Best Sheet Masks For A Quick Skin Pick Me Up (Want To Try A Snail Jelly Mask?)

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Dr Jart+ Sheet Face Mask

The internet needs another influencer sharing their skincare routine as much as you need another toddler throwing a tantrum. Yet, here we are—because while we’re tired of seeing that Bachelor alum posting yet again about their “miracle 16-step process,” we secretly soak it all up (and maybe add a few things to our cart) in hopes of achieving that flawless skin we all want.

And one thing that consistently pops up in said skincare routines? Sheet masks. They’ve become so trendy thanks to the fact that they’re a lot more convenient—and a lot less messy—than your traditional mask or cream in a jar (plus they take up way less space in your medicine cabinet!). Whether you want to moisturize, hydrate, purify, or detoxify, there’s a sheet mask for that—and while it varies from mask to mask, experts say you can use them as often as you’d like.

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But there’s one problem—there are thousands of options out there. So which are the best sheet masks? To help you find what your own skin needs (and not what some influencer is getting paid to promote), we’ve rounded up nine top-rated picks below, from the best drugstore sheet mask to the best Korean sheet mask.

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