Best Student Desks For A Classroom Feel Right At Home 2021

The Best Kids’ Desks That’ll Make Remote Learning So Much Easier

August 8, 2019 Updated February 19, 2021

best desks for homeschooling

Who would have guessed we’d be setting up a classroom in our own homes in 2020? Not us, but here we are. Trying to figure out this whole parenting and schooling thing while attempting to also work remotely. Fun stuff, y’all. We want to make the struggle a little more bearable, so we picked out some of the best desks for your kid as they remotely learn this year. We’ve got everything from desks suitable for a toddler to desks a teen can easily settle into and get into focus mode.

Your kid needs the perfect place to focus, get motivated, keep organized, and stay on top of their work. That means it’s necessary to invest in a super durable, functional desk that will be the perfect space for learning and studying. These desks are also perfect for after-school homework sessions, summer reading, and creative projects!

Also – big bonus points – kids’ desks can be super cute with bells and whistles or look and function exactly like the desks you see in schools, minus the multitude of used gum, pencil scratchings, and other miscellaneous grossness from other kids. 

Snag one of these student desks and your kid will start to get so excited for school. Here are our top picks:

1. Zemple Writing Desk -Currently on sale!

way day kids desk sale

Right now, you can score this desk 25% off on Wayfair during their Way Day 2020 sale. This minimalist desk comes with the perfect amount of storage (four drawers in which you can keep pens and papers, binders, folders, and more), and is ideal for your teen who’ll probably want to customize it with their own desk accessories.

2. Star Kids 5-Piece Arts and Crafts Table and Chair Set -Currently on sale!

arts and crafts way day sale

Perfect for smaller kids who need a less structured (but still dedicated) place to do their homework *and* work on their crafts, this table gives them amble storage for toys, school and art supplies, and more. It comes with two chairs and two bins (you can easily swap them for other types of storage containers). Get this while it’s on sale at Wayfair!

3.  Filippus Heights Adjustable Desk -Currently on sale!

kids desk adjustable way day

This desk is pretty plain and simple, but we love that it’s adjustable, so no matter how tall (or short) your kid is, this desk will work for them. And best of all, you’re investing in a desk that’ll grow with them. No need to swap out a desk every couple years (or more frequently, depending on how quickly your kid is growing), just get one that adjusts to their height. It also comes with one USB charging port, perfect for laptops and desktop computers we’re all using for remote school and work.

4. Lassen 52” W Kids Study Computer Desk -Currently on sale!

kids desk way day

Measuring at 31.25” H x 52” W x 19.5,” this is the perfect desk for your kid’s room, living room, or even your office (we’re all figuring it out as we go). Compact enough to fit in smaller spaces, this kids’ desk still provides ample storage for books, binders, and supplies. Chair not included! You’ll want to snag this before it sells out.

5. Rhoades Kids Art Desk with Chair Set -Currently on sale!

kids desk way day sale

We love this desk for how compact it is while also offering storage for books, pencils, papers, and more. It’s the perfect solution if you’re trying to create an office for your kid but are also working with limited space. The chair and desk are adjustable (the chair can go from 12″ minimum height to 17.3″ maximum height), and yes, it’s included — score! Get it while it’s on sale.

6. Salem 49” Art Desk with Chair Set -Currently on sale!

kids desk way day sale

Looking for a desk that comes with plenty of storage and shelving? This premium desk setup includes a chalkboard, open shelving, and huge big for all kinds of accessory storage. It also includes a chair, so this is truly a turnkey kids’ office purchase (one that’ll keep ’em busy *and* organized).

7. ApexDesk Little Soleil Student Desk


student desk and chair set, best student desk, student desks

Meet the Cadillac of pint-sized desks. It can be adjusted between 21 to 31 inches in height, comes with super sturdy footing, and has soft rubber bumpers around the edges to prevent any bruising (because someone, at some point, is definitely gonna bump into it). Also, extra bonus points, the top tilts up to 75 degrees and the surface is anti-scratch. 

8. Flash Furniture Student Desk


student desk and chair set

Keep it simple with the Flash Furniture Student Desk. It’s a super straightforward design, comes with adjustable chair legs, a laminate top, and a groove for kids to store their pencils. The best part? There are anti-slip caps on the bottom of the legs so the chair and desk will stay firmly in place and won’t make any loud screeching noises whenever your kid moves back and forth (big win right there).

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9. ECR4Kids Classroom Student Desk


best student desk, old school student desks, classroom desk

Want to bring the classroom experience directly into your home? Go with the ECR4Kids Student Desk. It’s the perfect replica of desks you’ll find in school, complete with a metal box to hold books, a laminate top, and handy slots to store supplies. So, basically, see ya never clutter – hello sweet, sweet organization. For some, this might be considered the best old school desk, too. If you want to really go for a the best old school desk, try this one by Lipper International.

10. Mecor Children Desk


best student desk, colorful student desks

Okay, so, a basic desk is great and straight forward and all. But a desk with a ton of cool special features? Um, yes, please. The Mecor Children Desk comes complete with a lamp featuring three levels of brightness, a tabletop that can be lifted to twelve positions, and a seat that can be adjusted seven positions. Not trying to make this about us – but it would be great if they made matching desks for adults, too.

11. FDW Children Student Desk And Chair


best student desk, plastic student desks

Bring on all of the classroom supplies. This desk features handy storage for pencils, paper, and the rest of the works, plus a cubby to keep other school essentials.  It also comes with a top that tilts to promote good posture and adjustable chair/desk legs so the set can expand as your kid grows.

12. Melissa & Doug Personalized Wooden Lift-Top Desk


best student desk, old school student desks

Nothing will get your kid into their desk more than a chair that has their very own name on it. This set, which comes in a cute espresso color, features a monogram option because we’re all doing our very best to get our kids psyched about school. Also, it’s super durable and will last for many years, lessons, and the occasional temper tantrums.

13. POTBY Kids Desk And Chair Set


best student desk, student desks, student chair

It’s hard to say no to something so pink and so cute. But also, this POTBY set puts in the work. It features anti-slip legs, an easily adjustable chair/desk, and a tabletop that tilts 0-40°. Cap it all off with a three-speed adjustable lamp that will keep your kid’s eyes from getting strained.

14. ECR4Kids Bentwood Multipurpose Student Desk


best student desk, student desk reviews

Homeschooling two kids? Pretty, pretty tricky. This multipurpose kid’s table is here to make your life so much easier. The table and chair set allows your kids to sit together and work together. It comes with built-in handles so you can easily transport the table anywhere you’d like. Also, it’s shipped fully assembled and can we get an amen for that?

15. Donco Kids Low Study Loft Bed


best student desk, student desks 

Okay, desks are cool and all. But a loft bed plus a desk? Next level. Get your kid super excited to hit the books when you snag them the Donco Low Study Loft Bed. It features a sleek white desk and a really cool loft bed, complete with a ladder, dresser drawer, and bookshelves. They can just go ahead and give you the Mom of the Year award now.

16. Mount-It! Kids Desk And Chair Set


best student desk, student desks

Does it ever feel like you’re constantly buying new items to replace your child’s old items because they’re growing so damn fast? You don’t have to worry when it comes to this desk and chair set. It can easily be adjusted in height as your child gets older which means it’ll be along for the long haul. Plus, the set features a tilted desktop and tons of storage space.

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