base, a flame failure cut-off switch, and an electronic ignition without a pilot light. Keep the whole family safe and cozy all through the seasons.


Pamapic 42,000 BTU Outdoor Propane Pyramid Patio Heater

Be the envy of the neighborhood in your warm, luxurious outdoor living space with a dramatic Pamapic Outdoor Pyramid Patio Heater. Wrap the whole family in warmth within a 18 foot radius of heat churned out by 42,000 BTUs of heat. Available in three colors (black, brown, or slate grey) each purchase comes with a cover to keep your heater protected from the elements. Efficient and elegant, a dramatic flame dances up the center column of the 7’4” tall Pamapic Heater, instantly turning any chilly evening into a backyard oasis. “High Class, lots of heat!” reviewed one amazon customer. EXACTLY what I was looking for and more. This heater is huge and gives off amazing heat, we’ll be able to use this well into the fall. I’m so happy with this product, it was easy to install too. Makes our deck look high class! Can’t rave enough!” Let the Pamapic Outdoor Pyramid Patio Heater be the focal point of your next outdoor gathering, even if it is for a party of one.

$319.99 AT AMAZON

AZ Patio Heaters Natural Gas 41,000 BTUs Outdoor Heater

For those lucky folks who have a gas line in their back yard, The AZ Natural Gas Stand Up Patio Heater is the way to go. Although there are not as many options on the market, natural gas heaters kick off an immense amount of heat, leaving behind the constant refilling of a propane tank. Hook the AZ Natural Gas Stand UP Patio Heater directly to your natural gas line, and enjoy uninterrupted warmth when the brisk weather strikes. One customer reviews Excellent patio heater. Easy to assemble, fired right up on the first try. They are very light compared to heaters with propane tanks. Plus, it’s great never having to worry about running out of gas in the middle of a get together.” What parent wouldn’t love the adjustable heat, easy push and turn ignition, and most importantly, the anti-tilt safety shut off keeping the whole family snug and safe.


The Best Electric Outdoor Patio Heaters

Dr. Infrared Indoor/Outdoor 1500W Mountable Heater

Looking for an outdoor heater to wrap you in warmth without sweating you out? Then the Dr. Infrared Indoor/Outdoor Mountable Heater is just what you’ve been looking for. The light weight Dr. Infrared Heater warms on three settings 900 Watts, 1200 Watts, and at a maximum of 1500 Watts. Easily adjust the temperature while lounging around with the included remote control. The standard 120V plug and go heater is easily mounted to any wall or ceiling (with the included brackets). Just a single installation of the durable weatherproof Dr. Infrared Heater will bring you and your family years of hassle-free cozy comfort. WOW! What a surprise! reviewed one Amazon customer. We used it for the first time this weekend. The temperature was about 50 with a strong breeze. We fired this up and (we) were stunned at the heat it put out. Very impressed.”

$111.08 AT AMAZON

Heat Storm 52,000 BTU Infrared Tripod Heater

The Heat Storm Infrared Tripod Heater gives you ultimate portability and flexibility with the totally adjustable tripod (standing from 3 to 7 feet tall). Bring it on the front porch while waiting for the morning school bus and then take the chill off of an evening mom’s group on the patio. It’s only 16 pounds, so you can shuffle this heater around to wherever there is a plug. The Heat Storm Infrared Heaters are IPX4 weatherproof rated, meaning there is absolutely no need to haul it inside because of rain or snow. Silent and scentless infrared heat puts off warmth that not only heats the air, but warms objects. One Amazon review said, “Amazing heat source! We got this for our garage, but we ended up using it on our patio and it created such perfect warm light we may get more to use for our patio instead of our gas patio heater. Super lightweight, easy to set up, and super strong heat.” 

$106.07 AT AMAZON

Trustech Ceiling Mounted Patio Heater 1500 W

Moms everywhere can give a sigh of relief that using Trustech Ceiling Mounted Patio Heater means that even the most rambunctious kids won’t tip this heater over. The Trustech Patio Heater is perfect for any covered or semi-covered outdoor (or indoor) space that needs a spark of warmth. The (heaters) are very attractive, put off a lot of heat and provides some additional lighting. I couldn’t be happier, (I) only wish I ordered them years ago. No more messing with propane canisters and handling heat lanterns. It is plug and play and out of the way reviewed one Amazon customer. The all-steel totally weatherproof heat pendant comes with an 8.2 foot fully adjustable chain for installation at the perfect height and location on any ceiling. Forgetful? No worries, the Trustech Mounted Patio Heater has an automatic shut off when it gets too hot.

$119.99 AT AMAZON

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