Best Sippy Cups 2021: For Babies Transitioning Away From The Bottle

The Very Best Sippy Cups For Transitioning Away From The Bottle

September 18, 2020 Updated April 26, 2021


Sippy cups are the natural next step from transitioning Baby from the bottle stage, and there are a lot of options to choose from. There are stainless steel sippy cups, sippy cups with straws, soft and hard nipple cups, and toddler sippy cups to train them how to use a “big kid” cup.  Luckily, with trusted brands like Nuk, Nuby, Munchkin, Avent, and many more, you really can’t go wrong, but it all boils down to a matter of preference for you and your little one. Ease of cleaning, bottle material, and the stage your baby’s at (is it their first post-bottle sippy cup? Do they like drinking from straws? Does your toddler want to tote their drink around?) are all things to consider.

When should a baby use a sippy cup?

The bottle stage is one of the sweetest times of your life with your child. But, let’s be honest, you’ve been daydreaming of the time when your kiddo can feed themself. Well, if your child is between the ages of 1 and 2, it just might be time since that’s when the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends introducing the sippy cup.

What’s the best way to introduce your baby to a sippy cup?

As with most transitions, like moving your baby from the bassinet to the crib and from the swaddle to the sleep sack, there may be a few hiccups along the way when it comes to getting your child used to the sippy cup. Hey, you can relate—mommin’ wasn’t easy at first (and probably still isn’t), but it gets easier as time goes by!

Luckily, baby and toddler brands are tirelessly determined to help make things easier for us parents, which is why they’ve created some of the most innovative sippy cups to help with the transition away from the bottle. These sippy cups are easy to use thanks to handles and grip-friendly linings—and many mimic a traditional bottle nipple, but help your child slowly develop the skill set to no longer suck, but instead sip!

The only problem is that there is an overwhelming amount of sippy cups on the market today, each with their own features and functionality. To help guide you towards the best of the bunch, we’re sharing some sippy cups that get the mom stamp of approval.

Best Sippy Cups For Transitioning From Bottle

Dr. Brown's Wide-Neck Sippy Spout Baby Bottle

Seeing as this sippy cup looks like a Dr. Brown’s bottle, you may be able to trick your child into thinking it’s the real deal. But there are key differences that are important. The soft silicone sippy spout is used in place of a nipple and easy-grip, 100 percent silicone removable handles encourage your child to self-feed. Like all other Dr. Brown bottes, this one is top-rack dishwasher safe and BPA free. The best part is that you can choose your colors and you can mix and match the sippy spout with any of Dr. Brown’s® Options+™ (either the 9-oz Wide-Neck or 8-oz Narrow bottle) with vent removed. 


NUK Learner Cup

The NUK Learner Cup is a fairly standard sippy cup for making the transition from the bottle, but there are a few important reasons why parents prefer it among others. The anti-slip handles are just the right size for tiny hands and easy for your child to hold onto. Their soft spout is not only gentle on teething gums, but also has a spill-proof design that ensures your child won’t make a mess when he’s lugging it around everywhere he goes. Last, but not least, the air vent helps reduce swallowed air to prevent tummy troubles. 


Munchkin 2 Piece Gentle Transition Trainer Cup

The wide shape of this trainer cup is appealing to moms because it’s easier for their little ones to hold on to during feedings. The handles unusually spout from the bottom so children tend to have a firmer grip. The soft, patented spout has a spill-proof design, which is always an appreciated plus and it’s nice and sensitive on those teeth-releasing gums. As one reviewer put it: “My 10 month old LOVES this cup. I have to moderate his usage because he will just drink it nonstop.” 

$10.96 AT AMAZON

MAM Trainer Cup

Like most recommended trainer cups, you can count on this one to be spill proof and have that extra soft spout that little ones like, but what moms can appreciate is the ease of use. The spout opens with a light twist for easy cleaning and doesn’t get stuck like other sippy cups. The handles are grippy, so little hands don’t slip while holding them and the materials used are nothing but the best—100 percent BPA- and BPS-free materials that meet all U.S. and European safety standards. 


Philips Avent Natural Trainer Sippy Cup

Parents who used the Philips Avent bottles for their babies swear by this trainer sippy cup which mimics the bottle version to a tee. It features a soft silicone spout that prevents any leakage. The unique part about their spout is that it’s slightly angled, which helps toddlers take their first solo sips without having to tilt their head back too far (and give up altogether). The trainer handles help as well to turn your little one into an independent sipper right before your eyes.


NUK Disney Active Sippy Cup

Because when all else fails and your kid won’t pick up a sippy cup, the fact that it has Minnie Mouse on it makes a world of a difference. This NUK cup isn’t only cute—it’s also functional, which is why it’s a favorite among moms. It has a spill-proof spout that’s nice and gentle on your little one’s teeth-cutting gums and is also super lightweight so your child won’t have any trouble carrying it around. It’s both BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, which are both appreciated pluses!


Best Stainless Steel Sippy Cups:

Thinkbaby Stainless Steel Thinkster Bottle

Thinkbaby is hailed for many of their innovative products, like their award-winning sunscreen. But many moms think that their sippy cup is the most sensible thing to happen to feeding gear in a long time. It features a no-spill, extra soft silicone straw that is surprisingly easy for even young toddlers to get the handle of using. Like many of their other products, their supply cup is free of harmful ingredients like BPA, phthalates, lead, nitrosamines and PVC. 

$13.99 AT AMAZON

Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Sippy Cup

Perfect for keeping beverages cool all day long, this stainless steel sippy cup is designed with medical-grade silicone and has a sipper spout that’s soft and easy to use for your little. Plus, you get to choose from a huge variety of colors.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Valueder Baby Insulated Spout Sippy Cup with Handle

This stainless steel sippy cup not only has a soft silicone spout, but it has a handle, making it super easy to use (and training your BB to use a mug!). In fact, you can take the lid off if you do want to switch to mug mode. This cup has double wall insulation that keeps drinks cool (or warm), and the colors and designs are sooo cute.

$13.97 AT AMAZON

Best Sippy Cups With Straws

Munchkin Any Angle Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup

This two-pack (score) is BPA free and top rack dishwasher safe, just to get that out of the way. If you’re looking for a sippy cup with a straw, these are incredibly easy to use, as the straw is flexible and the bottle is weighted to help train your LO as they’re transitioning for bottle to cup.

$11.99 AT AMAZON

Chicco Insulated Flip-Top Straw Spill Free Baby Sippy Cup

These glam sippy cups (they also come in blue and green) have a flip-top straw feature (the straw is silicone and bendable) which some find is easier when transitioning from bottle to cup. This sippy is BPA, Latex and PVC free, and it holds 9 ounces of liquid.


Best Toddler Sippy Cups

Tommee Tippee Sportee Toddler Sippy Cup

For a super reasonable price, you get a pack of three of these Tommee Tippee sippy cups that are great for bridging the gap between bottle and cup. These cups are specially designed for developing both tipping and sipping skills, all thanks to a spill-proof valve and chunky, yet lightweight easy-grip sides that are made for little hands to hold. The removable two-piece valve helps cut down on messes (which especially comes in handy when fruit juice is involved) and the super soft spout is nice and gentle on your baby’s sensitive gums.

$12.79 AT AMAZON

Nuby 360 Edge 2 Stage Drinking Cup

This smartly-designed cup is made with non-spilling magic. Thanks to its smart silicone topper, your kiddo can drink from any side (just like a real cup) as their sipping skills progress. The handles help them transition from a sippy with a spout, then remove the handles when they’re almost ready for a big-kid tumbler. We also love that this cup is easy to clean because it only consists of 3 parts: The removable handles, the cup body, and the soft lid. Genius!


ezpz Mini Cup + Straw Training System

As if we didn’t love ezpz’s tot-friendly dining ware already (hello, compartmentalized Mini Mats and easy-grip Mini Utensils), the brand’s newest “mini” addition is pure genius. The Mini Cup + Straw Training System doesn’t just help transition toddlers from the bottle — it’ll help them learn to drink from a cup. It’s equipped with a weighted base for less likelihood of spillage (though it’s inevitable, we know), plus it has soft, thick sides that are easy to grip. It’s also the ideal size for tiny hands. Your LO can start sippin’ with a straw and cover, then over time, they can drink right out of their own “big kid” cup.

The Mini Cup is also safe for serving warm and cold foods, like purees, soups, and oatmeal. Get it in a rainbow of uber-trendy colors — you’ll wish they came in adult sizes, too.


Olababy Silicone Training Cup With Lid + Straw

Let your tot practice sipping from a “big kid” cup with this versatile pick from Olababy. It’s made with soft, shatterproof silicone (that’s also 100% safe), and can be used with a straw and lid or as a regular cup. Available in coral and mint colors, it’s also so chic, you’ll be wishing they came in grown-up sizes.

$17.95 AT AMAZON

Now that you’ve got your sippy cups squared away, check out more mom-approved baby gear that we think you’ll love.


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